THE HUNTED HOUSE : Episode 21 – 25

The Hunted House!

Written and composed by Excelrhymez
Aka Mummy E

Episode 21.

Pastor Mike and the prayer band listened as the man opened up concerning the house.

Man: I know you all don’t understand what I am saying. Do not worry I will tell you. So that at least you will know what you are getting into before you go there.

Pastor Mike: Go ahead sir!

Man: 6years ago, a man bought a land from his bossom friend, this man was happy because it took him years to be able to achieve this, he worked day and night to build a duplex. He was so excited because he would be able to leave a legacy for his six children. The house was all he had. He made sire he made a room for the 6of his children. And one for himself and one for his wife. The DAT he moved into the house with his family, he had a big opening ceremony. The day he opened the house was the same day he was poisoned by his jealous friend. Same person who sold the land for him. And so the same day he packed into the house was the same day he and his entire family died.

His friend laughed at his face and told him that once he was gone he would take over his sweat and feed from the house.

Among his family he was the last to die, he watched as his wife and children gave up one after the other. His last son was struggling to survive. This man carried his boy running from one gate to the other seeking help from each of his neighbours, he didnt have a car, he just needed someone to drive them to the hospital. Non of his neighbours wanted to help. Some didn’t even bother to open their doors. Others refused to open for fear that they would give up in their car and they would be in trouble.

Eventually he collapsed at the front of his house, he watched his son draw his last breath and with the last strength he had in him he caused that house. That nobody would enjoy the fruit of his labour, and anyone who would dare stay in the house would be wiped out just as he and his family is wiped out. He caused that his friend would never enjoy a dime from his sweat and that he would not even smell the house.

He also caused his neighbours that as they refused to render him help when he needed it that everything good will stay away from them as long as they remained in the environ.

After laying the cause he died, right in front of the house holding his son.

Pastor Mike: Holy Jesus!

Man: since his entire family was wiped out, nobody came for their body. They all rotted away at the spot where they died. The man who killed them all later came and cleaned the entire house ready to make a living from it but he became a drunk and ran mad. And has been mad for 5years now.

Loveth: Jesus!

Man: Ever since then, 7different persons have lived in that house, non has ever met the landlord, nobody knows who they paid their rent to.

Loveth: But daddy spoke to the landlord on phone.

Man: Yeah that’s what they all say but no one knows who or where they get the phone contact from. The 7 families that have lived there all died in that house.

The last was a medical doctor, he and his wife and two daughters died mysteriously from a strange illness that had no cure. Before he died, he lost his job and all he had, he was practically feeding from hand to mouth. We heard that the spirit of the dead man roams around the house, hunting the occupants and killing them and inflating them with different calamities and ailments.

Even those staying around started hearing voices at night. Sometimes they will hear the children of the dead man chatting and laughing in the house, at other times so claimed they heard the man shouting at them , some even said the man comes in person to taunt them, and that was how gradually everyone moved from the area. Some sold their properties, others just fled and abandoned their houses.

I even heard the person who stayed in the house before the doctor was a pastor. But he died after his wife ran mad. That house is an evil house. The ghost of the man and his family lives there and is hunting the place.

Loveth: oh dear God! The man in the portrait!

Pastor Mike: what portrait?

Loveth: There is a picture all over the house. Daddy said the landlord said the picture must not be removed from the house.

Man: yes! That’s the picture of the man. He had it enlarged in the house. I’ve also heard that at night the man comes down from the picture to manipulate. (Then he turns to Loveth) why did your dad not ask questions before moving to that house?

Loveth: pastor please, you have to get my family out of that house please .

Pastor Mike: The devil is a bastard, let’s go. Guys get in the car.

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