By Succie

Chapter 11


Ryan enters the library and sees Cora stretching fort her hand to take a book from the shelve.

“Cora,,when did she start coming to a library”. He muttered and continues watching her, standing at the door.

He watch her as she takes a stool and smiles when her hand finally reached the book she wanted.

Ryan Chuckles.

“She smiles over every little thing now”. Ryan muttered again.

He watch her as she took a scripture magazine, and she all of a sudden held her head like she was feeling so much pain.

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“Cora”. He muttered and quickly enters the library, and just as Cora was almost falling off from the stool, he quickly caught her in bridal style, and Cora fainted immediately.

“Cora!!!, Cora!!!!”. He calls her name looking so scared.




Ryan sighs for the third time, as he watched Cora who still sleeping in the bed.

“Why were you so scared earlier Ryan, this is Cora the girl you hate do much”. Ryan muttered and looks back at her again.

“Even if she is Cora, she seem so different, and why do I all of a sudden care about her”. Ryan muttered again, and made an attempt to touch her face, when the door cracked open, and he immediately withdraw.

“What happened to Cora”. Clark and Audrey asked at the same time.

“She fainted all of a sudden that all I know, but since you both are here now, you can look after her”. Ryan said.

He looks at Cora again, before walking away.

“Was it Ryan who brought Cora here”. Audrey asked.

“Yes Audrey”.

“Huh,,that weird, the Ryan I know won’t care less if a person is dieing except that person is Cassie, what changed”.

Clark looks at Audrey and shakes his head, indicating he has no idea.



“Are you sure about what you just say Mina”.

“Yes am sure of it, the person in coma has a long hair, and am sure Leah doesn’t”.

“And what are you trying to say Mina”. Mother superior asked.

“What if is not Leah who is coma”.

Mother superior looks at Mina and hits her head.

“Ashw,,what that for mother superior”. Mina muttered in pain rubbing her head.

“If is not Leah who else will be in coma,she wasn’t born Twins Mina”.

“But how come she has a long hair all of a sudden”

“Maybe she had it fixed”.

“I saw her before she left for Seoul mother superior”.

“And did you go to the bus station with her”. Mother superior asked.

And Mina slowly shakes her head.

“See,,,I can’t believe that Leah, even after punishing her she still went against the rules of a Nun”.

Mina looks at her and scoffs and said inwardly.

*She is so annoying, Leah is trying to fight for her life, and she is still talking about the rules of a Nun, must everyone be like you*.

And Mina secretly eyes mother superior.



Cora slowly opens her eyes, and sees Clark and Audrey sitted beside her.

“Cora thank Goodness you are finally awake”
Clark said.

Cora sits up in the bed and asked.

“How did I get here”.

“You fainted a while ago Cora”. Audrey answers.

Cora was about to say something when the nurse enters.

“Is she finally awake”.

“Yes, she is”. Clark answers.

“Cora, if you keep stressing your brains to regain your lost memories, it might affect you, just take it slowly”.

“Was that why I fainted earlier”. Cora asked in a low tone.

“Yes Cora, and if this continues it won’t be good, I have some medicines which can help you relief the pains in your head”.

“Thanks Nurse”.

“Don’t thank me Cora, you should thank Ryan, he was the one who brought you here”.

“Ryan”. Cora muttered.

“Yes, and he was panicking when he brought you here, I didn’t know you both were close”. The nurse said.

And Clark looks at Cora, while Audrey looks at him.

“Take some rest Cora”.

“Can she go back to her dorm”. Clark asked.

“Yes she can, here is her medicine”. The nurse said and gives the medicines to Clark.

“Thanks Nurse”. He muttered.

The nurse nods and leaves.

“Are you feeling okay now”. Clark asked touching her forehead.

And Cora nods with a smile.

And Audrey just look at Clark and back to Cora without saying a word.


“Really cora, you fainted a while ago, are you okay, do you want me to come over to take you the hospital”. Emily asked looking worried.

?No mom, is fine, am already at the dorm anyway.

“Are you sure”.

?Yes I am, I called to ask you something.

“And what could that be Cora”

?Do you by chance wanted me to become a Nun before, and I oppose to it.

“No cora, I never wanted you to become a Nun, not ever, why”.

Cora bits her lips.

?Is nothing mom, I was just asking, I will hang up now.

“Okay Cora, take care okay”.

“I will mom, I love you”.

“I love you too Cora”. Emily smiles and ended the call.

“Was that Cora”. James asked walking up to her.

“Yes James”. Emily said smiling.

“This is the first time I have seen you smiling after a phone call with Cora”.

“I know right, am always so happy to be with her, is as if my rude and arrogant daughter died, and a calm and modest daughter came to life”.

“If you were to ask me Emily, I don’t think that a girl is Cora”.

“And what are you trying to insinuating James, Cora is Cora, she wasn’t born Twins, so what are you talking about”.

“Yes Cora may not be born Twins Emily, but what if she has someone who looks like her, and we have mistaken her to be Cora”.

Emily scoffs and said.

“Are we in an India series, where someone who looks like you just pop out from no Where, I guess watching this zee world series have eaten up your brains”.

“Forget about these India series Emily, I have a strong feeling that, that girl is not Cora”.

“And if she is not Cora, who else will she be,,,,, common James, am her mom, and I have no doubt that she is my daughter, and I love her so much now”.

“Then let conduct a DNA test Emily”.

“For what James”.

“To see if she really Cora”.

“Hell no james, am not doing any DNA test on Cora, because she is my daughter, and why are you even suggesting such James”.

“Because I want to be sure, if she is really Cora, yes she lost her memories, but if she is really Cora, her cold behavior will Never leave her no matter what”.

Emily sighs.

“That enough James, am done talking to you, and don’t you even dare try to do a DNA test on Cora got that”. Emily half yells and walks away.

James looks at her and sighs.



“Wow the bracelet really good on you Arianna”. Isla said looking at the bracelet.

Arianna smiles and said.

“Actually it was big sis who brought it for me”.

“Big sis, do you have a big sis”.

“Cora of course”

“Huh,,,,Cora!!!, The jezebel brought you a bracelet.” Isla asked not believing her ears.

“Yes Isla, and she also said I can call her big sis from now on”. Arianna said smiling.

“Are you really sure she is is really Cora Tiva”.

“Of course is Cora, she doesn’t have a Twin, and she promised me she won’t ever change even if she regain her memories”. Arianna said smiling.

“Does that mean you can finally go to the famous Genie high school, you couldn’t attend that school because Cora oppose to it, but now that she is becoming a saint all of a sudden, she might want you to attend Genie high right”.

“I guess so”. Arianna muttered and looks at the bracelet and smiles.


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