THE MIRACLE I NEED : Episode 71 – 80

THE MIRACLE I NEED : Episode 71 – 80


“I can’t believe he is making such efforts to throw us together.” Ella said with a giggle as Ken drove the car towards the club.

“Yet you’re making us lie to him.” Ken accused her.

“Same way he is lying to us about his feelings for Kat. He obviously doesn’t want us to know he’s wooing her yet, so there is no reason for us to feel bad about keeping us a secret from him.” Ella said with a shrug.

“You’re only saying this because he is your brother, and that is the reason you’re not feeling guilty. He is my best friend and I don’t like that I’m making a fool of him when he is only trying to help me win his sister’s heart.” Ken said with a frown.

“Why don’t I remember you feeling bad about keeping our one night stand away from your best friend?” Ella asked dryly making Ken glare at her.

“That’s different and you know it.”

“Me I don’t know anything. When he tells you about his relationship with Kathleen, you can feel free to tell him about us, but until then, let’s keep it to ourself.” Ella said with a shrug.

“What do you think about Kathleen’s mother?” Ella asked making Ken chuckle when he remembered how excited she had been when Pete announced that they were all going out with Kathleen.

“That lady is really something.” Ken said with a shake of his head.

“Kathleen says she forced her to wear sexy clothes over to the house to meet Kunle.” Ella confided.

“She did? Why am I not surprised? She just seems like the type.”

“You know, from the moment I picked her from the park, and she heard Kunle’s voice over the phone, she started planning on matchmaking them. I have no idea why.” Ella said with a smile.

“It’s a good thing Kunle is a good guy. If it was another guy, you know they would take advantage of this and mess with Kathleen.” Ken said thoughtfully.

“Yeah, you’re right. But I really like Kathleen for him though. And I hope things go smoothly between them. She is a really sweet lady.” Ella said as she thought of what Kathleen had said about their mother visiting the company and talking about hooking Pete up with a lady. Was there something she could do to help? Maybe she could pay their mother a visit and passively talk her out of whatever she was planning for Pete, Ella thought.

As though reading her mind, her phone started ringing that instant, and it was a call from their mother, “It’s my mother.” She said to Ken before receiving the call.

“Mummy Ekale ma, (Good evening ma).”

“How are you my dear daughter?” Her mother asked curiously.

“I’m okay. This one you chose to call me today, is everything well?” Ella asked with a smile.

“Sure. When last did you hear from your elder brother?” Their mother asked without wasting time.

“Which of them? Jide or Kunle?” She asked, feigning ignorance.

“Kunle of course. When last did you see him?”

“Some minutes ago. Why?” She asked innocently.

“Did he tell you anything? Do you know if he is seeing anyone? Hold on, are you aware that one of the staff at the company is living with him?” She asked making Ella sigh.

“Which question do you want me to answer first?”

“Answer everything, don’t waste my time!” Her mother snapped at her impatiently.

“Did he tell me anything like what?” Ella asked dryly..

“I guess he didn’t tell you anything since if he did you’d know what I’m asking. Do you know if he is seeing anyone?” She asked again.

“Of course he can see everyone, he isn’t blind.” Ella said with a giggle trying to mess with her mother, while Ken drove into the parking lot of the club..

“Kemi! Are you mad? If my hand touch you, you will know that I’m still your mother.” She yelled in annoyance making Ella giggle.

“I don’t know if he is seeing anyone o. Why are you asking me so many questions nau?”

“Well, I want to introduce him to someone, but he says he’s not interested and he hasn’t even met her yet. Can you help me arra…”

“NO! If he says he isn’t interested, then don’t do anything. And I’m not helping you do anything either.” Ella interrupted before she could finish.

THE MIRACLE I NEED : Episode 71 – 80


“Your mother isn’t bad.” Kimberly said with a small smile as Eric drove them to the club.

“Of course. I told you.” Eric said with a shrug. He was beginning to get tired of all the lies he was telling her, and he could only hope that when the time was right, and the truth was revealed, she would be understanding of his reasons.

