CHIOMA THE VILLAGE GIRL : Episode 71 – The End




‘’Baba ! baba!! pls do something, am finished’’ linda said as she ran into the shrine panting

‘’my daughter what is the problem’’ he asked in ibadan accent.

‘’[panting]the doll baby, one of my maids threw it away’’

‘’ahhhhhh irira[abomination] o ti pari’’ baba shouted

‘’baba what is the problem??’’ she asked in fear

‘’you are finished, you will go mad in the next fourteen days’’ he said gently chanting some incantation.

‘’pls baba what can I do to stop the madness, I don’t want to be mad’’

‘’too late, just go and prepare, leave my shrine leave!!!!!!’’ baba commanded while she ran out with fear…..

[dramatic song~~~]

Linda got to her vehicle and started shedding tears uncontrollably, she cried for over an hour regretting her actions. She wished she could turn the hand of time but it was too late for her

‘’I wish I never knew chief madu, I wish I married obinna the poor boy who asked for my hand in marriage but out of greediness and jealousy and the fact that I wanted to continue living in riches see what I have landed myself into’’ she lamented igniting her engine.

Linda still wasn’t herself as she kept on shedding tears while driving and lost so much concentration as she almost knocked down some people on the road. She got home later in the night without eating nor talking to anyone, locking up herself in the room.


‘’Ding dong’’ the door bell sounded

‘’who is at the door’’ a feminine voice asked from inside


‘’nuel!! Welcome, how was your journey??’’ amaka asked giving him a warm hug

‘’thanks…my journey was cool, how is chioma doing??’’ he asked entering the house

‘’she is at the dinning eating’’ amaka responded while they headed to he dinning room.

‘’nuel!!!!’’ chioma exclaimed and stood up with joy on seeing Emmanuel. They both hugged each other for almost two minutes before disengaging.

‘’wow am so happy for you what a drastic healing, your sores are already drying up’’

‘’exactly dear God did a good thing in my life and am forever indebted to him’’

‘’yea hope you are making arrangement for your thanks giving’’

‘’of course as soon as am fully ok am going to thank God’’

‘’yea that’s our plan. Nuel when will you be leaving??, I was thinking maybe you would stay with chioma let me go and attend to somethings’’

‘’you have no problem because am sleeping over, I would be leaving tomorrow morning’’ nuel replied

‘’wow!!!!, am coming let me get you something to eat’’ amaka said

‘’don’t worry the food here will be enough for the both of us, nuel lets eat together’’

‘’oh no problem am glad to eat with you’’

About fifteen minutes later they were done with their food and amaka has gone out. They cleared the table before tiding up the dishes…..

‘’chioma with the way you are now walking no one would believe you have been lying in a place for some years now’’

‘’hmmmm am also surprised’’

‘’you said you have many things to tell me, since yesterday my ear has been itchy so what do you have to tell me’’

‘’[smiles] lets go to the sitting room I will tell you everything’’********* ‘’you see nuel I want to appreciate you for all your care and support since I was sick. I thought you were going to run away from me but you stayed’’

‘’Don’t mention, I love you so much all I need is your heart’’

‘’hmmm….do you think I can still love again’’

‘’sure, you can because am the right person’’

‘’[hitting nuel playfully] funny you, we would talk more on that someday but now my heart is somewhere. I miss my son so much Derek!!! Where are you’’

‘’that’s ok dear I know Derek is alive and safe wherever he is’’ nuel replied her


Jake was seen coming out from a pharmacy where he went to purchase some drugs for his father. He was about entering his vehicle when he heard someone calling him…

‘’excuse me brother’’

‘’how may I help you??’’ jake asked

‘’am pastor collins the holy spirit directed me to you. I think you need deliverance’’

‘’hahahaha… pastor Collins am sorry am the wrong person and I don’t need any deliverance’’

‘’you are under a great spell and so many things are hidden that you need to know’’

‘’spell?? Funny you. Pls I have something very important to attend to’’

‘’I know that your father is seriously sick, your family needs serious prayers and great disaster awaits your family’’

‘’[sigh] pastor, my dad’s health condition has really eaten almost half of our wealth and we are already tired. Can you pray for my father so he can get well??’’

‘’is your dad at home now same as every member of your family??’’

‘’yea, not quite long we came back from church everyone is at home’’

‘’lets go to your house’’

The pastor entered into Jake’s vehicle while they drove away. They got to chief Madu’s compound and Jake took the man to his mum.

‘’mum, this is pastor Collins he was directed by God to come and pray for our family’’

‘’good afternoon’’ he greeted

‘’afternoon, you were directed by God???’’

‘’yes…this family is under great boundage’’

‘’you are welcome pastor my husband is terribly sick and his sickness is really consuming all the money we have’’

‘’madam I already know all of that. Assemble all the members of this family in this sitting room we need to pray’’

‘’my husband can’t come down to this place, he has been in a lying position for some years now’’

‘’lets all of us assemble where he is lying’’ the pastor said.

‘’chizzy!!!! Call cindy, linda immediately’’

Ten minutes later, they all assembled in the master’s room of the main building where chief madu was lying down.

‘’are these all the members of the family???’’

