~•~• June’s pov continues •~•~
Maria Li walked and stopped in front of us and I swallowed hard when she smiled at all of us.
She’s so pretty and she’s just like how I imagined her to be in real life, I might cry. I looked at her not knowing I’ve smiled my life away.
“hi. . Everyone” she said and her voice is just like I thought it would be, calm and angelic ..
“I don’t have much to say, but I heard about your competition and I just wanted to wish you all good luck, work hard and don’t give up, always fight for the best” she said and everyone clapped.
“that’s all I have to say” she smiled and was about to walk away when someone from the back shouted ,“we love you Maria Li!!” it made Maria Li turned and stare at the two hundred and one teenagers in front of her.
“I don’t know how that is but I love you too” Maria Li said and I glance back. Maybe I’d see that person, I thought, feeling a bit angry about Maria Li loving back that person.
Maria Li said no more before walking out and Mrs Mitch took over. Giving us more advice on the competition.
“Maria Li is goddess” a girl said beside me telling her friends.
“hmn but I still wished it was Daniel or Ricky Goodman” her friend said and she shrugged.
Ricky Goodman I know I’ve heard that name before. Who is he? .
“Daniel’s not talented” Travis who stood beside me said to the girls and they rolled their eyes at him.
“what do you know? Mind Your Own business” one of said angrily and Travis held his hand up surrenderlike and turned away.
“so you like Maria Li?” Travis asked.. Trying to start a conversation with me.
“yeah, more than anyone” I replied.
“how about Daniel, let me guess you love him more than your life?” Travis scoffed and I gave him a weird look.
“no I don’t, Daniel is great at singing and especially dancing but I don’t just see myself liking him that much, I like him but not the way I’m ready to kill myself for him” I explained.
“wow, I’ll add you in my own private world Guinness book, the first girl I’ve ever met who’s not a die hard fan of Daniel” Travis said and I laughed.
“please, she’s just pulling your legs, if Daniel should walk through that door, I’m sure she’ll be the first person to jump on him” one of those girls said Folding her hand making Travis and I turn to her. “you’re just saying that cause that’s what you’ll do, I’m not really a fan of Daniel”. I said to the girl.
“tell yourself that again, have you ever gone to Daniel’s concert? No!.have you meet Daniel in real life no. That’s why you’re talking shit, cause you know nothing about our Daniel” she stated angrily. Gaining a little attention from the people close to us
“hey take it easy there miss, it’s not a fight” Travis said to the girl but she ignored him so I talked.
“for your information miss, I’ve been to Daniel’s concert, met him in real life and I’ve even touched his guitar, so don’t act like you know it all” I said and she and her friend laughed hysterically.
“you’ve met Daniel and touched his guitar, in your dreams?” the girl laughed harder with her friend, I wanted to tell her about meeting Daniel but laughing like this she won’t believe me, no one would. So I just let it go.
“you’re going to let them laugh at you like that?” Travis asked looking at the girls angrily.
“leave them, it’s useless talking to worthless people” I muttered to Travis but he just looked away not saying anything, when I faced by front I was surprised when I saw Mrs Mitch calling out number.
Why is she calling out numbers? I asked myself.
Because of this two crazy girls I didn’t get to listen to the advice she was giving them.
“excuse me! Why is she calling out numbers?” Travis asked a girl in front of us.
“we’re getting our number tag for tomorrow” the girl replied and Travis and I both nodded at the same time. Travis suddenly looked up and breathed out a sigh of relief when Mrs Mitch called the number ten and a girl answered.
Mrs Mitch got to the number twelve and Travis answered moving towards the front to get his number tag and he later came back with a paper like material, pinned to his shirt with the number 12, written there.
“wow number twelve good for you” I said looking at his number.
“oh yeah, I was among the first top twenty people who heard and signed in the competition first, what’s your number?” he asked.
“two hundred and one” I replied and his brows arched.
“really? Everyone’s being wondering who’s the last person that made the competition from 200 to 201 and that’s you” Travis said and sighed and looked forward, “looks like I’ll have to wait till forever to collect my number tag.” I mumbled and he chuckled.
“yeah bummer”.