“You know, I’ve been thinking, maybe seeing her and your sister won’t be such a bad idea.” Kimberly said with a smile making Eric’s heart skip a beat.

“Maybe. Unless that once they get attached to you, going our separate ways will become more difficult. And I don’t want to put us all through that..” Eric pointed out.

“I suppose you’re right. Thanks for agreeing to go clubbing with me.” Kimberly said, wanting to change the subject.

“As long as you keep to our agreement. You can’t take more than a glass of alcohol, you have to stay where I can see you even when you get on the dance floor, and no flirting with random guys.” Eric reminded her.

“You will dance with me, won’t you?” Kimberly asked him curiously.

“No. I prefer to just watch.” Eric said apologetically.

“We should have asked Prisca to come with us.” Kimberly complained.

“I’ve told you before, she has a life of her own. You can’t drag her with you everywhere like she is your hand bag. You really have to start learning to do things without her, okay? Besides, I’m here with you so don’t worry.” Eric assured her as he drove into the parking lot of the club before turning to give her a small smile.

“My only worry is that I would die of boredom.” Kimberly said dryly as she got out of the car, and then paused the door of the other car which had driven in with them opened, and Ken got out. She was still contemplating what to do when another car drove in, and she sighted Pete.

“Just Great!” She muttered to herself.

THE MIRACLE I NEED : Episode 71 – 80

“Isn’t that Kimberly?” Ella asked as she unbuckled her seat belt and got out of the car with Ken.

“Is something wrong?” Eric asked as he went around the car to where Kimberly was standing when he noticed her discomfort which wasn’t very obvious to all, as she made eye contact with Ken.

“You know him?” Eric asked when he noticed her eyes were on Ken, and Kimberly swallowed before nodding. She didn’t know what either Pete or Ken were going to say or do, and she wasn’t sure how she was to introduce them. She could only hope this wasn’t going to be very awkward.

Before she could explain the situation to Eric, Ken flashed her a friendly smile, “Hello Kim!” Ken greeted before looking at Eric curiously.

“I’m her husband. Eric King.” Eric said, placing one protective yet possessive hand around Kimberly’s shoulder, before extending another hand for a handshake.

“Husband? You’re married? Since when?” Ken asked, as he looked from Eric to Kim in surprise. She was married? Pete wouldn’t like to hear that he had had sex with another man’s wife.

As though reading his mind, Kimberly snapped out of her daze, “We just got married yesterday.” Kimberly explained with a small smile.

“Oh! Congratulations. I will buy you both your first drink.” Ken said with a grin just as Pete and the others came up behind them.

Kimberly’s eyes fell on Kathleen and she noticed Kathleen’s discomfort and how she kept pulling down the edge of her mini gown, as well as how Pete took off his jacket and placed it on her shoulder in a possessive manner. Well, very well then! At least she could be rest assured that neither of them would be talking about the past tonight.

“Hey Kim! Long time no see.” Ella said with a small smile. She had no issues with Kimberly as a person, as long as she wasn’t going close to her brother. This wasn’t her being judgemental, it was just her being a protective younger sister.

“Hi Ella! Meet my husband, Eric. Eric this is Isabella Howells, she was my classmate in secondary school, and both her brother here, Pete and his best friend Ken were my seniors.” Kimberly said, trying to relax and act normal.

“Husband? You’re married already?” Ella exclaimed in disbelief, “I didn’t see anything related to it on the alumni group chat.”

“I’m sure the news will make it there eventually. We secretly got married yesterday.” Kimberly said with a small smile, while Eric’s eyes remained on her face as she spoke.

“Wow! Congratulations! I’m happy for you.” Ella said with a genuine smile as she embraced Kim, making Kim relax.

“By the way, meet my friend Kathleen, Kat, meet Kimberly.” Ella said, knowing it would be awkward for either Ken or Pete to introduce Kathleen to Kimberly, seeing how they had been involved just the previous weekend.

