(Cr@zily in love ?)

Written by: Authoress Ti Fe ??
SEASON 2 Episode 21

“Dude I have been trying her number but it isn’t reachable. What is going on?” I asked Tom fearfully.

“Kuc you need to calm down okay?” He said but I shook my head negatively.

“I can’t. What if he explains to her and they are back as lovers. My hope is lost.” I said sitting on the floor.

“Kuc there is only one way to be sure.” He said.

“And that is?” I asked eagerly.

“You go to Harry’s mansion.” He said and my eyes widened.

“What? His mansion? He hates me. He will kill me once he sets his eyes on me!.” I yelled.

“Kuc are you okay? Today is Monday. He will be at his company. I am not that dumb sending you there when he is around.” He explained and I breathed out in ease.

“Thank you so much Tom.” I said and he nodded smiling.

“So when you get there. You make her feel comfortable talking to you, by letting her know you aren’t forcing things.” He stated and I nodded in full understanding.

“I will do just that.” I said smiling.

“You gat my number Dude. Call me when you finally f**k her, I need to get going.” He said standing up from the couch.

“I won’t call you when I f**k her. I will call you when we are about to get married.” I said making him burst into laughter.

“Am all yours bro.” He said making me laugh.

“You are cr@zy.” I said as soon as we got to his car.

“Make haste and get there on time. Harry may decide to come home late. Maybe just for some reconciliation sh!t.” He said and I sighed.

“I will, I pray she gives me listening ears.” I mumbled.

“She will. She is weak right now. I am sure many things have been going on in her mind since she saw that video.” He said grinning.

“Tom I am so happy.” I said smiling.

“You ought to. You have been waiting. Time to enjoy.” He said hopping into his car.

“Okay dude. I will give you a call later.” I said waving at him as he drove out of the compound.

He was out of sight and I walked back to the house feeling so happy.

“Finally!!! Finally!!! Finally!!!” I yelled rushing to my bathroom to get dressed.


I opened my eyes slowly and I looked around me to see I had slept off on the tiles. Then I remembered I was still talking to Piper about Sarah before I slept off.

I sighed knowing Mother would have come to pick her up and wouldn’t want to wake me up.

I stood up tiredly, and my phone began to ring.
It was Max calling.

? Hey Max *weakly*

? What the f**k was in that drink!

? What?

? I was intoxicated since on Saturday, and I am just feeling okay.

? What? How come?

? I don’t f**king know bro. I had to F**k my best friend, when she came around. I was so ar0used.

? Wtf? Elizabeth *angrily*

? She did it right?

? She did more than that. We need to talk Max.

? We will at the company.

? I don’t think I can come to the company. Come to my house, ask for a day’s leave from my secretary.

? Okay. But are you okay? You sound bad.

? We are both sounding Bad Tom. We need to kill some bad a**.

? Woah I love that. She needs to pay for this. *angrily*
? I will be expecting you.

I hung up and threw my phone on the bed rubbing my hair in frustration.
“F**k you Lizzy. I will kill you myself.” I mumbled.

I stood up wanting to go take a shower when I heard the door bell ring.

“Sarah?” I called happily running to the door.

“Sarah I knew you will….” I rapped opening the door but stopped when I saw….

“What the h*ell are you doing here?” I asked angrily staring at Kuc.

“You didn’t go to the company?” He asked in shock.

“So you wanted me to leave so you can come try sh!t with my wife? Hun!” I yelled clenching my fists.

“Take it easy Harry. I am not the guilty one here.” He said and without thinking I reached for his shirt and held it giving him a hard punch on his face.

His face got burst and blood gushed out immediately.

“You don’t come to my house, and start saying nonsense about me or my wife okay!” I yelled as he tried gaining his balance.

“Get out! Or I will do what I have always wanted to do to you right from the day you kssed my wife.” I said in anger recollecting what happened that day.

“You will regret this. Sarah is mine!” He yelled moving back.

“Why not come say it right in front of me.” I said moving close to him.

“You want to kill me? Fine kill me! And they will be after your so called wife, hunting her day and night just to kill her.” He said and I felt so scared.

I can’t let anything happen to Sarah.

“Get out.” I yelled and he nodded smiling.

“I will be back.” He said walking out of the compound.

“B@stard.” I mumbled as tears threatened to drop from my eyes again.
“Sarah please come back, where are you?” I thought walking back to the house.

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