After getting to the number thirty seven, Mrs Mitch told the people who has gotten their number tag can leave and start to get ready for tomorrow. While the rest can stay behind, Travis was the only person I talk to among the hundred of people in here and I was starting to get comfortable with him, but then he left after Mrs Mitch made that announcement,
So we just came today to get our number tags, but it’s okay, we can use today to get ready for tomorrow. If the competition were to start today I might faint.
*. .
Finally she got the number one hundred and ninety one and I could finally start to breathe, it’s been an hour, after calling nine more numbers she finally called the two hundred and one and I know many eyes followed me as I walked up to get my number tag.
Everyone starts to go home and when I walked out of the vast room, I saw Travis outside talking to his “friend” Cassie, I’m not sure if they’re friends, but as long as they know each other and they also talk to each other, why won’t they be friends.
“you going home now?” Travis asked as I was about to walk pass them.
“yeah,i need to start getting ready for tomorrow” I said tiredly.
“well okay, I wish you good luck” Travis smiled.
“good luck to you too” I smiled and walked away hearing as Cassie tells him not to be nice to me that she’d already warned him, that this is a competition.
I walked down the stairs not caring if I get tired from taking the stairs, cause the elevator’s full and I can’t wait any longer, as I slowly take the stairs my phone starts to ring and I quickly brought it to my face, to see that it was Erick calling. And with no hesitation I answered the phone.
“Erick..?” I said lowly into the phone.
“hey June, wow it’s been ages since I’ve heard your voice and I saw your missed calls” he said and I sighed. “have you not been with your phone?” I asked, I’ve stopped walking and I rested my back on the wall.
“where are you, your voice is– are you at DH?” he asked.
“yeah. Are you too?”.
“no I’m at home,” he said and a wave of disappointment suddenly wash my sudden happy mood.
“you’re enjoying yourself alone at home right?” I said and smiled in a teasing
“enjoying myself. Yeah I wish. I just sneaked up to take this call, can’t you hear the way I’m talking and breathing at the same time?” he said and I don’t know if he’s pretending to breathe and talk when he said that or I just heard me talk breathlessly after hearing him say that.
“well…. why are you talking like that?” I asked.
“my dad got me a dance lesson teacher, and dancing is not me, my dance teacher said my body’s too stiff and I think I’ve gotten eighty percent of all the bone in my broken, so just pray for me” Erick said and I laughed hysterically.
“don’t worry keep practicing and you’ll get better in time” I blurted trying to get him hyped.
“my dad said there’s no time and I agree, also with my dad and my dance teacher, my body’s too stiff and I barely move” Erick said and I heard a voice calling his name.
“maybe you’re not gifted with dancing, but sure hell you’re the best when it comes to singing” I said and I could feel his smile.
“thanks.. That made my day” he mumbled from the other side of the line .
“so just keep working hard you’ll get there” I adviced he scoffed.
“I should be the one saying that, anyway I have a surprise for you” Erick said.
“a surprise?”.
“you’re still inside DH right?” he asked.
“yeah” I replied
“good, can you go to the relinquished studio, the one we went the first day you came to DH l have a surprise there for you there” he explained and I smiled, couldn’t help the happiness that bubbled up in me.
Who doesn’t like surprises.
“well I’m on my way” I said as I walked up the stairs and I heard his small chuckle from the phone.
The elevator that was full minutes ago had already become empty and I walked in happily going to the last floor.

Finally I got to the last floor and Erick has been talking to me since then on the phone, and when I got to the last floor I announced and he muttered good. Still talking to Erick I walked though the immense hallway and finally got to the deserted studio, I looked sideways before turning the door knob, pushed the door open and walked in, I stopped on my tracks when I saw Daniel inside the studio, in a white transparent shirt, he was swearing profusely and his shirt was glued to his body showing his abs.
“can you close the door and come in” Daniel said and I closed the door immediately not realising I’ve been standing and staring.
“sorry.” I apologized.
“I left my dance teacher and I just don’t want anyone to know I’m here” Daniel said. Am in a room with Daniel Anderson again coincidentally, and who the hell’s going to believe me if I tell the tale.
“is that Daniel?” Erick asked from the phone.
“yes..” I replied lowly
Daniel muttered something and I didn’t know if it was for me or himself. But I didn’t bother to ask him.
