CHILDHOOD CRUSH : Episode 31 – The End

?Written by Authoress Kamara Episode 31 ?Bryan? I clenched my fists as I thought of what to do with Mason when I see him. Probably beat him to a pulp until he cries home to his mama. “Dude!! You okay?”. Kyle asked piping into my thoughts. “Yeah I’m good”. I replied turning my attention outside … Read more

CHILDHOOD CRUSH :Episode 21 – 30

?Written by Authoress Kamara Episode 21 ?Carl? “Can we talk?”. I asked Beverly. “Yeah she has the time”. Elsa said and left both of us. “Elsa!!”. Beverly shouted but she already ran off. “Relax, i don’t bite”. I told her. She fiddled with her fingers. “So what do you wanna talk about?”. “I just wanted … Read more

CHILDHOOD CRUSH : Episode 1 – 10

?Childhood Crush? . Written by Authoress Kamara Episode 1? . ?Elsa POV? “Get up”. My mum’s voice rang out. I groaned standing up putting on my floppy slippers heading to the bathroom. In a few minutes, I was out of the bathroom feeling refreshed. I went to the wardrobe to pick out a cloth to … Read more