CHILDHOOD CRUSH : Episode 31 – The End

?Written by Authoress Kamara

Episode 31

I clenched my fists as I thought of what to do with Mason when I see him. Probably beat him to a pulp until he cries home to his mama.

“Dude!! You okay?”. Kyle asked piping into my thoughts.

“Yeah I’m good”. I replied turning my attention outside the car as Justin drove.

We had agreed that Kimberly and Beverly would go over to Sapphire’s place and try to know if she’s involved with this whole issue.

Carl would go to Sean and squeeze the whole plan out of him since he’s the one closest to Mason.

While Justin, Kyle and I would go look for Elsa at the address that Sean had given us.

I frowned at the thought that Kyle came up with this plan, i can’t believe he was trying to do that to Elsa. He doesn’t even know what she has gone through.

“Are you sure the address is correct?”. Kyle asked.

I glanced around the surroundings, there were few buildings but it looks abandoned mainly deserted. Just few people could be seen walking around.

Justin drove the car around a street corner leading to an alleyway. I brought my phone out and checked the time.


I’m so gonna kill Mason.

“You need to chill out”.

I turned to Kyle. “Huh?”.

“You’ve been muttering about the fact that you are gonna kill Mason”. He told me.

“Of course, i’m gonna rip his head out of his body”. I snapped at him.

“Elsa is going to be okay”.

“What if she’s not?”. I asked worried. “I mean what if he does something terrible to her before we get there”.

“Stop thinking like that, you need to act calm just like me”.

“You are only calm because you don’t know what she’s been through”. I said.

“What are you talking about?”.

“I’m talking about the fact that if Mason tries to rape her then I don’t know, she might just have PTSD which make her feel withdrawn”. I explained.

“We are here”. Justin announced.

As soon as Justin unlocked the car doors, I got out of the car hurriedly. I looked around and all I could see were stubby unwanted belongings.

“Is this the place?”. Kyle asked scrunching up his nose.

“Yeah the exact address that Sean gave me”. Justin replied showing us his phone.

“Okay then lead the way”. Kyle said.

We followed Justin as he walked us through the creepy alleyway.

“I gat a creepy feeling about this place”. Kyle whispered to him.

I ignored him as we walked.

“I don’t even know how Mason got to know this place, like what does he do in here?”. Justin asked as we sidestepped trash.

“Probably where he drills his hoes”. Kyle replied with a shrug.

I tucked my hands into my pockets as we walked.

“You okay?”. Kyle nudged me.

I gave him a tight smile in response.

“I’m really sorry about this whole thing”.

“Its not your fault”. I muttered.

“Yeah but I am the whole mastermind of this plan”.

“If you had called the plan off then why is Mason still going on with it?”. I asked confused.

He shook his head negatively. “I really don’t know”.

I looked around as I took in the sight of the surroundings. Just garbage and trash.

My phone rang immediately clearing my thoughts out.

“Turn that off”. Kyle snapped at me.

I brought my phone out and checked the caller’s I.D.

Mia. Why is she calling?

I picked the call. “Hey Sis”.

“Where the fuck are you?”. She hollered over the phone.

“Look I’m really busy right now”.

“Whats this I hear about Elsa missing?”.

I paused for a while.


“How did you know about that?”. I asked curious.

“From Tori, her little boyfriend told her”.

G0sh!! I forgot all about Tristan.

“Is he okay?”. I asked concerned.

“Yeah he’s fine at our place”.

“Should I inform the cops?”.

“No”. I hastily answered. “We know where she is and we’ll bring her”.

“You sure?”. Her voice depicted worry.

“I’m sure and please do not tell anyone about this. We do not want to involve a third party”.

“Okay”. She said and hanged up.

I silenced my phone and slid it back into my pocket.

“Who was that?”. Kyle asked immediately.

“Mia. Apparently she knows about this”.

Justin turned back. “She knows? How?”.

I shrugged. “Elsa’s little bro”.

“Okay guys lets go. We are near”.

We walked for a while before we stopped at a warehouse kind of place.

“You sure this is it?”. Kyle asked.

Justin nodded. “Yep”.

“So how do we do it?”.

Kyle looked at me. “Its your girlfriend in there so you tell us how we gonna do it”.

“How am i supposed to know how to save her from there?”. I asked irritatingly.

“Would you both just stop bickering?”.

Kyle rolled his eyes at Justin and stepped backwards.

“Look how about I go through the back and you both go through the sideway so that we can get him from both angles, got it?”.

“Thats a bad plan”. Kyle snapped at Justin.

“Got a better one?”.

“Fine, lets go with Justin’s plan”.

Justin left us as he ran off going to take the back while Kyle and I tiptoed over to the side door.

I pushed the metallic door quietly as we walked in.

Kyle pushed me down immediately.

“What the fvck!!”. I cussed.

“There he is”.

I looked over to where he was pointing and saw Mason. While Elsa, she was on a chair with her hands tied to the back of the chair.

And Elsa, her dark jean trousers were all the way at her ankles while her top seemed to be cut but it was still on her.

“That bastard is gonna get it from me”. I stood up and tried to go.

Kyle dragged me back. “Are you out of your mind?”.

“What”. I whispered angrily.

“We can’t just go over there and confront him”.

“Sorry Mum, i wasn’t thinking”. I replied sarcastically.

He rolled his eyes. “We need to devise a way to get his attention away from her”.

I furrowed my eyebrows. “And how do we do that?”.

