*Jake’s view of the story.*

I woke the next morning with a broad smile , I yawned aloud stretching my hands and legs. I saw chinaza sweeping the room though she was almost through

“good morning jake”

“good morning chinaza how was your night”

“it was fine and yours?”


She later left the room while I said my morning prayer before doing 50 push ups and went to the bathroom to refresh.

Immediately I came out from the bathroom I saw my phone blinking. I unlocked my phone and saw a text message from my one and only chioma.

“Good morning my sunshine, how was your night and I hope you slept well” read the message she sent.

I smiled and quickly dialed her number.

“my one and only, how are you doing”

“am fine dear, how was your night?”

“splendid, I saw your text”

“Yea.. Thanks for yesterday”

“don’t mention that again, that’s my obligations”

“(laughing) thanks dear”

“so are you at home today”

“Hmmm yes but I would like to rush to school to collect something”

“ok by what time”

” by noon”

“I will come pick you up”

“thanks sweetheart I will be waiting”

“ok dear see you soon” Jake said ending the call. He turned around to see his grand mother looking at him.


“mama good morning ma”

“what is this sweetheart, dear am hearing”

“mama forget that one na… Ok it’s my wife am talking too”

“wife kwa when did you marry her”

“haha soon I will marry her”

“it’s Olugo daughter okwaya”

“Daughter ke… Ok it’s chioma his niece”

“Hmmm oooh you and that girl again just be careful with her uncle ooo”

“mama I have heard you ah, chioma’s family be careful with Jake my family be careful with chioma…. Why are we afraid of each other” Jake said leaving the room.

Jake later dressed up, ate his breakfast before going to the sitting room to watch a movie. He was carried away by the movie not knowing that it was after twelve. Chinaza passed by the sitting room and still saw Jake watching the movie with full attention

“I thought you were going out by twelve”

“OMG, men this movie is very interesting, when I get back I will continue” Jake said jumping up from the couch.

“haha I told you”

Jake entered his room to collect something before proceeding to his vehicle. He got to chioma’s house in no time, alighted and entered her compound.

“my queen good afternoon” he greeted on seeing chioma outside the compound.

“afternoon my king, I have been waiting for you”

“am so sorry, I was entangled with a movie and I didn’t know that the day was far spent”

“ok so you are here to take me to school”

“Yea.. So let’s get going”

“you didn’t even ask of your in-laws”

“oh… My queen am so sorry forgive my manners…” Jake said going inside the house.

“ill manner… Don’t waste your time they are not around” chioma said rolling her eyes.

“how is amaka and my uncle in-law”

“Hahaha.. Uncle in-law is busy with work, amaka is preparing for her convocation next week”

“wow… She is already a graduate”

“yea, a certified biochemist”

“nice course, which university”


“all good, so next week we would be going for convocation”

“Yea by Gods grace”

“OK my queen let’s go I have something to do at Enugu too”

Jake aided her to stand from where she was sitting, handed her bag which was on the floor over to her before crossing his hand over her neck while they walked majestically out of the compound.

Four hours later they were both done with whatever they wanted to do in Enugu. Jake was about to ignite the vehicle when he asked Chioma a question.

“are you not hungry??”


“why don’t we just find somewhere to eat”

“why don’t we just go home I have something to cook”

“(smiles) I don’t want to stress you dear”

“not at all, cooking is one of my hobbies”

“OK no problem let’s go home but before then I have something to show you” Jake said bringing out some files from the back seat. “take it and check it out”

Chioma collected the files from him and first opened the bigger one bringing out a lamination with the rib cage inscribed on it

“Jake!!! You still went ahead to do the tests??” she asked with a teary voice

“those are the results to the twelve tests you sent me and all of them are good except from the Plasmodium falciparum which is scanty troph, I have a little malaria”

“Jake you are a darling” she said hugging him with drops of tears from her eyes “I was only playing with you, you shouldn’t have wasted your money doing this”

“it’s nothing dear, I did that to clarify you that am not that dirty inside, I don’t even have any std or sti” Jake said patting her back.

“am so sorry for making you passed through all these”

“it’s OK my queen stop crying, I don’t like seeing you cry, I could do anything for your love” Jake said wiping her tears.

