Jake arrived a bit late, his grand mother was very surprised to see him because it was unusual of him to come to the village when school is on vacation.

“netochukwu(his granny called him by his native name) hope all is well”

“mama all is well, I just came to spend the holiday here”

“hmm oooo.. Come inside, chinaza bia” his grand mother called her maid to come help Jake with his luggage.

Jake arranged his belongings in the room which belongs to him and Emeka, refreshed before lying down on the bed.

“I missed this place, I missed Itolu” he muttered

He was still lying, looking at the ceiling when a knock landed on the door..

“come in”

Chinaza the maid entered and told Jake that his food was on the dinning.

“ok I will be there soon”

Jake sluggishly stood up from the bed and went to the dinning where vegetable yam was waiting for him. He smiled, sat on the chair and devoured the food. His food was almost finished when his grandma came to sit in the dinning.

“neto inaha anu igbo (you don’t understand igbo) how was the food?? ”

“mama this food is very delicious”

“thank you nwam… I want us to discuss something”

“hope there is no problem??”

“nsogbu di(there is trouble) your father; my son hasn’t visited me for the past one year. I called him and told him to come home because lots of rumours are in this village about him”

“mama rumours like??”

” concerning the daughters of principal they said your father manipulated them and use them for rituals because immediately after their death he built another community borehole water and a new house for the igwe. The rumour lasted for over a year before it came down.
Now the one that everybody is talking about is your dad wanted to use chioma the niece of Mr olugo the head teacher for rituals in the name of sponsoring her health treatment. Because of this, most people don’t greet me again, they call me the mother of a ritualist” his grand mother narrated

“(sighed) this is very serious but that wasn’t how it all happened, all this is my dad’s fault”

“last week I called him and told all that happened, the only thing he asked me was is chioma still alive imagine”

“mama he asked you that question??”

“ehn that is what he asked me… But nwam oo what is between you and this chioma that is causing this problem in this family”

“mama I love her, and I want to marry her” Jake spoke out

“isi gini(what did you say) impossible, I don’t think Mr olugo will ever let that girl to us and that man hates you seriously, some weeks ago he was telling the community elders that if he ever sees you close to his niece again he will behe@d you”

“he said this??….Mama what do you think about that girl”


“I mean character and other qualities”

“Hmmm she is a very good girl, very decent and good hearted. She even greeted me very well yesterday”

“that’s exactly who she is and I want to make her my wife”

“(elderly laugh) nwam what did you know about marriage, Biko mechie onu (Pls close your mouth) let us talk better things”

“mama I want you to call my father and tell him to change from his bad ways because it’s getting out of hand”

“Hmmm how is your mothers health”

“she is doing well now, by nextweek she would be back”

“ooo.. Let me go and sleep see you tomorrow, don’t forget to pray”

“OK ma” Jake responded clearing his plate.

Throughout the night Jake couldn’t sleep, as what his grand mother told him concerning Chioma’s uncle replayed in his head.

“Chioma’s uncle behe@d me??. Hmm I really need to go with someone while going there. But my mind is made up I will meet him let’s talk man to man” Jake concluded.

The next day was very sunny and bright, bringing out the beauty of the village. Jake helped the maid in some duties though his grand mother wasn’t too happy with that because she was being paid. He took his bath and dressed in something simple and decided to take a walk around the village.

As he passed by some people who knew him, looked at him in a bad manner but who cares, he wasn’t even concerned. Coincidentally he was passing by a shop where he was buying something and a guy who looked older than him was talking to a girl. He thought of going into the shop to pay for whatever she was buying but on the long run changed his mind.

“She will think am trying to buy her and I don’t want that, I want a genuine approach this time” he said waiting patiently for her.

He had waited for over fifteen minutes and she was still laughing and talking to the guy. Chioma glanced at where Jake was waiting, noticing he was there she rounded off the conversation and told the guy to follow her.

“hi chioma” Jake said immediately she was approaching where he was

“hi Jake how are you”

“am good and you??”

“good too”

“so where are you heading to”

“is this not the son of that chief madu??” the guy that was with her asked

“oh am sorry dear, meet Jake the son of chief madu. Jake meet Jerry my very good friend”

“oh you are the son of the man who wanted to kill my baby for me it’s nice meeting you” Jerry said stretching his hand for a hand shake

“Jerry!!! Who is your baby??”

Jake snubbed the guys hand shake and kept looking at both of them.

“am sorry I was just kidding but you are my bestie” Jerry said

“that’s OK.!!!! Jake am on my way home” chioma said.

“do you mind if I come to visit you later in the day”

“eh seems you want to die”

“stay clear ooo if you don’t want to be used for pepper soup” Jerry said provoking Jake but he swallowed his anger and acted cool…

“OK I will give you a call” Jake said and left.

Jake became much more afraid and confused, he wants to talk to this man but don’t know how to go about it because going to his house is going to a lions den.

Chioma and her sister were sweeping the compound the next day when chioma asked a rhetorical question.

“sister how would you feel if you see Jake and I together again”

Her sister paused her sweeping immediately, turning to meet chioma ” don’t tell me the village people has started using your brain”
“Hahaha sister Nooo am just asking”

“useless question, so you haven’t learnt your lessons, you still have interest for that m0nster.

“sister he is still pestering me around and asking for a second chance he even called me last night”

“this time around, he would kill you with his bare hands. Don’t let uncle hear this if you want peace in this house”

“fine, Let’s sweep fast you know I have to make my hair today”

“you are the apple of my eyes dear I can’t do without you”

“I too Jake I love you so much”

“am very happy taking you as my wife”

“am more than happy, sweetheart tell me how many kids do you want from me”

“Hmmm 12 three girls and nine boys”

“haha you are not serious that’s more than a football team”

“(smiles) my baby give me a k!ss”

“any thing for you baby”

She was about planting a k!ss on his lips when someone tapped him behind but he ignored. The tapping continue to be turned back angrily only to wake up from his bed and seeing Chinaza standing before him….

“what’s your problem?? You just woke me from the best dream of my life” he shouted angrily.

“sorry just that some people are looking for you. They said you are there goons from A-S”

“goons from A-S??… Oh almond school of science wow.. I will meet them soon”

Jake went out to see his ex classmates while they discussed.

A week later Jake made up his mind and summoned courage to see Chioma’s uncle.

Jake pulled up at the front of the compound and alighted from his Honda pilot. He looked around the environment before entering into the compound, he walked step by step approaching the bungalow building when suddenly Chioma’s uncle came out of the building stunning Jake…

“(stammering) good afternoon sir”

“Hmmm what are you doing in my compound ???”

” sir Sir sir Ermm I came…. ”

“A stubborn fly that doesn’t listen follows the corpse to the grave”

“(going on his kneels and crying) Sir am so sorry for everything I have done, it’s all my father’s fault”

“so after everything you still had the guts to come to my house, hmmm it’s your death day, wait for me am coming” he said angrily before storming into his house..

Jake heart beat rapidly and sweat was already forming on his forehead ” should I run??” he asked no one in particular.

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