By Naomi Cindy B.


Maxwell began laughing loudly as he carried her into the mansion, meeting Dolores in the living room.

“Welcome here, ladies crush” she said, and Maxwell chuckled before settling down on a couch.

Francesca nearly didn’t let him breath, Jemima and Dolores had to give them space as they kept talking for minutes.


It was Maxwell’s fame at first, then they switched to the golden contract, and then her ballet dance, then her school.

It went on for over thirty minutes till she slept off in his arms, and Dolores took her upstairs, so Jemima has him to herself again.

She settled beside him with two cups of wine, and they clinked glasses before drinking.

“She’s such a chatterbox” she said

“But cute” he replied, and she smiled with a nod, moving closer on the couch.

She wants to hold his hand and interlock it with hers, but it kept lingering beside his own when she felt unsure about it.

Maxwell noticed and took her hand immediately, interlocking it with his own.

She smiled and looked at him, and he leaned in to kss her cheek.

She giggled and rested her head on his shoulder. “So….what next? I’m sure you got millions of offers already” she said.

“Yeah, I’m gonna start streaming live tommorow, I’m starting with Louis and Glitter” he replied.

“OMG you got an offer from them too? Fk! I think my kiddo is getting richer than I think soon!” She said.

“Who’s your kiddo?” He laughed.

“You! Aren’t I your mommy?” She giggled.

“What kind of mommy kisses her kid?” He replied, and they both started laughing.

“You should spend the night with me tonight” she suddenly said

“You said?” He replied.

“I didn’t say anything” she replied.

“Spend the night with you?” He said.

“You heard me!” She faced him, and he laughed.

She dropped her wine and got a pillow, then she $traddled him and started htting him with it.

“Wait Gem! Wait….

“You’re too cunning” she said, and he finally snatched the pillow from her.

He immediately grabbed her waist and pulled her to himself, falling on the couch so she fell on him.

“What?” She smiled as his eyes began blazing with insane affection.

“Do you wanna kss again? Yes or yes?” He whispered, and they both laughed again, but immediately they stopped, they leaned in at once for another kss…

It was interrupted by the ringing of Maxwell’s phone, so he sat up while she returned to his laps.

He looked at the phone screen, and his countenance switched when he saw the caller.

“I have to go now” he told Jemima, turning off the screen.

“Already? Why?”

“I need to settle something urgently, I’ll call you” he smiled, helping her up so he stood too.

“Goodnight” he pecked her cheek and started leaving, but she rushed to hug him from behind when he got to the door.

“I was thinking you’d stay the night” she pouted.

Maxwell removed her hands and faced her slowly.

“Can we do that tomorrow? Gotta go right now” he smiled lightly and rushed out, leaving Jemima in sadness.


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