CHIOMA THE VILLAGE GIRL : Episode 71 – The End




‘’so cindy that’s the latest ooo, I really don’t know what to do’’

‘’hmmm bro its obvious what that pastor said is coming to pass, we really need to find chioma and beg her’’

‘’exactly am very scared, we are losing so many things’’

‘’this time around we are going together to see doctor Nuel, we need to get chioma’s address’’

‘’ok thank you I wish he would listen to us. Cindy I Intend renting a house today since the doctor has discharged you at least we would have a place to lay our head tonight’’

‘’good idea but its already getting late how are you preparing’’

‘’I have already gone to see the house before coming here, its cool and I know you would like it I just came to tell you before making payment’’

‘’a flat or duplex??’’

‘’a flat two bedroom. By tomorrow most of our properties will be moved there then the remaining properties in dad’s house, I will sell them before the house will be demolished ‘’

‘’ok that’s good….but I cant still believe that my fiancé dumped me’’

‘’ cindy that’s ok, lets forget about that and move forward’’

‘’when is mum’s burial coming up???’’

‘’I don’t know the date exactly but its soon’’

Two weeks later mrs madu was buried, chief madu’s building was destroyed by the government. Jake and Cindy were now living in their new apartment and their life went on. Cindy and Jake arrived alpha hospital on a sunny day.


‘’good afternoon’’ jake and cindy greeted immediately they entered nuel’s office

‘’hey good afternoon have your seat’’ he said politely adjusting his glasses.

‘’nuel pls am begging you, chioma is my married wife and I want to get back with her. Different things are befalling my family and I know chioma will be the only one to stop this’’

‘’mr jake there is no need for all of this you can have your wife back, am really sorry for my behavior earlier. If I may ask what is your genotype??’’ nuel asked.

‘’am AA rhesus positive any problem with that??’’

‘’well I see you are the destined man for chioma, I couldn’t marry her because we were both AS. But I want to beg you for one thing pls don’t hurt that woman again if at all she accepts you back I beg of you’’ nuel pleaded

‘’I swear I wont hurt her ever again thank you very much nuel am so happy’’ jake said almost going on his kneels

‘’here is her home address in Abuja and her number… ask her for forgiveness and treat her more than a queen’’ he said writing down something before giving it to jake

‘’thanks once more doctor we are really happy.. we would be on our way now there are lot of people out there waiting for you’’ jake said stretching his hand for a shake.

Jake and cindy left alpha hospital, cindy decided to go to the market to get foodstuffs that she would use for cooking while jake journeyed to landmark hospital. He got to his hospital only to see it surrounded by some group of health officials locking up every corner of the hospital and dismissing the patients….

‘’mark whats happening???’’ jake asked his assistant doctor.

‘’ahhh sir thank God you are here we have been trying your number’’

‘’who are those people??’’

‘’they are health officials from the government, they said someone reported this hospital to them concerning the frequent death that has been occurring in this hospital’’

‘’oh my God’’ jake said moving towards the direction of the officials ‘’good afternoon’’ he greeted

‘’yes who are you??’’

‘’am the one in charge of this hospital’’ he said swallowing hard

‘’wow, you have been the murderer doctor???’’ a man who looked like their boss asked

‘’no sir am not a murderer, we are having some little issues here which is already resolved’’

‘’mr man, we have all evidence and records just keep shut and enter the vehicle you are following us to our office’’ the man said pointing at a hilux van. Jake didn’t want to cause any scene so he gently entered the vehicle while they droved off.

After so much interrogation at their office they left jake to go by past 9pm but was asked to present his certificate as a practicing medical doctor the following day. He did as told but it was to no avail because the recent person who just died in his hospital was the daughter of a senator, according to the latest update his license as a medical doctor maybe withheld.

‘’cindy am really tired, I just want to die. This problem is already too much’’

‘’don’t say that bro everything will be ok, by the way why haven’t you call chioma??’’

‘’you know I have been busy running around, am so heart broken beside I don’t even know how she would react when I call her’’’

‘’and so?? That is not an excuse. Anyways I have called her and narrated things to her, she felt really sad though she said she had nothing against us’’

‘you don’t mean it? Am calling her right away pls give me the number’’

‘’hello good evening’’

‘’evening pls who am I speaking with???’’

