CHILDHOOD CRUSH :Episode 21 – 30

?Written by Authoress Kamara

Episode 21

“Can we talk?”. I asked Beverly.

“Yeah she has the time”. Elsa said and left both of us.

“Elsa!!”. Beverly shouted but she already ran off.

“Relax, i don’t bite”. I told her.

She fiddled with her fingers. “So what do you wanna talk about?”.

“I just wanted to know if you are alright”.

She smiled. “I’m fine, thanks for asking”.

“Umm does she still bullies you?”.

She shook her head negatively. “No and thanks for the other day”.

“No problem”. I answered.

“I really owe you one”.

I smiled. “You don’t owe me anything”.

“I do, i mean, if you hadn’t take the phone from her, who knows i might have committed su!cide”.

I was taken aback. “Su!cide? Isn’t that a little too much?”.

“Well having your nude photos distributed all over the internet is kind of shameful or something like that”. She explained.

“I’m glad that you didn’t commit su!cide, then how will I get to ask you out?”. I joked.

She blushed. “Probably with flowers and then maybe I’ll say yes”.

I smiled at her. “I see”.

The bell rang immediately signaling first period.

“I have to go”. She said.

“Oh but I might have to take you up on that offer of a date”.

She paused. “Are you asking me out or something?”.

“Do you want me to ask you out?”.

“Unlike most girls I don’t say yes but since I owe you one then okay I’ll go on a date with you”. She replied.


She nodded. “Sure and lets make it like a double date”.

I raised my eyebrows. “Double date?”.

“For Elsa, she doesn’t want to admit that she likes Bryan”. She explained.

“So you plan on setting her up on a date”.

“With Bryan”. She completed the sentence.

“Oh I’ll find a way to make Bryan come if thats what you want”.

She flashed me a smile. “Okay see you later”. She said and left.

I chuckled, just scored a date with Beverly Smith. The hottest cheerleader ever.

My phone rang and I took it out of my pocket checking the caller’s ID. I saw it was Bryan so I picked the call.

“Hey Bro”.

“Carl, i wont be in school today”.

“Why? Is something wrong?”. I asked concerned.

“I gotta stay with Tori, she’s not okay right now”.

“What happened to her?”.

“She had a panic attack and Mia said it was just anxiety that caused it but i’m still worried”. He explained. “She saw Kyle and i don’t know, she freaked out”.

“Oh, maybe probably she remembered what happened, that could have caused it”.

“But its been 4 years”.

“If Kyle can still feel the pain then why cant Victoria remember it”.

“I called you to let you know that I wont be in school and please look after Elsa”.

“Sure, i’ll take care of Elsa”.

“Okay bye”.

He hanged up and I slid the phone into my pocket. I have to find Kyle.

I let go of her immediately. “Elsa, I’m so sorry”.

She didn’t respond, instead she sniffed and held my arm probably it hurts. Seeing her eyes wet with tears is really upsetting.

I hugged her tightly. “I’m sorry for hurting you”. I whispered.

She seemed uncomfortable in my hands but I didn’t mind as I hugged her closely. I just need to hold her in my arms.

After a while, she pulled away and cleaned her cheeks.

“I’m sorry”. I repeated. “I didn’t know that i was hurting you”.

She crossed her arms. “What do you want?”.

“I just wanted us to like umm, talk”. I ran my hand through my hair nervously.

Why am I so nervous around her? What the fvck is happening to me?

“We are talking”.

“Look, I am not a bad guy okay?”.

She scoffed. “Oh really? And you want me to believe that? After what happened to Victoria”.

“Why is it hard for you to believe I didn’t do anything?”. I asked exasperatedly.

“I know what you did to all of Bryan ex-girlfriends and if you can do that, what more Victoria?”.

“All I did is none of your business”. I said sternly.

She doesn’t even know what Bryan did but she supported him as always. Bryan finally has someone by his side but its not gonna be for long because I’m going to make Elsa mine.

“If it concerns Bryan then its my business”. She told me off.

“What are you both? Some kind of romantic couple or something?”. I asked getting pissed off already.

“I don’t have the time to talk with you”.

I held her close planting my lips on hers, i tasted the softness k!ssing her. She pushed me away immediately.

“Are you cr@zy?”. She yelled.

“Do you want more?”. I asked smirking.

“I thought I made it clear for you to stay away from him”. Sapphire came over glaring at Elsa.

“Perhaps you should tell him to stay away from me”. She replied and stormed out.

