Cars damaged or seized won’t be covered by insurance

Cars damaged or seized won’t be covered by insurance

Damage or seizure of vehicles arising from protests or civil disruption aren’t covered by any insurance policy, the Insurance Council (ICNZ) says.

On what was the 16th day of anti-mandate protests occupying Parliament’s grounds and surrounding streets, demonstrators on Wednesday night removed at least one concrete bollard near Parliament so previously moved vehicles could re-enter the cordon.

Cars damaged or seized won't be covered by insurance.

Streets surrounding the Beehive have been forced closed by illegally parked cars since the protest began.

But should any of those cars become damaged, they won’t be covered by insurance.

The vehicles also won’t be covered by insurance should anymore be seized by authorities.

Police have said they have the ability to tow illegally parked cars – but few have been seized so far.

“Any loss or damage to vehicles as a result of removal or seizure by civil authorities or arising from protests or civil disruption is not covered by insurance,” ICNZ said in a statement to Newshub.

Such policy terms are long-standing and common across insurers, the ICNZ said.

“Those with insurance have a duty of care to avoid loss or damage, said the statement.

“Individual policy wording to this effect will vary by insurer.”

On Wednesday night, police officers and protesters clashed again after demonstrators moved the barricades to the side of the road – allowing more vehicles to enter.

Videos posted online show officers appearing to push the protesters back as a forklift was brought in to reposition the barrier.

Police said efforts to reduce the cordon size around Parliament will continue in the coming days.

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Cars damaged or seized won’t be covered by insurance

Source : Newshub