He smirked. “Easy”.

My head felt like it was pounding, i opened my eyes weakly and looked around.

Where the fvck am I?

I tried to move but I saw my hands were tied to the chair so were my legs.

“Help!!”. I screamed.

Not one sound was heard.

“Somebody help”. I screamed again.

“Finally, you woke up sweetheart”.


Fvck!! I remember, after he had me up against that brick wall, i kicked him in his gr0in and tried to escape but he had hit me hard in the head causing me fall.

“You brought me here?”. I asked in a frantic whisper.

“Well yeah. Don’t you think we should have some alone time together?”.

He walked towards me as he faced me.

I tried to move my arms but the ropes were too tight.

“Trying to escape won’t do you any good”. He said.

“What do you want from me?”. I asked tearfully.

He chuckled. “I don’t want anything from you”.

“Then why am I here?”.

“I want Kyle to beg me when he comes to save you along with your little boyfriend”.

“And what if they don’t come?”.

“If they don’t show up, you’ll be my dessert”.

He ran his fingers down my arm as he gazed at me lvstfully, seeing him do that makes me wanna puke.

“So will you give that k!ss I’ve always wanted?”. He asked bringing his face close to mine.

I used that as an opportunity and sp!t on his face out of anger.

He stood upright and cleaned his face, then a slap landed on my face which made me go numb.

“Look here”.

He grabbed my face to look at him and I winced in pain.

“You think I can’t do what I want with you”.

I visibly shuddered at the thought of that happening.

“Maybe I should just show you what am I capable of”.

His hands went to my zipper of my jeans.

“Mason please”. I pleaded tearfully.

He didn’t even pay me attention as he unzipped my jeans dragging it down.

I tried to wiggle out of the ropes but it wouldn’t budge. I cried as I knew what he was gonna do.

“Shut up”. He shouted.

Tears flowed down my eyes the more.

He quickly held my neck choking me, i tried to gasp for air as he grasped my neck.

He released his hold and stepped back.

I exhaled as I took in fresh air.

“I haven’t started with you yet”. He eyed my body as he licked his lips.

Oh God!! Please help me.

I heard something rattle at the other side, Mason looked back confused.

The sound came back but more louder, i saw Mason looked confused. Then we heard another loud bang but farther.

Mason left me trying to go check what it is, he went around a corner and I didn’t see him.

My head dropped as I cried.


I looked up and saw Bryan.

“Bryan?”. I whispered.

He ran towards me as he k!ssed my forehead.

“You came”. I cried.

He cleaned my tears. “Shush, its okay”.

He looked at the ropes and began untying my hands at the back.

“Who made that sound?”. I asked curious.

“Kyle”. He answered as he untied my hands.

Finally my hands were free as I reached down to untie my legs. When he had finished, i heard sounds outside.

“Bryan”. I called fearfully.

I pulled my jeans up and pulled the zipper up. I stood up as he hugged me tightly to himself.

I heard groans immediately and we pulled away.

“If it isn’t Prince charming”. Mason said.

He was holding Kyle tight then he pushed on the floor.

His knuckles were bloody. What the hell did he do to Kyle?

I watched as Kyle groaned on the floor in pain. Gosh!! I feel worried for him.

Bryan pushed me behind him. “Elsa run”.

No way. I can’t leave him here.

Mason stood on Kyle’s legs as Kyle yelped out in pain.

“Stop that”. Bryan shouted.

“You have to choose, him or her?”. Mason said evilly.

I walked backwards as Bryan went after Mason, he pushed him away from Kyle as they fought.

I quickly ran to Kyle on the floor. “Kyle?”.

He groaned in response as he tried to stand up. He gave me a little smile as I helped him up to his feet.

He quickly pushed me away taking a blow from Mason. I didn’t realize Mason was behind us.

I gasped as I moved away from them, i noticed Bryan by a corner clutching his stomach in pain. He gave me a shooing motion to run away.

I looked around but no way out, i ran down a narrow area behind some boxes but it stopped at a locked door.

I hit the door repeatedly but it won’t budge.

“Going somewhere?”.

I turned back in fright to see Mason coming towards me. I yelled hoping someone would hear that but no one did that.

I kicked him in his gr0in and tried to run but he held me back as i fell on my feet.

He dragged me up by my hair as I cried in pain.

He dragged me back to where Bryan and Kyle were.

“Awww, the two best friends tried to take me down. How sweet”. Mason mocked them.

I tried to run again but he held me back.

“Don’t you dare__”.

“Don’t I dare what? Try to touch her?”. He laughed evilly. “You both are really funny, i thought you love her then why can’t you save her?”.

“Let go of Elsa, she hasn’t done anything”. Kyle shouted.

“I know”. Mason replied. “But its fun to watch you feel desperate just like I felt”.

“What are you talking about?”.

“So you forgot what you did to me, huh? The one and only Kyle Vegas”. Mason laughed again. “I’ll show you that you can’t win at everything and I’ll start from your little Elsa”.

“Mason please stop”. Bryan came closer.

“Stay there. Stark, just stop there”. Mason warned.

“Lets try to talk this out, leave Elsa out of this”. Bryan came closer again.

“Stay where you are or your Elsa gets it”.

I shuddered in fright as Mason placed a pocketknife on my neck. The cold metal threatening to pierce me.

“I’ll slit her throat if you both don’t do as I say”. He pressed the knife further on my neck as tears rolled down my eyes.

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