Both Kimberly and Ella were dressed in ripped bumshorts which stopped just slightly below their butt cheeks, but while Ella was wearing an oversized yellow polo shirt and matching sneakers, Kimberly was wearing a red long sleeved turtled neck shirt which was tucked into the bumshort, with red high heeled boots. Kathleen still looked more decent in her glitter mini gown and nude makeup which Ella had helped her apply, since they had all driven down to Ella’s house first for Ella to dress Kathleen up before they left.

Everyone else congratulated them, including Kathleen, “Why don’t we take care of your expenses tonight? We would love to celebrate with you both.” Pete suggested, giving Kimberly an apologetic look, which told her he was offering this as a form of apology for how he had talked to her the last time since he knew he hadn’t exactly handled things properly.

“What do you think babe? Should we let them join us?” Eric asked Kimberly who took one look at Ken and Pete before giving a nod of approval. They all trooped into the club while Kimberly and Eric led the way.

“You see? You’re still going to have fun with your friends even without inviting Prisca over.” Eric whispered to her in an I told you so manner, while Kimberly rolled her eyes. There was no need telling Eric that Pete was the last guy she had had sex with before she met him.

“It’s not going to be the same. Besides, I’m not exactly close to them.” Kimberly whispered back.

“Well, this is your chance to get close to them, besides they seem like nice people.” Eric whispered back.

“Why does he look familiar?” Ken asked Ella as they walked behind them.

“He does? Well, maybe he is a popular figure. We could just ask him when we settle down.” Ella said with a shrug.

THE MIRACLE I NEED : Episode 71 – 80

Meanwhile Kathleen who was walking behind with Pete kept looking around her, “You don’t have to make it obvious to the world that it’s your first time here.” Pete said with a chuckle as they all climbed the stairs.

“I can’t hear you. The music is too loud. My head is going to be aching really bad by morning.” Kathleen half yelled making Pete smile.

THE MIRACLE I NEED : Episode 71 – 80

Pete moved closer to her and placed his lips very close to her ear, “You will get used to it before we leave here tonight. So what do you think? Too unholy for you?” He asked and made sure to brush his lips at the nape of her neck as he pulled away, making her shiver, but Pete only smiled in satisfaction at her reaction to him.

Kathleen noticed the smile on his face and realized he had done that deliberately, so she decided to return the favor. She leaned closer to him in a similar manner, “Why are we going upstairs?” She whispered into his ear, and made sure to flick her tongue over his ear before pulling away.

Pete’s heart skipped a beat and he stared at her in surprise since he hadn’t been expecting something like that from her, but Kathleen hurried ahead of him without turning to spare him a glance. Pete didn’t need to look down to know the effect of her action on the ‘senior man’ between his legs. He didn’t know whether to laugh or cuss at her for doing that, so he just tried to think of different things to relax his ‘senior man’.

They were all seated now at one of the VIP tables upstairs, and there were two bottles of champagne and glasses of wine on the table. The table was arranged in such a way that there were two long leather cushions facing each other, and another cushion adjacent to both. Both Ella and Kathleen were seating at the cushion which was directly opposite Pete and Ken, while Kimberly and Eric sat adjacent to them.

“Why don’t we all introduce ourselves properly?” Ella suggested with an easy smile as she looked at both Eric and Kathleen who were the only two ‘strangers’ in their midst.

“I’m Howells Kemi Isabella, and I own my own make up beauty line.” Ella started and then signalled Kathleen who was next to her to go next.

“My name is Kathleen Okorie, and I’m an HR personnel at Howells Group of company.” Kathleen said, looking at everyone else but Pete. She had refused to make eye contact with him since she used her tongue on his ear.

“Well, there is nothing to tell. My name is Eric King and I’m out of job at the moment.” Eric said with an easy shrug, but Ken had a thoughtful frown on his face.

“Out of job? No offense, but you kind of look very familiar.” Ken said as he kept watching Eric very closely.

“Well, it’s possible you might have seen me somewhere.” Eric said with a small smile, hoping Ken would just leave it at that. Now that Ken had mentioned it, and he took a closer look at Ken, he was also beginning to have the feeling that he had seen Ken somewhere as well, but he couldn’t tell where.