‘’yes, we are complete’’

‘’good lets go into prayers….power from above there is power from above….’’ The pastor sang. After singing for almost ten minutes, he started praying vigorously shaking the whole arena. Chief madu started shouting and saying ‘’I will confess, I will confess’’

Meanwhile the image of lord zukaka was on the wall and chief madu could see him clearly
‘’if you say anything you will die!!!!! Die!!!! Die!!!’’ the voice reechoed

‘’confess!!! Confess!! I command you confess in Jesus name’’ the pastor shouted

‘’[panting] I will confess, I have been the cause of the problems in this house’’ chief madu said slowly while everyone looked at each other ‘’it all happened 25 years ago


‘’good afternoon mr ogbuehi , am here to collect the money you promised me’’

‘’maduakonam when will you stop borrowing and begging for money’’

‘’[feeling very sad] things are not working well in this country I really need help’

‘’do you really want to make money???’’

‘’yes, I want to make money am very ready’’

‘’hmm I will take you somewhere tonight where money is being made. I hope you have the mind to make money’’

‘’[coughing] that night we met by 11pm and he took me to a place that I didn’t know how we got there. We got to the destination and it was a cult chamber, he introduced me to the grand master and told him I wanted to be rich. He gave me an instruction that I must bring two of my blood relations for the sacrifices and I wanted to be rich by all mean so I sacrificed my father and my younger sister who wasn’t married since I don’t like her that much and also sacrifices my testis that is i wont be able to reproduce again. In no time I became rich then jake was two year old and cindy was a year old, ten years passed I was very rich but I do pay a six month dues with other people as sacrifice but according to the grand master I will pay dues with my blood related person every ten years. That year I taught of who to use so I decided to use my elder sister emeka’s mother for the ritual and I kept on becoming rich and making lots of investment. The next ten years came but 4 years before then my grand master told me that my son jake was in a relationship with a lady and she had a strong spirit and something in her which was an obstruction to his kingdom, he simply said that none of the member of the great brotherhood will have anything to do with such girl so my son should break up with her. But where the problem started was when he said that my son was the person who broke the girl’s v!rginity and a covenant was entered between them, their souls was merged together and the worst part was that they cant be separated..’’ chief said coughing hard as mrs madu, cindy and linda were seriously shocked while jake was fully of confusion.

‘’something happened that period, chioma was accused of trying to kill me and jake and she was arrested so I decided to use that medium to bribe the police and kill her but she escaped it, that was when my hatred for her started.. jake later went to reconcile with her and they started their relationship again this time lord zukaka was very angry with me that he stroked me with a blood diseases, I was trying to manage the sickness because I have money the ten years completed and I had no one in mind to use, I did some deadly sacrifice for him to prolong my dues but he still crippled me and I ended up in the wheelchair. As if that wasn’t enough my foolish son went to marry chioma, I wasn’t happy with that so I arranged another wife for him which is linda and I don’t know how it happened jake suddenly hated chioma and had strong love for linda, he maltreated chioma so much that she even gave birth before she was due but at this time I was too weak and feebly to make any sacrifice and lord zukaka promised me death and I can see it coming……[crying] cu.ltism is a very bad thing, it has no gain and as soon as I die the blood money will finish in no time vanity!’’ he cried out coughing hard

‘’hey!!!!!!! Chief so you are a cul.tist, so the money I was enjoying is made from shedding of blood’’ mrs madu cried out.

‘’daddy!!!! So you did bad things for money oh God have mercy’’ cindy cried out while jake was totally speechless looking like a dummy.

‘’hmmm thank you father, thank you lord….. father lord take control, I command the fire of the lord to circulate this room,’’ the pastor said holding jakes head ‘’I command any spell in your life to destroy!!, destroy!!!!! in jesus name’’

Immediately jake body started vibrating and he vomited a black substance and fell on the floor instantly…..

‘’ahhhhhh’’ chief madu shouted and started shaking vigorously for some seconds

‘’chief!!!! Chief!!!’’ mrs madu shouted trying to stop him from shaking but as soon as chief stopped shaking , he kicked the bucket…… ‘’chief!!!! Chief!!!! Hey am finished chief is dead oooooo’’ she said as more tears was coming out of her eyes.

‘’where is my queen???’’ jake asked immediately he regained consciousness.

‘’you mean linda??’’ cindy asked

‘’who the hell is linda, where is chioma?? Where is my son’’ he said almost crying.

‘’thank you lord….hey woman will you confess or you want the fire of God to come upon you’’ the pastor said to linda.

‘’I will confess’’ linda replied bursting out in tear ‘’am so sorry pls forgive me, I was the one who made jake to perfectly hate chioma’’

‘’you made me hate my wife and love you??? I swear I hate you’’ jake barked almost bouncing on linda but the pastor held him back

‘’[sobbing] I was also the one who caused all those sickness for chioma so she would suffer and die, I also made her body start decaying so that the young doctor who wanted to marry her will leave her and run away’’

‘’haaaaaaaa linda!!!! So you did that to chioma, you are so heartless you deserve to die’’ cindy cried out.

‘’did I hear you well?? Who is the stupid doctor that want to marry my wife’’ jake asked like someone who just recovered from insanity.

‘’pls pastor I was instructed not to allow anyone see the baby doll I used for the charm but one of the maids saw it and the baba who gave me the charm said I would run mad in 11 days time pls pray for me I don’t want to be mad’’ linda pleaded.

‘’too late, you must suffer for the evil things you have done and more disaster still awaits this family…..hmm I think my mission here is over glory be to God’’ the pastor said and walked out of the room.

‘’jesus!!!!!! Pls have mercy on this family, am such a stupid wife and mother’’ mrs madu said while tears flowed profusely down her cheek ..

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