STRANGE BEAUTY: Episode 1 – 10

?Strange Beauty ?
?[Diary of a beautiful she dev!l] ?

By: Blessing D writes

A supernatural love story ?

?Prologue ?

Writer’s POV

A young orphan that’s often criticized about her ugly looks by her guardians was very bittered about it.

She doesn’t have much friends both in school and everywhere.

A day won’t pass without her guardians reminding her about her ugly looks.

Her wish has always been to be very very pretty and sometimes she’ll wish for her to bring down storm on all those people that has caused her pains.

Then one day, she ran out of the house into the deep forest to cry her eyes out after been insulted.

She continued running deep and deeper into the forest then boom, she saw lighting up ahead.

She decided to check it out and saw a book floating in the air.

But unknown to her its not just a book but book of wishes.

Book that contains supernatural powers, book of all ages.

She starred at the book amazed that its actually floating in the air with lighting around it.

Then she stretches her hand to the book and touched it.

Then the lighting from the book threw her off balance and she found herself on the floor.

The book dropped to the ground beside her and she took the book after much thinking.

She took the book home and hide it under her bed.

Two weeks later she started noticing some changes in her body.

She was becoming beautiful – more beautiful than a goddess.

Her hair length increased speedily.

Then people started loving her.

Even her guardians were surprised about it.

Everyday she stands in front of the mirror to think about what caused the changes.

Then her mind went back to the book.

She got hold of the book and opened it, flipping it chapter by chapter.

She saw different things but the one that drew her attention was a map.

Then she decided to follow the map and know where it leads.


Episode 1

?Strange Beauty ?
?[Diary of a beautiful she dev!l] ?

By: Blessing D writes

A supernatural love story ?

Dana’s POV
I kept running as tears poured down my eyes as rain fall.

I don’t even know where I’m running to but I just had to run.

I kept running and running in the woods, going deeper unknown to me.

Its was dark and the woods is very quite and chilly.

I stopped running after a long time and rested my back on a trees.

The reason for my tears flowed my memory again.

Flash back.

“Do you know how ugly you are? You’re as ugly as the devil himself, you’re just so ugly, that’s the reason your parents abandoned you” Aunty Betty mocked with her two hands fixed on her waist.

“Have you taken a look at yourself in the mirror lately? Your ugliness is becoming more obvious daily, I don’t think you can ever marry with that face.”

“You’re just so ugly and its disgusting, do you even have friends? Of course not, how could anyone want to befriend someone as ugly as you, have you had your first kss?”

“No, no, I’m sure you haven’t had and you’re 19 already, who could want to kss your ugly lips?”

“Geez, you’re so so disgusting, you might attract devils like you to this house, I’m just so afraid, I don’t even no why I took you in in the first place” she kept mocking me.

Tears gathered up my eyes but she cared less.

This is what I always hear from her everyday, but today’s own seem to be worst so I ran out, out to somewhere I could get away from her.

Back to present time.

I just wish, I wish I could strangle life out of her, I wish I could just kill her but no. Its impossible, what will I do without her?

She and her husband are the only people I know in this world and of course her little Mandy who is still a baby.

Tears kept pouring down my eyes even tho I wanted to stop crying.

But why? Why I’m I ugly?

What have I done to deserve this ill treatment?

I’m I really an ugly devil?

Maybe I am because every one at school avoids me too.

I have no friend, no one talks to me.

I just wish, I wish I could become beautiful, I wish to become the most beautiful girl on earth but its not possible.

I will have to stay this way for the rest of my life – alone and without care.

I rested for a long while there ignoring the cold winds.

Then I decided to leave, I rested up from the tree and made to leave but my eyes caught something like lighting.

Hmm lighting in the air.

Wait, what does that mean?

I walked closer to the lighting and it turned out to be a book surrounded by lighting in the air.

Wow! I’ve never seen something like this before.

Its beautiful, I thought and stretched my hand towards the book but hesitated for a while.

Its strange for a book to float, isn’t it?

Well, who knows the book content? I could find out right? I thought and touched the book.

Immediately I did that, it seemed like the lighting making the book to float threw me off and I found myself lying on the floor.

I groaned and sat up wondering what happened.

Then I turned to stand up on my feet but my eyes caught sight of the book – lying on the floor close to me.

Hmm weird.

But what if the lighting come at me again? Should I take the book?

Well, the lighting is no longer there so I can take it, I thought and touched the book with one of my fingers.

The lighting seems to be gone.

Then I took the book from the floor.

I smiled at the book and cleaned the book on my body because it seems to have gotten some dirt on it.

Since I’m always alone, I made book my friend, so I’ll be reading this when I’m done with the list of books I have to read.

I held it tightly to myself and walked back to the house – my guardians house.

I stood facing the door thinking if I should go in through the door or my window.

I think the window is better, I don’t want ranting and mocking again.

So with that, I turned and left for my window.

I climbed up and hide the book properly under my bed then laid down to sleep after freshening up.

2 weeks later.

I woke up with a soft groan and ran to stand in front of the mirror.

I’ve been doing this for the past one week.

I just don’t understand but my facial look is changing.

Even my skin is becoming pretty and soft.

My hair is getting longer and longer each passing day – at first I thought it was normal hair growth but it doesn’t seems like the case because in a week my hair that is formally my neck length has gotten to my waist.

That is so unbelievable. The shocking one is my face.

I don’t understand what is happening to me anymore.

Even at school my classmate and other students have started talking to me.

Buying me snacks during lunch break – they are always around me especially the male students.

Aunt Betty doesn’t mock me again, she has kept her mouth shut and she always had that shock expression written on her face every time she sees me.

Hmm this is strangely weird but I love it. I so much love it.

I need to prepare for school now.

I’ll do this again tomorrow and probably think of the reason that caused the sudden change of my appearance.

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