“so I’m in here and where’s the surprise?” I whispered to Erick
“look at where you sat the other day” he said and my eyes moved to where I sat that day and I saw a yellow parcel on the chair making me gasp a little.. I Walked up to the chair and glance at Daniel who was way focused on his phone, good. He’s not watching me!.
I walk to the chair and grabbed the yellow packaging, “hold on” I said to Erick before taking off the wrappings and my head tilted when I saw a box with a portable computer tablet drawn on the box and opening and peeking inside the box, I saw the real tablet.
I picked up my phone and said into the phone. “Erick?” I called.
“yes.. I’m still here” he said cheerfully
“I don’t get why you bought a tablet for me” I said.
“oh that’s not for you June, that’s for Augie, you think I’ve forgotten about him, he’s a lovely and lonely child who needs technology , I’m not sure he knows what they call television” Erick said and I sighed.
“of course he knows, this is just going to spoil him even more and he doesn’t needs this at all he has me, grandma and Ella” .
“oh June, you worry too much, you’ll be way busy getting ready for the competition you won’t have time for him, and your grandma has nothing to say to Augie, she’s older. And Ella even though they love each other so much, Augie still can’t understand her so give the child a break June, stop being so motherly, I mean even the modern mothers knows what best for their children, you’re acting like the mothers from the nineteenth century”. Erick blurted.
“for your information, I don’t act motherly I just care about him too much and of course I am his mother!” I said dramatically.
“wow. So I was right you’re Augie’s mom! So you’ve been lying to me.. Okay no more lies who’s the father?” Erick said in a stupid but serious tone and I wished I could reach his neck and squeeze it through my phone.
“Erick, you play too much, you play with everything, just go back to your stupid dance lesson, I hope your body never gets flexible” I said and he laughed.
“well guess what?!! Saying that, i just got flexible and if Daniel and I were to be in a dancing competition I’ll beat up his a$$” Erick added with a small laugh.
“in your widest dreams, Daniel’s going to….. I paused when I noticed I’m talking about Daniel and he’s behind me, I slowly turned and I saw him staring at me curiously, I bowed apologetically and turned to my front
“I’ll talk to you later” I said into the phone and hang up.
I grabbed the Erick so called surprise and head for the door. Just as I was about to go Daniel called me. Well that’s not my name but I’ll take it
“July!!” he called.
“it’s June” I turned giving a faux smile
“oh yeah sorry.. I.. I just want you to tell know you saw me here” he said and I nod, I knew he had more to say but I didn’t know why he didn’t say it. “don’t worry I’m not tattle tale” I mumbled as I walked out of the studio.
I took a bus home and when I got home, it was at exactly 3:pm and after checking on my grandma and seeing her sleeping with Ella sleeping beside her too I breathed out a sigh of relief and after resting too, I started to practice by singing my voice out for tomorrow thinking of songs to sing, I finally decided on soaring high by Maria Li. After practicing for some time Augie walked into the house and happily gave me a hug..
“what’s that.” he asked referring to the tablet on the table. Dang it! I forgot to put it away,
“it’s.. It’s yours..” I said, I cannot lie to the poor boy.
“mine?!” he asked befuddled.
“yes, it’s yours” I said and knelt down to take the tablet and I pull it out of the box and handed it to Augie who couldn’t take his eyes off it already.
“Erick bought it for you” I said and he smiled happily taking it from me.
“wow Erick’s the best! My own phone, it’s bigger than yours” he said happily
“you like it?” I asked.
“you can play cool games on it and you can also watch cartoons on it” I said and his eyes almost popped out, “Really?” he asked and I nodded with a smile.
“okay.. How does it work?” Augie asked still grinning from ear to ear wanting to sit down.
“no. No..” I said taking the tablet from him. “you’re not going to get distracted by this, first take your bath do your homework and comeback to take it from me” I said and he quickly stood up, nod happily and ran inside with his backpack.
“hey don’t just pour water on your hair okay, I can tell if you didn’t shower!!!!” I yelled and turned back to the phone, I turned it on, set everything and I quickly fixed a password. Surprisingly there were games installed in the tablet already, and after everything was set, Augie came running into the living room with his backpack, his hair was wet water dripping down on to his changed clothes and I sighed angrily.
“you haven’t started using it and you’re behaving like this” I said grabbed a towel from our hamper beside the wall and I dried Augie’s hair. After that we both worked on his homework and he was pretty excited when I showed him how to use his new tablet.
