DEBBIE : Episode 1 – The End


By Authoress Anna(Favour)


Growing up, I had heard stories of women being vi0lated, I’ve watched and seen cases of domestic vi0lence. And I PRAYED, WISHED and HOPED, that I would never be a victim of such..
And God answered my prayers and gave me a good man who loved and treated me with tender loving care.. Or so I thought.

My first two years in marriage was blissful and I couldn’t have wished for anything more. I was a model and had my very own brand/fashion line, one of the biggest in the country actually and as the only child of my late parents. I inherited all their wealths. Henry was also from a wealthy family so we lacked nothing, we were financially stable, and we lived in our own private house in Banana Island. Although we didn’t have a child yet, there was love and peace in our home.
But everything changed suddenly and I was made a victim of the one thing I feared and hated..
My name is Debbie Ifeoluwa Henry and this is my story..

Episode 1


“Deb.. Debbie.. Wake up..Debbie” I groaned and willed my eyes to open, only to see kiki my best friend staring back at me..
“Hey what’s..”
“Hurry, it’s past 6pm” she said cutting me took some moment for the information to actually sink in, and when it did, I jerked up from the couch I was resting on.
“You say?!” I exclaimed picking my bag and key from the table..
“I told you to wake me up by 4:pm na.. I’m dead oo” I muttered rushing towards her door with my heels and bag in my hands.
“I’m sorry, I slept off as well.. I just woke up and saw the time.. I’m so sorry” she said as I slipped into my car..
“I have to go abeg.. I’ll call you later” I said starting the car.
“Okay, but please drive safely okay? And please call me if something happens” I nodded frantically and drove out of her compound.. And couldn’t help but have this crazy feeling that I was forgetting something important.
I reached into my bag with my right hand whilst driving with the other.. I brought out my phone and sighed in relief when I didn’t see any message or missed call.. I guess he’s not back yet.. God please help me oo..
“It’s all because of the pregnancy oo, I would have woken up since.. What am I even saying? I should have set an alarm or something, kiki has killed me..” I wiped my cheeks and stepped on the accelerator..

I drove speedily into my compound almost hitting Rufus my gateman..
I stepped out after parking the car along with the others in the garage. I almost collapsed when I saw the white range rover sport parked beside mine..
Rufus rushed towards me breathing heavily.
“Maram you have filish oo” he said stopping right in front of me
“I know” I mumbled as fresh tears began to fall from my eyes
“Oga have came, and the way I take see ham, he be like person wey take bitter mericine oo.. He face stone like this” he said putting on what looks like a stern face
“Eeei, I’m dead o.. ” I muttered with my hands on my head
“No maram, dead body nor dey cry.. You nova die, na only filish you filish” he said with a small smile..
“What is the difference?.. Abeg leave me alone” I brushed past him and slowly made my way to the house..

I opened the door gently and peeked my head in, the lights were on and the television was on and currently on super sports 12,.. I slowly stepped into the house and closed the door as quietly as I could before tip toeing to the stairs, when I didn’t see him in the living room.. Thank goodness.

“Where are you coming from” I froze automatically as his voice echoed in the living room..
“I’m not talking to myself am I?” He asked and I slowly turned to see Henry leaning on the doorframe of the kitchen.. His eyes trained on me like a predator watching his prey.. His muscles flexed underneath the tight grey polo.. He was wearing a black combat short, which certainly means he came back hours ago.. Even before 6pm.
Despite the Air-Con I found myself myself sweating.
“Debbie..” He called pushing himself from the doorframe as he took a step closer, on instinct I took one back.
He noticed and sighed tucking his hands in his pockets
“Did you bite your tongue or what?” He asked calmly
“I.. I.. I..” I stuttered as tears kept falling from my eyes.. Debbie you’ll kill yourself if you don’t talk, I thought to myself
“I.. Good evening s-sir” I stuttered.
He stared at me for what seemed like hours which was actually just seconds.
“Evening, now tell me where you are coming from by to seven in the evening” he stated
“I..” I choked out and burst into tears, I am finished..
He raised his brows and took a step closer, I took one back and he sighed.
“Seriously? I didn’t even touch you, why are you crying now?” He asked looking genuinely confused.
Because I know you’re going to hit me, and just the thought of your hands on me is overwhelming, I can’t bear the pain you’ll inflict on me..
But instead of saying those words, I shook my head holding my heels and bag closer to my chest.
“Baby I’m not going to hit you okay? Besides kiki called and told me you were already on your way..” He said moving closer to me.. I stood still as he cupped my face and wiped my tears, only for more to come out..
He sighed and hugged me
“I’m sorry if I scared you, okay?” He asked and I nodded against his chest..
He pulled back and wiped my face..
“Come, let’s go get you cleaned up” he mumbled holding my arm, I winced and snapped my hand from his hold..
He furrowed his brows in confusion
“’s not healed yet” I mumbled.. He nodded taking hold of my hand instead before leading me up the stairs..
“Don’t worry, let me make your dinner first” I said stopping to look at him
“No..don’t worry about that, I’ve already eaten” he stated moving up the stairs.. What?! He never makes his own food, in fact he has never gone into the kitchen to serve anything since he started hitting me..

