DANGEROUS LOVE: Episode 1-10

? Dangerous Love ?

Written by Tamara Blair

? Prologue ?

Nicole Norman is a very beautiful and intelligent girl, her mother died when she was very little leaving her with her father.
She doesn’t have the best relationship with her Father.

Brandon Bradford is a handsome,rich playboy. He flirts with anything in skirts.
He happens to be interested in Nicole because she happens to be the only girl who doesn’t want to sleep with him.

Along the line, Brandon and Nicole fall in love, Nicole’s father is against the relationship.

Why is her father against the relationship?
What secret does Bradford and Nicole’s father share and what does it have to do with Nicole’s Mother death?

Find out in this intriguing story that has to do with shocking secret and agonizing heartbreak.

? Dangerous Love ?

? Chapter 1?

Written by Tamara Blair

? Author’s P.o.v?

Monday morning in the house of the Norman Family.
A maid neatly dressed enters the room of a girl.
The girl whose name is Nicole is fast asleep.
The maid taps the girl gently to wake up.

“Miss Nicole, It’s time for school,wake up” the maid said and tickled her out of the bed.
Nicole stood up smiling at the maid.

“Alright, am awake” Nicole said.

“Breakfast is downstairs and your dad is around” the maid said making Nicole scoff.

“Don’t be like that, your dad loves you”

“If he does love me like you say then he will always be there for me”

“Just get your pretty self ready”

The maid left.

?? Nicole’s P.o.v??

Immediately the maid left,i went to the bathroom to get ready for school.
In no time, I was done and decided to head down with my bag pack and phone.

I took the elevator to the living room,we are really rich,my dad has so many properties around the world,we have so many cars that i can’t count.

My dad is fond of buying me so many expensive things that when i go shopping,i don’t see what to buy because i already have everything.

He buys me car,clothes, jewelries and expensive shoes but he has never been around for me,he goes to work for 6 months,he’s never there for me.

I got to the living room and there he was,My dad sipping coffee and scrolling through his phone.
If you look at my dad and i,you would think that we are siblings.
My dad is so young,he and my mom got married at the age of 18,my mom gave birth to me when she was 19.
She died when i was 6 years old,i miss her so much because she’s the only one that understands me.
My childhood life was so different,my dad taught me how to fight.
I learnt how to use a gun at the age of 13,by the time of i was 16,i was already good at using different guns.
I don’t know why he taught me but he told me it will come in handy someday.
We have guns hidden in different places around the house.

“Honey,you are ready” my dad said smiling.

“Yes,dad, good morning”

I went over to the kitchen,he followed me,he took out a jug of milk while I started eating pancakes.

“So how’s my princess doing?”

“The way you left me, lonely..i thought you weren’t coming back till after 5 months”

“The plans got cancelled so i have time for you,we can hang out”

“Haven’t i heard that so many times,you will later bail on me”

“I won’t, honey..you know how work is”

“That’s the problem,i don’t know the work you do,you just go and come back”

“I told you that I work for an agency”


“So when is the Father-daughter party coming up?”

“That happened last month and you could have remembered if you were all the time,i had to go alone to that party,every girl was with their father”

“Am sorry honey,am really sorry that i haven’t been the best dad,okay,look,i got you the latest masarati, it’s outside”

“That’s it,you always think that buying me the latest Bugatti, Lamborghini or any other car is enough to compensate me but it’s not”

“I know that but…”

“I don’t want to talk about it, i wish mom was still alive at least she cared about me”

“That’s enough,Nicole,he’s your father” That was my Uncle,Elias, he’s mom brother,he has been with me unlike dad.

“You should respect him”

“I will,when he starts behaving like a father..am leaving for school,bye”

I walked out angrily,my driver was already waiting for me.

“I will walk so don’t worry”

“But Miss,your father said you should never walk to school”

“I said i want to walk,so leave me”

I walked away, walking to school will calm my anger.

I got to my school, it’s called Xavier High. It’s school for the rich,my dad is the biggest investor making me so popular in school.
Am not like all those rich brat,i appreciate everyone whether you are rich or poor.

“Nicole,you walked to school?” My best friend Bella asked.

“Yes,i have legs, don’t i?” I asked and she rolled her eyes.

“But you never walk to school”

“I needed to calm my anger”

“Let me guess,your dad again”

“Yes,we argued again”

“You know he loves you,right?”

“Yeah, but he is never there for me,he is either travelling to Japan,China or Germany, it’s so annoying”

“You got to deal with it”

“I’ll be back,let me use the restroom”

I entered the ladies room to wash my face,i started hearing m0ans like people having sx.
Some girls are so stupid and cheap, how can they do it in a bathroom.

I was about leaving when one of the doors opened and two girls came out with the School’s Player.. Brandon Bradford.

He just sc.rewed two girls at the same time.. unbelievable.
The two girls left so it was only I and Brandon left.
I wanted to walk away but he held my wrist.
“Not so fast, pretty lady”

I removed his hands from mine.

“Don’t touch me with that disgusting hand of yours” i said and he chuckled.

“You look so hot when you are angry”

“You are such a man wh0re, fking two girls, digusting”

“You wanna have a taste, don’t worry,yours is special,it will be only you and me,nobody else”

“I rather run into a moving truck than sleep with you”

“We’ll see about that,Big a$$”

I gasp in surprise,did he just call me.. he’s such an idi0t.

“I don’t know why am wasting my time talking to you”

“One day,you will be on my bed screaming my name just like the rest of the girls here”

I walked away, even in his dreams will i ever have something to do with a player like him.

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