It was nighttime, Augie and Ella had watched different kind of shows for kids and are still watching it. My grandma was with them for a while before going inside to nap.
While I laid outside and watched the stars thinking about the competition tomorrow, and after a lot of thoughts I started to feel sleepy and I head inside, I took the tablet from Augie and told him its enough for today, we both went to bed that night, with different feeling in us and I know mine was nervousness. *
The day of the competition, no one had to tell me to get ready cause I started to feel all jittery and hyped when I got to from my bed and after getting Augie ready for school and eating breakfast with him, I got dressed too and I felt like I was on top of the world when I walked out of the house and made my way to DH….

Well my psyched and hyped mood died when a hundred of teens stood beside me with instruments some with mini sized piano and majority of them with guitar and some were also warming up their voices, I felt low, I felt timid and I suddenly wished I could disappear.
Why didn’t I bring any instrument! I thought.. ‘you can’t even play anyone’ my subconscious remind me and I sighed.
Okay maybe I should try warming up my voice, I thought and when I tried to even say anything I couldn’t hear my voice, oh no.. Nervousness is taking over me.. I started to breathe in and out like a pregnant lady having contractions and I heardy a familiar laugh behind me.
“Travis” I said when I turned.
“you nervous?” he asked.
“am afraid so.. But not really I mean. I.. ” I stopped talking, I can’t lie but I really don’t want anyone to know I’m nervous, they’ll use that advantage..
“you don’t have to pretend you’re not nervous, let me tell you a secret” he said and leaned closer to my ear.
“I think I’m the most nervous person here, I am nervous as hell” he said and stood straight. I chuced and he widened his eyes at me.
A woman came and made an announcement but my mind wasn’t where she was cause I was trying to get a hold of myself cause I could already hear my heartbeat.
Everyone starts to move out of the room and I followed them regretting why I didn’t listen to the announcement.
We all stood outside the hallway and suddenly the woman who gave the announcements I didn’t listen to came out and told the first (number one) person to walk in the room we all just came out, with her, and the girl happily grabbed her guitar and walked in.

Three minutes later she came out looking dull and my heart start to race.
“June! You’re nervous. Don’t be” Travis said to me making me flinch and I nod even if I can’t control it.
The second person went in and she came out with the same expression. The third person, he had a smile on his face and when he came out he started to talk to his friends about something.
“you know if you’re nervous, you’re always welcome to hold my hand” Travis said and I looked up at him, he reminds me of Erick so much, and I miss so much.
“no thank you” I smiled
“hey. .. Don’t be that kind of girl” Travis said and held my hand clasping our fingers together. “no Tra.. I tried to oppose but he ignored me by looking away.
I let him be and held his hand tighter, the number got to number seven and the girl didn’t last a minute she walked out of the room and walked away angrily.
I’m number two hundred and one and they’re still in number eight, I still have like a lot of time so there’s no need for me to panic.
They got to number twelve and Travis quickly let go of me.
“wish me luck June” he said and I smiled at him. “good luck” .
Travis went in and later came out looking like himself. No expression.
“how did you do?” I asked.
“I think I tried my best,” he replied.
“well let’s just hope for the best” I added and he nods.

The number moved up to twenty and my nervousness had already start to die down, many people had left with anger people who knew they didn’t tried, Travis stayed behind, cause they were still asked to stay behind to know if they’ve made it to the top forty, but some who knew they didn’t have a chance left already.
They got to the number forty seven and Cassie, Travis friend went inside with her guitar, she came out later smirking.
“She did pretty great” Travis smiled.
“really? How did you know?” I asked
“that’s Cassie best face expression, did great, and when it comes to something like this, she’s pretty confident in her self” Travis tells me and I nod. I have to be pretty confident in myself too.
Finally after hours of waiting they finally got to the number two hundred and the girl came out crying, and as they called my number, my heart almost jumped out of my chest.
I walked into the room and in front of me was a table and behind those tables were three unfamiliar faces with fierce looking at me. Two female and a male.
“and you’re June Peterson.. Is that right?” one of the woman said and I nod.
“okay June.. show us what you got” the woman said and I turned away to clear my throat and then I looked back at them.
Have confident in yourself June. I tell myself and I breathed out heavily before starting..

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