Story by Ra N Dy


Have life ever given you the essence to love and at the same time to cry?

No? Yes?. You people have so many answers.

But the situation Maya got herself is more than we could take.

Maya an orphan who life has made a loner was a girl of twenty one.

Life had mercy on her as she secured a post of a secretary in one of the wealthiest and reputable company in Korea.

C.E.O'S LOVE : CHAPTER 1 - 10. Thingscouplesdo

She now sees life from another angle but what happens when her boyfriend also got a job as a secretary in a competing company?

Is this a coincidence?

It looked like life was about to play a game on her when the two CEOs fall inlove with their two secretaries.

It was now a game of love.

Can these two secretaries hold on to their love not minding the threats coming from all angles?


“Make sure she’s d.ead”,


“I need him d.ead. He can’t survive “,

“Consider it done”

I don’t think you are gonna miss this story full of mysteries





“Babe, wake up. You gonna be late for work on your first day”, Dante my boyfriend said into my ears before kssing my forehead

God, I forgot. I was to start work in Kung company. It still surprises me how I got that job of a secretary in such big company.

Am Maya choi. An of orphan of twenty one. My two parents d!ed in an acc!dent caused by a rich drunk man.

I had to let go since am poor and jobless.

But life gave me Dante and happy that life could ever be nice to me.



Now to the present.

I jolted up from the bed, I was hearing some noise in the kitchen it must be Dante.

My sweet boyfriend who prepares breakfast for me. Dante is also an orphan.

I wrapped my hands around his waist as I got inside the kitchen.

“Good morning mr chef”, I greeted

“Good morning boss”,

We two bursted into laughter.

“What did you prepare “, I asked.

“Toasted bread with scramble eggs, you should go clean your teeth”, he said.

“I told am tired of this American dishes. You starve me of Korea foods”, I teased making for the bathroom.

I know I got. He’s gonna start a lecture of korea foods being to heavy and truth be told his right.

“You are starting work today so I can’t allow you go there and sleep of. Korea foods are heavy. You need a light food for ease”, I heard him murmring from the kitchen.

Actually Dante’s father was a minister in Korea. But suddenly the government accused him of fraud and took away all his riches.

Dante was actually in America then schooling. His father d!ed few days after the government proclaim and the mother of heart break.

So that’s the origin of Dantes lecture.

We eat our food discussing about the company I secured a job in.

I finished mine and did the dishes before walking into the bathroom to have a bath.

I came out of the bathroom and fitted into my black skirt and white shirt, all thanks to Dante who got it ironed.

I flagged down a cab and headed to kung company.

I stood outside watching the building of my new work place. I don’t fit into such luxury.

I picked up courage and walked into the building smiling sheepishly to Dante’s lectures.

The employees were nice as the greeted me.

“You are the new secretary, right? “, a young man who would be in his thirties asked.

“Yes”, I answered trying to be formal as Dante taught. If not I would just nod.

“That’s great. You will be going to his house now”.


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