“What do you do? Maybe that would help me decide if I’ve seen you or not.” Eric explained to Ken, hoping that would possibly help him understand where he must have met Ken.

“I’m a lawyer.” Ken said making Eric’s heart skip a beat.

That explained it all. He could now clearly remember where he had met Eric. It had been at his Aunty’s fiftieth birthday party the previous year. Ken had been in attendance as had many top lawyers in Lagos considering his aunty was a judge. His aunty had introduced Ken to him as one of her numerous mentees.

“Oh! That’s nice.” Eric said, beginning to feel very uncomfortable by this. He just hoped they could change the subject and move on to other things before Ken would recall anything about him, “It’s your turn babe.” Eric motioned to Kimberly.

“I’m Kimberly Abamba. I own my own real estate and interior decor company.” Kimberly said with a smile at Ella and Kathleen, since it was easier to look at them than to look at Ken and Pete.

“What about you?” Eric asked Pete, wanting to keep the conversation on everyone else but on him. The more Ken looked at him, the more nervous he felt. Had Ken mentioned anything about him looking familiar earlier, he wouldn’t have agreed to sharing a table with them, but now it was too late to leave.

“Nothing serious. I run my father’s company.” Pete said with a shrug, not feeling the need to get into that, since he wasn’t very interested in his father’s line of business.

“So where did you work before now?” Ken asked Eric again, directing the attention back to Eric.

“I worked as a manager in one of these small companies. I wasn’t satisfied, so I quit.” Eric said, and turned to look at Kimberly, who was beginning to wonder why Eric seemed really tense all of a sudden.

“Are you guys a couple?” Eric asked Pete, cocking his head towards Kathleen who was holding Pete’s jacket very closely to herself.


“No.” They both said very quickly, making Eric look at them with interest, while Ella and Ken exchanged a knowing look. There was obviously something between them, but it seemed like it was personal. So he wasn’t the only one keeping secrets at the table, Eric reasoned.

“Babe, you don’t want to hit the dancefloor yet? I thought you came here to dance and have fun?” Eric asked, turning to look at Kimberly who was just sipping from her glass and looking at the table. She didn’t seem very comfortable even though she had been the one who had agreed to hanging out together.

Kimberly couldn’t tell him she was feeling very reluctant about leaving them all, because she was scared of what they might discuss about her in her absence. Had Prisca been here, she would have trusted Prisca to have her back, “I’m not sure…”

“Come on, you can go out and dance, I will just stay back with the guys and get to know them. I don’t want you to be bored all night.” Eric said as he wrapped his hands around her waist and drew her closer to himself intimately.

“What are you doing? They’re watching us.” Kimberly whispered in embarrassment.

“Playing with my wife.” Eric said out loud with a naughty grin as he wrapped his arms around her and planted a kss on her lips, “I enjoy kssing you.” He whispered into her ear, “Don’t let any guy touch you down there.” He added before releasing Kimberly who was now looking very embarrassed by the public display of emotion.

Ella and Ken both watched them with a smile, while Pete grinned when he noticed that Kathleen looked almost as embarrassed as Kimberly and was trying not to look at them. He couldn’t help wondering how Kathleen would react to being kssed that way in public.

“My baby is so shy.” Eric told them with a chuckle as he raised his glass to his lips, while Kimberly quickly stood up and excused herself, “Have fun baby.” He called after her with a chuckle.

“Kathleen come on, let’s join her. You can’t just sit here all night and say you came clubbing.” Ella said as she stood up and dragged Kathleen up.

Pete wanted to protest for Ella to leave her alone, but decided that might sound suspicious since he had just said they weren’t in a relationship, so he sat back and watched Ella drag Kathleen away, after throwing his jacket at him.

“You are Eric Tunde Obasan, aren’t you?” Ken asked immediately they were alone, startling Eric who had thought he had succeeded in making Ken believe they didn’t know each other.

THE MIRACLE I NEED : Episode 71 – 80

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