HEAD BOY – Feathers: Chapter 1 – 10

?Head Boy?

Written by Feathers.


Alice had just had a heartbreak from one of the most handsome boy at school who recently broke up with her.

She’s frustrated, dejected and going crazy!

Raymond is the Head boy of Kochi college. He’s by far the most brilliant, handsome, wealthy and feared.

Female students crushed on Raymond but they know that dating him is impossiblee cause he’s got a girlfriend; a popular model for that matter.

Raymond has two best friends: Leonard and Donald.

Leonard is handsome and gentle, he’s an introvert and doesn’t like to stay around ladies. He’s the labour prefect of Kochi college, offend Leonard and he will make you work the hell out of your life. No one dares him.

Donald never laughs, he walks like a lady and looks like one , many people thinks he’s gay, he hates himself for looking like a lady and doesn’t like to have ladies in sight. He’s the game prefect, whoever offends him doesn’t get to participate in sport for the rest of the semester.

Alice and Raymond had nothing in common until the day something transpired between them and frustrated Alice had to throw a resounding sl@p on the cheek of the head boy.

Huh? Who dare sl@ps the head boy?

What made Alice sl@p the head boy?

Wanna know what started transpring between the headboy and Alice?


Head Boy.

Written by Feathers.

(She slapped me)

Chapter 1


“I’m sorry Alice, I can’t continue with this relationship.” Albert said.

At first, I thought he was joking, I felt like he may be pranking me, my smiling face remained the same.

“Are you…?” I didn’t want to believe what he just said.

“I’m serious Alice, you are not my type anymore. I realized I stopped loving you and I can’t fake it.” His words were now sounding true to me.

I couldn’t utter any words, tears started to pour from my face. I was bitter from the belly and broken from the heart.

I had loved Albert all my life and the last thing I was expecting from him is a break up.

“Stay away from me, Alice.” He warned and walked away.

I sunk to the floor, even though I was on my uniform but I care less.

It was a secluded place in the school but I still didn’t care if anyone decides to come there and find me crying.

I felt like dying, I was angry and frustrated.


I, as the labour perfect stood before crowd of students alongside my two brothers, Raymond and Donald.

Raymond is the head boy and more like our leader but he treats Donald and I as brothers.

“Did any new student join us today?” I asked. It was what Raymond told me to do, he hardly speaks to people or to crowd, he only whispers into our ears and we deliver his message.

A girl and a boy raised up their hands and stepped forward.

“Ask them if they are poor or rich?” Raymond whispered into my ears and I obliged.

“I’m rich, my dad is a member of the parliament. ” The girl replied.

“Welcome to Kochi College, a round of applause, please.”I said and peopled clapped as she walked away.

” And you, are you poor or rich?” I asked the boy.

“I’m on scholarship.” He said and the crowd of students wailed in mockery.

They know rich students are never on scholarships.

“Are you saying you are poor?” I asked.

“We are managing in our family sir, my dad is a road side mechanic and my mom works at a restaurant.” He replied and I became angry.

“Poor people corrupt us, yes or no?” I shouted.

“Yes!” the crowd of students replied.

“Poor people are virus, yes or no?” I yelled.

“Yes, labour prefect.” The crowd of students responded in a loud echo.

I ordered two students to strip the boy off his uniform.

The two students I ordered were Akon and Bruno, they are big, muscular but ugly. They are only popular for their strength.

Akon and Bruno approached the poor boy and str!pped him off his uniform, they made him sit on the floor with only his play pant.

The guy was embarrassed as he lowers his head in shame.

“Do your thing.” I commanded and the students gathered round and began to throw all sort of things at him.

Some even tore his uniforms and shared it among themselves.

My brother and I walked away from the scene.


I heard the loud murmur of students from where I sat, sobbing.

I had been ignoring but the continuous shout made me suspend my sob and decided to take a look at what was happening.

I stood and went to the balcony in front of the school, I looked downstairs and I was stunned when I saw crowd of student beating someone.

My days! it must be a poor student.

They asked me the same question the day I came but my friend had already told me to lie that I was rich.

I hope they won’t behe@d me the day they find out.

I wanted to go back to continue sobbing but I decided to check who the poor student was.

I stepped down and approached the crowd, I find my way amidst them and I was able to see the poor boy.

He had been wet and dirty as a result of how students bullied him.

Isn’t this Harry?

“Harry?” I called and he raised his head at me.


Harry is the son of my step mother, everytime she wants to maltreat me, he always come to my defence. That was about three years ago when we thought my mom was dead and my dad had to marry his mother.

I live with my mom now. Harry’s mom and Harry had been sent away from us, but I will never forget how good he was to me.

“Leave him, leave him.” I screamed but no one listened to me.

The yell of the crowds overshadowed my tiny voice.

I know that the only person that can stop them is the head boy. Same person that must have given them the go ahead to malteeat him this way.

I don’t like to have anything to do with that head boy, but not today!

I waddled out of the crowd and searched for head boy and his brothers.

Everyone knows they walk together.

I met them at one of their bases in school.

“Hey!” I called as I approached them.

“You!” I pointed at the head boy. “Tell the students to let my brother alone.”

” What!” The labor prefect exclaimed and turned to the head boy and the game prefect.

“Do you realize whose presence you are? ” He asked.

I really wish that the head boy is the one speaking cause I’ve never head him speak.

“Head boy, are you dumb? tell them to release my brother.” I said, though scared of what they may do but I want him to speak and act.

I watched him whisper into the ear of the labor prefect, the three of them stood and they walked away from me without saying a word.

I was already going cr@zy cause of my heart break, now they are treating my brother this way and snubbing me. I ran annoyingly and stood before the head boy and his brothers.

I threw a sl@p angrily at his cheek.

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