DADDY’S SPOILT BRAT: Episode 21-The End

?Daddy’s Spoilt Brat?
(A bet on her)

Written by Blês Sîng

?Episode Twenty-Seven ?


I opened eyes and sat on the bed gently,then a slight headache came..


Where is Ryan
I thought he said he is staying with me .

I came down gently from the bed and was about to slipped my feet in my flipflop,the door opened and Ryan walked in with a tray in his hands .

“oh,you’re awake”He said and walk closer to me

“y-eah”I said.My voice cracked a little..

“How are you feeling now”He asked dropping the tray on the table beside me .

“Am fine now,just a slight headache”I said

“Oh, then I should call the doctor”He said about to take the phone but I quickly stop him.

“No ,don’t bother about it ,it just a slight headache, I will be fine”I said

“Okay,thank Goodness your voice is back,you can take this to help clear your voice”He said handling me a cup of black Liquid.

I frowned and looked at him

“What is that”I asked

“oh,the doctor said it is Bened,it will clear your voice after taking it .He said

“Oops,too bad ,am not drinking”I said and sat on the bed .

“Common Cali,you’ve to drink it,it will really help in your voice”He said and I shook my head .

“Okay,if you are not drinking,am going home see you later “he said walking to the door..

“Fine,I will drink it ,but it looked bitter”I said

“Just drink it,it is not bitter”he said and walked to me,then sat beside me on the b.ed ..

I take the cup from the tray and sipped out of it..

it is not bitter ,but it very hot.

“Hmm,I will drink it later ,it is hot”I said

“no,you have to drink it now,that hotness will make it work faster”He said

I picked it up again and continue sipping out of it..

“Now,eat your food “He said

I opened the tray and was welcomed with the sweet aroma of Bacon and eggs

“wow,who cooked this”I said Already digging my cutlery in the food.

“I did “Ryan grinned

“wow,you know how to cook “I said with a mouthful of Bacon in my mouth

“yeah,don’t talk again till you are done eating .

I nodded and continue eating .

Well,we left school and the prom party with the help of Ella who order a new clothes for me,I couldn’t keep with the party because am feeling uncomfortable,so I have to go home and Ryan called my Doc who came to treat me ..

I so Much love this guy,
he got the perfect things I want as a guy .

I do hope he will asked me out

I smiled at the silly thought..

“Why are you smiling”He asked and I flinched

I totally forget someone is beside me .

“oh,nothing,just thinking about something”I said

“okay, you are done eating,go take your bath,we are going out”he said

“going out”I asked surprised

“Yeah”He said

“okay,to where ??”I asked

“oh,Cali,you asked too much question,it a surprise,just go and get ready”he said
and I nod and walked to my bathroom…



“Okay close your eyes”Theo said and I close my eyes wondering why he asked me to do so..

After some moment,

“now, open your eyes”He said and I opened my eyes gently to meet Theo kneeling on the floor with a box of ring in his hand .

“Tasha,ever since I meet you,my heart couldn’t stop beating about you,you are my queen,the one my heart beat for,you are my treasure,I love you and I will continue to love you ,and I know you love me too,so please Tasha ,will you be the woman and mother of my kids “Theo said looking at me with seriousness

I covered my mouth in shock and then removed my hand from my mouth,then I shout.

“YES”With tears rolling than to my cheeks
I couldn’t believe this
I brought out my finger and he inserted the ring in my hand before standing up and pulling me in a hug.

we kssed and I heard a clapping sound,

I quickly unlocked from the kss to see a lot of people and a cake at the center of the table,then flower and ribbon around the table,balloons were also used to decorate the place,

There were flashing of camera around with different phone hung up….

“Wow”I mouthed and turned to looked at Theo who was smiling.

“B-ut I did not see all these when we came in the first place.”I whispered to Theo .

“It was a surprise”He said and kss me again .

“Come on,let go to the high table”Theo said and held my hands

we walked up there and at the entrance of the door step

There was a poster of Theo and I kssing.

I smiled and walked to the table .

“Congratulations Tasha”
Congrats sweetie”

Different voices from different Angle echoed in my ear .

I smiled and waved at them……

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