CRAZY DANCER SEASON 2- By Faith Lucky: Episode 11 – 20

(Her Revenge)


Episode 11

By: Faith Lucky.

Maxine’s Pov:
I sat tiredly on the dirty floor, wondering what their next course of action will be.

Oh God! I just hope the whole thing is working. I hope Charlene’s able to carry out the plan accordingly.

I relaxed my head on the wall and thought about the whole thing. If this works out, then my revenge would be perfect. My dreams would’ve come true.

Just then, the door opened and I checked to discover it was Oscar and some of the boys.

I stared at them as they walked in and stood in front of me. Oscar was holding a gun.

“Untie her” he said, referring to no one in particular and the boys came upto me and untied me.

Okay…so, what’s next?

“Bring her along” he added and started walking away and the boys nodded and dragged me up, taking me away with him.

They held me on both arms and dragged me roughly and I wondered where the h*ell they were taking me.

We left the room, took the stairs, walked pass some boys and what seemed like a sitting room and finally, got out to the facade of the building.

“Kneel her down” Oscar commanded and they brought me to my knees immediately.

“Urgh” j groaned as it hurt a little.

Next, he pointed his gun at me.


I stared at him and scoffed.

“Seriously? Is this it?” I asked and chuckled.

“Now, I get. You want to kill me and dispose me, huh? Like a piece of trash so nobody would ever get to know I existed”

“Shut the f*”k up, Maxine!” He rasped and released one bullet into the air and flinched.


I shuddered a little and looked at him and he cocked the gun.

“Oscar” I called.
“You’re really gonna do this? Really gonna waste me because of your parents ev!l act?

“Haven’t you done enough already? They killed my parents! And now they want to kill me!”

“Shut up, Maxine!” He roared and stretched out the gun more to me and I kept mute.

“I don’t want to do this. Okay? I don’t want to hurt you. But I’m sorry, if I let you go, I’ll be putting the likes of my family and everyone at risk. So, I have to”.

Tears formed up in my eyes as I thought angrily about it.

How can they think of shattering my family this way?
First, it were my parents. And now – me. Why do the btches have to win, huh?

I watched him as he brought his finger closer to the trigger and an angry tear came rolling down my cheek.

I was about shutting my eyes when suddenly, we heard gunshots from everywhere.

I looked around in shock and found policemen jumping through the fence and exchanging bullets with the rest of the boys in the building.

Oh my God! What’s going on??

The boys beside me quickly ran to take cover as Oscar also seemed to be taken abacked and immediately, I stood up and kicked him.

He almost lost balance and fell on the floor and I used that opportunity to run and take cover as well.

But unfortunately, while I was running, I felt something hit me.

It made me weak as I found myself falling on the floor.

I gasped and realized I’d received a bullet on my back.

Oh my God!

I found it difficult hearing sounds anymore as the entire place started going round in circles.

But suddenly, I heard my name being called distantly.


It sounded so far and slowly, I shut my eyes and passed out.
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