‘’you have forgotten my voice…its jake’’

‘’jake…. Ok’’ she said and kept quiet

‘’uhmmm am really sorry, I know am the begging type but pls just give me this very last chance. I swear I wont hurt you again, my life is really something else I have lost everything’’

‘’that’s enough cindy has told me all of that am sorry about that. Beside your begging is not necessary I don’t have anything against you but the last chance you are talking of is not possible jake I don’t want to marry you again I have other things to do with my life’’

‘’pls my queen don’t talk like that ok am coming to Abuja soon I want us to see’’

“Abuja??? Oh God why is nuel being stupid. I don’t ever want to see you in Abuja, when I get to lagos in two days time I will tell you where to see me’’

‘’ok no problem I will be waiting’ he said while she ended the call

‘’she still being harsh’’ jake lamented

‘’easy jake, hmm keep trying but it seems its gonna be hard to get her this time’’

‘’haa God help me’’

Four days later a message popped into jakes phone and it was from chioma, the message was about the location where they were going to meet. Swiftly jake arrived at the location it was a fast food joint, in no time he sighted chioma and moved close to her direction….

‘’good afternoon my queen’’ he greeted with a smile

‘’have your seat’’ she said calling on the attendance. Jake looked at her from head to toe and she was really looking amazing coupled with the colorful lens glass she was putting on.

‘’aren’t you going to talk, I have a flight by 4pm I have limited time here’’ she said

‘’what would you like to have sir????’’ the attendance asked jake

‘’just get me water’’ jake replied ‘’erm chioma I really love you, I was working under a spell. What you should have done for me was to pray or call a pastor, you know on a normal bases I cant leave you for linda’’

‘’ok I have heard you. Is that all???’’

‘’dear pls don’t be hard on me I want us to get back together by the way how is my son??’’

‘’Derek is fine, he is doing good’’

‘’did he come to lagos with you??’’

‘’no he is in Abuja but we will be officially coming to lagos next week I got a job as an assistant manager in an oil and gas company’’

‘’wow!!!! My queen am happy for you, thank God you are coming back to lagos… dear what’s your say about what I told you’’

‘’hmmmm jake I will get back to you but for now work is more important’’ chioma replied

‘’[sigh] ok let me leave you so you wont be late for your flight’’

‘’ok fine but whats all these am hearing about your family and your hospital’’

‘’[swallows hard] I think am suffering for all I did to you coupled with all the atrocities my dad committed. Medical officials are planning to collect my license as a doctor’’

‘’hmmm that’s enough, I will get back to you I have to go now’’ she said standing up majestically

‘’Lest I forget I love your dress you look gorgeous’’

‘’[smiles] thanks’’

‘’let me help you with your bag’’ he volunteered while chioma looked at him smiled a little before giving him her bag. Jake walked with her till she boarded a taxi, he smiled as he watched the taxi drove away.

‘’hmmm I am really confused, I don’t really know what to do. I still love jake but am afraid of him who knows what else will happen to me if I go back to that marriage’’ chioma thought rolling from one point of her bed to the other.

‘’I think I need to see my pastor, let God direct and tell me what to do. Yes that’s what am going to do’’ she concluded


‘’hey good morning sister chioma how are you’’

‘’morning…am fine pastor how is your family??”’

‘’they are doing great glory be to God’’

‘’amen…pastor I came to see you concerning a very important situation, my husband begged me to come back that he was under a spell all this while though I still love him and I wish to go back to him but am afraid what if he starts up his character again, remember the past stories I told you about him’’

‘’sister chioma according to what God reviewed to me earlier after you told me of this man, he is meant for you and he is your husband but certain things had to be attained for your marriage with him to stand and that includes his parents who are the stumbling block’’

‘’his mother and father died consecutively some weeks back’’

‘’wow that’s good news sister chioma since he asked you to come back for you guys to continue the marriage pls do, you will enjoy him’’

‘’thank you very much pastor uhmmm I have a testimony I got a job as an assistant manager in an oil and gas company at lagos’’

‘’wow!!! Praise God this is good, so when will you be going to lagos??”’

‘’in about five days time’’

‘’may the peace of the lord be with you, guide and protect you in Jesus name’’

‘’amen!!!!! Thank you very much pastor I will be on my way now’’

‘’no problem sis chioma have a nice day’’

Chioma was so happy while she was going home, she loves jake but his character was making her hate him but the love has been restored automatically.

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