By Melody


Liam grabbed hold of the door fiercely. His face was purely rotten and written all over with anger.

He started to walk down the grand stairs and he met Ms lily along the way with a tray of food with her.

” Good morning Li_”

” Don’t need your greetings.” He sprouted with a heavy heart and continued walking like a stick.

Ms lily felt quiet for a while, wondering what had happened to poor liam.


She knew he always left his normal state of mind all the time so she couldn’t blame Him for getting upset this time.

She looked up towards the direction of the Gym room and suspected something to have happened in there.

She turned around and walked back into the kitchen.

Liam, on his own world, swelled so heavily on his head as he thought about that picture of Emperor kssing May.

He gritted his teeth from time to time and his knuckles were cold and pure red

He continued to walk towards May’s room and when He got to her room, he opened the door and strode in heavily.

May could feel the tensed presence just by him walking in and she snapped her eyes open.

She met him standing at the corner of her room, staring down at her like he was planning if to slaughter her or choke her instead.

She sat up.

” Liam?. Is anything wrong?” She asked and Liam continued to walk his way into the room.

He stopped on her bedside and he pulled out her little arms and she roughly stepped out of her bed.

” Oh. My legs hurt.” She yelped and fell back her butt to sit on the bed.

Liam rested his palm on the bed and inched close to her face.

May moved her head back fearfully as she stared at him with her beautiful big eyes.

” Tell me May, which other man has kssed and touched you aside me?”He asked and May tried not to choke.

She stared at him for long wondering what could have brought in that h®rrible topic.

” What do you mean?. You are the first person and only person to ever touch me.” She said, her voice was already loosing it stand.

Liam grinned his lip to a side.

” Try to be truthful sometimes May. This time, I have proof for what I’m saying.” Liam said.

” Proof?!” May gasped. She began to wonder if she had really kssed anybody before.

She could count the countless times Emperor had smooch her skin and hugged her so close, but that was just being a smooch and nothing else.

Liam grabbed her chin gently and May rubbed her arm skin.

” I don’t want to hurt you, May. But I might do, If you fail to tell me the truth” He said with a tight smirk on his cheek.

May didn’t want him to know Emperor had smooch her skin earlier. Even if he already knew about it, she was scared of telling him.

She was scared of loosing her husband just to a mere kiss.

She sighed,

” You know I’d never kss anyone except you, Liam. You are the only man that has…”

” Shut up!!” Liam cautioned her and her body jumped in terrible fear.

He saw the huge tears that had enveloped in her eyes at that moment and he began to feel hurt for making her scared.

Yet, he also didn’t want to leave this headache situation aside.

” What should I ever do with you, May?” He asked, sucking in really hard breath.

The tears rolled halfway on her cheeks and dropped aimlessly.

” Liam. please, believe me.” She begged feeling weak already.

Liam stared at her tears and he shut his eyes in pain. He ran his fingers into his hair and stood up still doing the same thing.

” I’m very sorry.” He sighed, pocketing his hands.

” You are not sorry” She said, palming her face hurtful.

” You keep breaking my heart, Liam. How are you ever gonna mend it, huh?” She sniffed, sobbing silently.

” What if it’s too late?” She sobbed.

The door opened and Liam looked towards the direction and saw Ms lily tugging Mitchell’s jacket along with her.

” Look at the unfortunate” She said.

” I have the proof that May kssed Emperor.” Mitchell said.

” A fake proof!” Ms Lily spat.

” Let me see the proof.” May collected the phone and searched through the pictures.

Her eyes surged out the moment she saw it

” What!. This never happened!. I swear, Liam. Don’t believe this, it’s not true.” May begged him, tugging his hand.

” So you mean the picture was forged?.” Liam asked staring at her.

” I don’t know, liam. But this never happened. How can I kiss Emperor this way. Its too much!” May yelled.

Liam tore his hands from her wrist and leaned in on the wall with an upset face.

” I’m tired of hearing people’s excuse.” He said

” Now please hear me out, Liam.” Ms Lily said and pushed Mitchell forward in a sluggish way.

” I caught her on a phone call. And yes, I’m sure it’s one of her gang members she works with. They were saying something about the fake edited picture.”

” Lies.” Mitchell rolled her eyes. ” Fine. You want to save May from trouble but why will you put myself into the scene.” Mitchell asked,turning to face her lazily.

” Cuz you are the eviI doer. You don’t have good intentions towards May or her husband.” She yelled and Mitchell folded her hands,looking away.

” Let me see the pic.” Liam collected the phone and started at it once again.

To him, The pictures looked absolutely real and he didn’t want to fail to believe it.

Yet, he didn’t know who was saying the truth between Mitchell and May and Ms lily. They were all confusing his head and he saw yellow stars revolve around his skull.

He sighed and deleted the update from her phone immediately before giving it back to her

” I’ll pretend I didn’t see anything this morning. I’ll let it slide away even tho I’m pretty mad.” He said.

He left the wall and began to step away.

” No one should mention Ray and Emperor into this home ever again or I might chop off your dear head.” He said and the two of them both left, Mitchell and Ms Lily.

” I told you he wouldn’t figure out.” Mitchell wined walking along with her.

” I’m so disappointed that Liam didn’t take the case seriously. If Liam catches you again, you are as d.ead as meat.” .

” I’ll keep on trying.” She said feeling unfazed.

Ms Lily shake her heads and wanted to struck her head by a spare at all means. She was just equally disgusted with her.


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