I stared at her retreating figure, damn I’m definitely gonna get her.

“Seriously Kyle? What is wrong with you”. Sapphire said snapping me out of my thoughts.

“What do you want?”.

“What do I want? Kyle, I’m your girlfriend and I don’t see any reason why you choose to go after Elsa when I’m right here”.

“I’m not in the mood to argue with you”. I said and walked away.

She ran to my front. “Kyle, don’t tell me you are interested in her”.

“So what if I am?”.

“No, no, no, Kyle you cant treat me this way”.

I sighed. “Sapphire, i made it clear to you that you mean nothing to me”.

“How dare you?”. She hit my chest. “You fvcking as$hole”.

“Stop this”. I shouted.

“After everything I did for you, Kyle, you are still bent on this”.

“What the fvck the you do for me? If this is about the virginity thing, stop acting like a saint”. I told her. “After all I am not the only guy you have ever slept with”.

“How dare you say that? I thought we had something special”.

“Fvcking you over the weekend isn’t something special, its just you throwing yourself on me”. I told her bluntly.

“You are acting this way because of that Elsa girl, right? You are in love with her, is that it?”.

I stepped away from her. “Don’t get me angry”.

The bell rang immediately signaling first period but I’m in no mood to go to class. I walked away from her and went ahead to where the boys and I always hangout.

Justin was at a corner with Kimberly doing their thing.

I sat on a table.

“So whats up? Did you do it?”. Mason asked at once.

“I couldn’t do it, look I’m not interested in this anymore”. I replied.

Sean paused. “Wow, first ever”.

“What are you guys talking about?”. Kimberly asked.

“What do you mean by you couldn’t do it”. Mason flared up.

“Dude!! Do not get on my nerves”. I told him off.

“Bye babe, gotta go”. Kimberly k!ssed Justin and left.

“She’s gone, start talking”. Sean said.

“I said I couldn’t do it okay? She looked vulnerable and i’m not talking about this, you guys should just accept it”.

“Fine if you wont do it then I’ll do it after all I called dibs on her first”. Mason said.

“Elsa is not a property and you are not touching her”. I said angrily.

“Just admit that you like her”. He replied.

“Wait a minute, back it up. Kyle likes Elsa?”. Justin asked.

“Of course he does, he was suppose to get her in bed with him but he chickened out because he likes her”. Mason continued.

I frowned. “One more word from you and I promise you that you won’t feel your bvtt anymore”.

“How nice. You are willing to beat me because of Elsa”. He said sarcastically.

“Everyone just chill the elf out”. Sean said.

“We made a bet and__”.

The door opened interrupting Mason.

“What the fvck did you do to Victoria?”. Carl came in.

I crossed my arms. “I’m sure he told you”.

“Is something wrong?”. Sean asked confused.

“I cant believe you would go to that extreme, dude, she had a panic attack and you know that she’s fragile”.

“Stop making a scene as if she died”. I told him.

Carl scoffed. “You are not even the least concerned?”.

“Why should I be?”.

“Whats up with Victoria?”. Justin asked.

“I’m done with this, i’ve tried to be on your side but not anymore okay?”. Carl said. “I’ve tried to at least reason with you but every single thing you do to Bryan piss me off”.

“What I do piss you off?”. I asked angrily. “He was the one who ra__”.

He cut me off. “I don’t fucking care, thats four years ago, just deal with it”.

I clenched my fists. “I should just deal with it? Huh? Do you know the pain he caused?”.

“I’m sure the pain that Bryan has felt all this past years is more”. He yelled.

“Don’t you fvcking yell at me”. I shouted.

“Everyone just calm down, lets talk this out”. Sean said.

“I’m done with all this, i don’t wanna be friends with someone like you. I’m out”. Carl said and left.

“He’s gone”. Sean said flopping on a chair.

“What was that thing he said about Victoria?”. Justin asked lowly.

“Why do you care? Do you too want to shout at me?”.

“Bryan is our friend, your best friend”.

“Try using past tense, Justin. He was our friend but anymore”. I corrected him.

“It doesn’t matter, using his Victoria against him is too much. She is like our own little sister”. Justin told me off.

“Why do y’all just suddenly forget what happened?”.

“You are the only one, okay? He lost someone too, Kyle, he also lost someone he loved”.

“I’m off to class”. I took my backpack from one of the chairs and walked out.

I walked through the school hallways angrily. How dare they? Is like they have forgotten what he did.

