CHIOMA THE VILLAGE GIRL : Episode 71 – The End




‘’(chuckles) won’t you answer my question first?’’

‘’answer mine first’’

‘’ok fine… while I was seeking for you attention all these while I was also busy investigating about you’’ he said with a smile

‘’if I can remember you are a doctor not a CID or FBI agent so why will you be investigating about me??’’ she said with a little raised tune.

‘’am sorry if I offended you, I was only doing that just to know why you avoid me so much’’

‘’like I said I don’t want to have anything doing with men’’

‘’that still leads to my question so can you answer it now??’’

‘’not really but I have passed through lot of things because of love’’

‘’hmmm where do you live in particular’’ Nuel asked reducing the acceleration of the car’’

‘’keep going, the next three houses’’

‘’ok….here we come’’ he said pulling up in front of the house.

‘’thank you so much Nuel I appreciate your kindness’’ she said alighting from the vehicle.

‘’oh don’t mention, you know our discussion is not over yet. Will you be free this evening?’’

‘’nop tomorrow is church and I have to cook this evening’’

‘’okk what about Sunday evening, I still want to have time with you’’

‘’[rolling eyes] ok fine so where can we meet’’

‘’I will come to pick you’’

‘’no no pls don’t come just give me a place to meet you’’

‘’ok lets meet tomorrow at kroll’s bar do you know there’’

‘’ok I know kroll’s see you by 5pm’’ she said heading towards the gate

‘’cool, I cant wait’’ nuel said in his mind as he closed up the door window and drove away


‘’hello am I speaking with Peter’’

‘’yes its Peter on the line’’

‘’ok pls I want you to help me book the first flight tomorrow to Lagos’’

‘’ok but the first flight is in the morning and there is no vacant seat’’

‘’oh God ok when is another flight??’’

‘’by 2pm in the afternoon’’

‘’ok book it for me am going to pay online am missing Obi Amaka Cynthia’’

‘’ok I will send you your details for payment’’

‘’ok thank you’’ she said and ended the call

‘’I really need to go and find my sister, for over a year now I haven’t seen or talk to her only God knows if she is still alive or jake has used her for rituals’’ she said packing some of her things

‘’even the so called Jake’s number has been unavailable for some months now, I sent Chima to help investigate about Chioma but I don’t know what he is talking about’’

Cindy, Derek and Chioma prepared for church, they were finally set as Cindy drove to the Anglican church in the next street of the estate. After about two hours of service the section finally dismissed while they journeyed back home. After having a wonderful jolof rice cooked by Chioma, they decided to play card ..

‘’Cindy I would be going out to see someone today with Derek’’

‘’wow from your former residence???’’

‘’no, just a new friend’’

‘’male or female’’ she asked shining her teeth

‘’yea it’s a male’’

‘’ok go well so when will you be coming back??’’

‘’uhmmm I don’t know but before 8pm’’



Chioma alighted at kroll’s bar from a taxi with Derek in her hand.. she entered into the main bar using her eyes to search for Nuel, some one touched her from the back and she turned to see Nuel.

‘’oh you scared me’’

‘’oh so sorry dear, seems it wasn’t that difficult to locate here’’

‘’yes, it’s a famous bar. I have been searching for you’’

‘’ok here is not the right place we have a special place upstairs lets go’’ he said collecting Derek from her ‘’I love your out fit’’ he complimented.

‘’thanks’’ she replied.

Nuel took her to a more reserved place upstairs meant for couples or lover alone. They got to a table filled with lots of assorted drinks and different meal on the table coupled with a bouquet of flower. Nuel adjusted a seat for Chioma to sit on which she did majestically…

‘’hope you like the place’’ he asked sitting on a chair opposite to her with Derek on his laps

‘’yea I love the place, but why did you have to spend so much just for a meeting’’

‘’baby I want to make you happy tonight pls just enjoy lets have fun, today we would know each other better’’

‘’[smiles] ok pls let me carry him’’ she said asking for Derek

‘’no no am ok with him just feel free’’

‘’hmmm ok how was your day??’’

‘’my day was great… which drink would you like to drink first’’

‘’[smiles] am confused, lets just start with any mild drink….. hahaha you also bought milk drinks to suppress alcohol right’’ she asked.

‘’no, I knew you would be coming with Derek so I also bought for him milk drinks’’

‘’[surprised] wow…..thats good of you’’

‘’yea so derek this is one of your drinks fuss milk drink’’ nuel said opening it for him ‘’you can open one of the champagne

Chioma opened a champagne and introduced it into two glass and served him one.

‘’eat anything you want to eat while we discussed and know our self better’’

‘’no problem’’ she said being confused on what to eat first

Amaka had arrived lagos about two hours ago and checked into eko hotel. She picked an uber from the hotel straight to where she was living before to see chima the guy she sent to investigate about her sister. Forty minutes drive from eko hotel she got to her former residence, she headed straight to a room in a ghetto like compound.

‘’hi good evening’’ she greeted some boys who were close to the house she was going to.

‘’evening, you dey look for person??’’

‘’yea is Chima in’’

‘’ahh noo Chima be comot yesterday but e fit come back this evening sha any problem??’’

‘’oh not really, I will come back tomorrow to check on him’’ she said turning to leave

‘’no problem’’

She had gone few distance away when she sighted someone who use to be their friend.