They were still hugging intimately when Jake’s phone started ringing. They disengaged gradually before Jake picked up his phone to look at the caller which was his dad…

“(mood changes) hello”

“Jake, where are you??”

“dad what sort of question is that, so you mean all this while you don’t know where your son is”

“look at him, he doesn’t even know how to greet his father again. Only God knows what that girl has given to you”

“dad what girl are you talking about”

“grand ma told me you have been moving around with that chioma of a girl”

“grand ma?? The one you called last when” Jake fired angrily while his father kept quiet.
“dad stop all this your lies, remember we still have a big talk concerning chioma. Only God will punish those your informant”

“Jake you are talking to me in that manner, I will deal with you and that chioma”

“dad am not a kid anymore, I am going straight to the elders now to report you. If anything happens to me or chioma it’s going to be on your head” Jake said and ended the call.

“my king what’s the problem??”

“it’s my father again” Jake said being afraid that chioma would leave since his father is at it again.

“he already know am alive”

“he is threatening you and I” Jake said stammering.

“why is your dad this heartless”

“I don’t even know, this man want to spoil my day”

“my king, why don’t we go to see your father”

“see who??? Do you want to die? No no no… Going to see my dad is digging your grave”

“Hmmm… So what do we do now because am afraid”

“my queen I know you are afraid but Pls don’t leave me”

“am not leaving you”

“that’s my queen….lets go home” Jake said starting the vehicle.

They got to chioma’s house where she prepared vegetable soup and served him with hot smoking eba.

“my king cheer up, don’t let your father spoil your mood”

“thanks dear, lets eat” Jake said washing his hand.

They ate happily not without feeding each other. Their love this time around was far stronger than before.

“my queen what do you think, I want to organize a reunion party for us”

“party?? Don’t you think that’s a waste of money”

“(clearing throat) nothing is a waste of money for my queen, I will spoil you with money. Just say yes”

“(smiling) ok yes fine let’s have the party”

“that’s my queen, I want it to be in two weeks time after amaka’s convocation then we do the party at beacons garden”

“OK… But hope it’s not a big party ooo”

“Hmmm we are bringing our friends and family together”

“wow.. Good idea dear”

“you are welcome dear”

“hope the food was tasty”

“Haaa the taste of the food was wonderful, chioma who taught you how to cook??”

“Hmmm I don’t know, but I just learnt”

“you are a genius in cooking… I wanted to tell you that I maybe going to Lagos to see my dad and also my mum who has been sick maybe tomorrow or next but I will be back before amaka’s convocation”

“sick??? What happened to her”

“hepatitis,, she just returned from USA few days ago”

“Haaa hope she is better now”

“yes she is, I really need to see her”

“ok extend my greetings to her”

“OK my queen”

“OK dear just be careful and stay away from danger”

“sure I will, what should I buy for you in lagos??”


“lord zukaka, give me more time, I will wipe out the girl”

“(echoing voice) more time requires more sacrifices, look at your image of identification it’s dripping out blood from the eye Hmmmm meaning great danger”

“what’s wrong with Jake, ok Lord zukaka I will sacrifice 6 more girls tonight but is there anything you could do so that my son can turn away from her or the miserable girl turn away from him”

“Hahahahahahahahahahaha, very hard, very hard, very hard. That girl is untouchable, your son too is untouchable” lord zukaka shouted in his backing position.

“how?? How do you mean, my son is a regular person, I don’t understand”

“not any more, your son became untouchable four years ago. It’s so unfortunate that he was the one who broke her v!rginity and the blood spilled”

“haaaaaaaaa….. Am gone, am gone. Do you mean nothing can be done”

“their hearts are entangled, I can’t harm her same as your son. You have limited time” lord zukaka said and vanished

“Jake has killed me, oh why did I make the great mistake of sending this boy to the village why!!!!!!” Chief madu shouted coming out of his secret room.

He entered his matrimonial room, sat on the bed and started thinking weather he should seek for another greater power or eliminate chioma by physical powers….

“lord zukaka cannot harm you right, that one is his and reasons best know to him. For me I will kill you” Chief madu said nodding his head.

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