Everybody is just on Bryan’s side, always Bryan. He’s always the perfect person and I’m always the bad one.

I walked into my first class and went to the back of the class. I took a seat ignoring the teacher’s warnings.

I still thought of what Carl said, so what if its 4 years? I don’t care about the years.

I looked around the class and noticed Elsa with her blonde friend, Beverly.

I licked my lips remembering the first time I k!ssed her how she had responded, she k!ssed me back and her lips were so sweet and soft.

She and Beverly were obviously not paying attention to the teacher and neither was I. I watched her as they talked, her ponytail bounced atop her head.

G0sh!! She’s beautiful and she will be mine.

“And thats what happened”. Beverly narrated.

“So that means you are officially going on a date with Carl Kris”. I whispered.

She smiled. “Yep Beverly and Carl, that sounds nice”.

“Yeah do you by any chance asked Carl about Bryan?”.

She looked at me. “No why?”.

I sighed. “He isn’t in school yet”.

She nudged me. “Awww, someone’s missing her boyfriend”.

“I’m just worried, what if something happened?”.

“Just relax, your prince charming can take care of himself”. She assured me.

“Yeah maybe you are right but its just that it feels weird with him not being in school”.

“Kyle is staring at you”. Beverly whispered.


“Kyle has been staring at you ever since”.

I turned and my eyes scanned the class finally meeting with Kyle. He smiled and I faced my front.

“Why do you think he’s like that?”. I asked confused.

“Like how?”.

“I mean, he k!ssed me this morning”.

Beverly paused. “He did? What the fvck!!”.

“That was the same reaction I had, i was literally surprised and confused”.

“Do you think he likes you?”.

I scoffed. “Likes me? No way, he’s trying to turn my attention away from Bryan”.

“Oh so you finally admit that you like Bryan”. She teased me.

“Maybe I do”. I replied.

“But Elsa, what if Kyle is falling for you?”. She asked.

I looked back and sighted him still staring at me.

I turn back to Beverly. “I don’t like him”.

“For real? I mean you have been crushing on him in like forever”.

“I started crushing on him when I was nine, Beverly, its not forever”.

“But still you liked him back in middle school and also in Junior High”. She said.

“Well yeah but he didn’t even notice me one bit, if Bryan hadn’t liked me then Kyle would never know I exist”.

“So you are saying that you choose Bryan over Kyle?”. She asked.

“I’m saying that I’m done with this Childhood Crush of a thing”. I said.

“Now you are all focused on Bryan, thats sweet but seriously, Elsa. If you were to choose between Kyle and Bryan, who would you pick!?”.

I paused thinking about it, just forget about it Elsa. I ignored Beverly’s question and focused on the teacher.

My mind trailed to the question. Who would I pick? Kyle or Bryan?

Thankfully after a while, the bell rang and the teacher dismissed the class. I took my backpack and went out of the class with Beverly.

“Bye”. She said and went off to her next class.

I walked to my own class when I was stopped by Gabriella.

“Hey Elsa”.

I faked a smile. “Gabriella”.

“Have you seen Bryan?”.

Why will she ask me that?

“No”. I replied.

“Oh yeah I forgot, how would you know where Bryan is, you both are just friends”.

“You know, Gabriella for someone as b!tchy as you are, i’m happy that Kyle and Sapphire humiliated you because you deserve it”. I told her off.

“And you are going to be next”.

“I have a class to go to”. I said and walked away.

“I’m sure if Kyle ask you out, you’ll run to him like the cheap slvt you are”.

I stopped.

“For someone who has been crushing on Kyle, i’m sure you’ll go in bed with him at first date”. She continued.

I turned. “Look who’s talking? Didn’t you leave Bryan for Kyle at first date?”.

“It doesn’t matter because Bryan still loves me”.

“Keep telling yourself that Gabriella but the truth is that he detests you because you are the definition of a demented slvt”.

She gasped. “How dare you?”.

“Who should be the one saying that? Gabriella, how dare you say I’m cheap, why? Because you are jealous of me”.

Her face changed.

“The fact is that you are jealous of me because you know that Bryan loves me and not you”. I fired at her.

“Stop saying that”. She yelled.

“You couldn’t even get Kyle and now you want Bryan, Gabriella, you are the cheap slut here not me”.

She frowned at me.

“And if I were you, i’ll stop being b!tchy at least you got the pity you wanted”. I continued. “And don’t even think you have a chance to get Bryan back because he doesn’t go back to wasted and used trash like you”.

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