‘’star boy!!!!!’’ she shouted

‘’aunty amaka!!!! Na you be this???’’ he said as he ran and hugged her

‘’chai….starboy easy oooo no dey use style tap current ooo’’

‘’forget that one longest time, you dey comot you no tell me’’

‘’hmm no vex oo the thing just dey very urgent’’

‘’any how sha I don see you be big woman you go bribe me with something…. Abeg who be that man wey dey make you fine like this’’

‘’starboy!!!! Na God be the man, no other man for my life ooo’’

‘’hmmm make I believe you sha…. So wetin you come do for this area’’

‘’hmmm na my sister oooo for the past one year we never see and her phone no dey go’’

‘’wait ooo you mean chioma???? Haaaa so you never know wetin do Chioma’’

‘’wetin happen??? Abeg you know anything about my sister’’ amaka asked anxiously.

‘’so you know even know say your sister husband been dey maltreat am seriously, he maltreat so tey he come send am go calabar to stay with one of im people’’

‘’oh my God starboy you serious so??’’

‘’I serious oooo… I go even carry you go one of my friend place make im tell you everything you need to know’’

‘’Jake, Jake, Jake so he had to maltreat my sister I will teach him a lesson he wont forget in a hurry’’

Starboy and Amaka alighted from a taxi in the front of another ghetto compound…

‘’so is this where the guy lives??’’

‘’oh yea chikwado im know everything about Chioma’s whereabout’’

‘’Do you know if Jake is still in Lagos?? Because I really have to deal with him now that am a big woman he can’t influence me with his money again’’

‘’just no worry Chikwado dey the right position to tell you everything ‘’ starboy said while they entered into the compound filled with children playing with tyres on pantie-s

‘’Nuel where do you hail from??’’ Chioma asked

‘’Nnewi Anambra state …. You are from Enugu Itolu’’

‘’hmmm how do you know so much about me, still part of your investigations?’’

‘’a sort of….. so tell me more of your relationship with jake’’

‘’didn’t you investigate about that too??’’

‘’I want to hear from you so tell me how it started from the on set’’

‘’uhmm that’s a long story anyway it all started in secondary school I think late ss2 when Jake asked me to be his girlfriend of which I later agreed. I loved him but never knew he was a he goat , he went after another girl in our class after taking my v!rginity. He dated the girl and her sister at the same time, on the long run I met Michael I agreed on dating because he loved me and was way older than me so I thought the relationship wont be childish. After few year we dated though he traveled to Malaysian about a year of our relationship, I was told that he was shot to death in Malaysia I cried myself out because he was really taking good care of me and I loved him. I think few weeks later I heard a conspiracy about jakes family so I decided to tell him about it since it had something to do with life and death, what I told him later came to pass and I was able to track the kidnappers who kidnapped him in order to save him. I came with some police men and the kidnappers conspired and said I was the one who sent them to kidnap and kill him and his dad for breaking my heart’’

‘’[feeling sad] this is really bad’’

‘’I was arrested and his dad made me suffered a lot, he and the DPO planned and handed me to some evil guys who dealt with me to the point of death. I was finally dumped in a federal government road for a vehicle to crush me to death, glory be to God I was saved by a detective agent who took me to hospital. I finally recovered after several months and started school and wrote the exam I missed that was in 300level. Jake resurfaced asking for my forgiveness and also for us to get together again, he spent lot of money to impress me and he acted like a changed person and promised not to go back to his old life, I forgave him and he promised to make me his wife but little did I know that his parents hate me so much. His parents rejected me on the day he went to present me to them but he didn’t care as he still insisted on marrying me meanwhile I was pregnant, he later married me and did all the necessary things he needed to do for marrying a woman. Not up to a month his parents married another wife for him though he was against his parents but I didn’t know what happened he fell for the girl and hated me to the core then my real agony started. Jake beats and maltreat me everyday despite the fact that I was pregnant he even turned me to a maid and deny me of ante-natal. The most painful part of it all was that I gave birth to my baby one week before my time because Jake kicked me on the belly leading to complications’’

‘’oh my God ….. that guy must have been controlled by some sort of evil spirit’’

‘’hmmm but I thank God for saving my baby and I and also thanks to Jake’s sister Cindy who has been there for me starting from the on set’’

‘’thank God for saving you …. This is indeed an agony, agony of Chioma’’

‘’yea that’s my agony’’

‘’but despite all these you were still in that house’’

‘’he ceased my phones and ban me from going out of the compound and even his sister never wanted me to leave the house even after planning to escape, it was of recent through his sister I was allowed to have little freedom of movement … but I plan on leaving the house as soon as Derek is a year old’’

‘’hmmm you really pass through a lot’’

‘’that’s why I have decided to stay off men and anything relationship and just live on my own thank God I have a son already and I know God will provide for us’’

‘’so what is jake talking about his son’’

‘’[smiles] he hasn’t even accepted that Derek is his son, he said am a pr0stitute and the child doesn’t belong to him’’

‘’see Chioma you have really suffered a lot pls give me an opportunity in your life let me make you a queen. I love you so much and I don’t care about anything pls marry me, I will take Derek as my own son I just want to make you happy’’

‘’(chuckle) hmm Nuel you have really tried but am not interested in the marriage let me just be a single mother’’

‘’no Chioma pls pls I want to make you my wife I love you’’ Nuel said going down on his kneel.

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