He pulled me into our bed room and took my bag and heels placing them on the bed..

Okay, he’s acting really strange, I walked into the bathroom when he walked into the closet.. I slowly took off my floor length gown and carefully slipped my hands out of the long sleeves and my undies.. I examined the week old bruises scattered around my hands and thighs along with the old ones.. He hasn’t hit me for a week now and he’s acting like the old Henry, it’s really strange but I think God has finally heard my prayers.. After all he works in mysterious ways..
I stepped into the shower stand and switched it on.. I sighed as the hot water fell on my aching muscles..

Minutes later I felt hands slip around my waist.. I froze as henry peppered k!sses on my neckline..
I breathed heavily thinking of what to do.. He turned me to face him and took my lips in his..
We pulled back for breaths and I almost whimpered, I can’t remember the last time he k!ssed me so passionately.
“I want you Debbie” I shuddered as he whispered biting on my ear lobe.. Before connecting our lips again..
He held my thighs and raised me up so I could wrap my legs around him, he switched off the shower without breaking the k!ss and carried me out into our bedroom.
Next morning
I woke up with a smile on my face, looking over to Henry’s part of the bed I saw that it was empty, but the indent there showed that he probably woke up minutes ago.. Last night was like magic, he was so gentle and loving unlike the previous times, where he always went rough with me..

I heard the shower running and stood up to head downstairs, although, I felt really tired and wanted to go back to sleep.. Maybe because of the baby, I was just a month old pregnant and my husband wasn’t even aware. I found out just two days ago and I’ve been looking for the perfect way to break the news to him.. And I think this is the right time.. I smiled and made my way to the door..
Just then the door to the bathroom opened and my husband walked out with a white towel hanging on his waist..
I was tall but Henry was taller, his brown skin was so spotless and although he was currently 31 years old he was still very handsome..
“Good morning sir” I greeted standing timidly beside the door, he might be changing but I’m honestly not going to take any risk.
“Morning, how was your night?” He asked and I couldn’t bite back the smile that formed on my lips,
“It was okay” I mumbled and he glanced at me and smiled. Oh my God! He smiled at me when last did he do that willingly?
“Oh uhm.. Debbie did you get the clothes from the dry cleaners? I have a very important appointment today and I need to..” He trailed off and I almost peed on myself..
I said it!.. I knew I was forgetting something at kiki’s house..
“Debbie?” He called snapping me from my thoughts
“S-sir” I stuttered
“Where are the clothes?” He asked
“I.. I uhm, I ..well” I fumbled
“You didn’t collect them?” He asked slowly flaring up
“I did.. I did” I rushed out
“Then where are they?” He asked
“In.. Ehm”
“Where Debbie?” He asked
“At kiki’s house” I mumbled
“What?” He asked
“I forgot them at kiki’s house” I explained praying to God and all the angels of heaven to have mercy on me.
“You forgot my clothes at kiki’s house?” He asked staring at me and I nodded slowly
“Come here” he mumbled under his breath
“Sir?” I asked moving back slowly . he closed his eyes and breathed deeply
“Come here Debbie!” He snapped and I flinched.
He made his way towards me and I ran for the door, just as my fingers grazed the handle.. I was pulled back and thrown to the bed.. I tried to rush out of the bed, only to fall back as his palm collided with my cheek..
I yelped and covered my face with my hands, protecting my face from the multiple punches he threw at me.. I shrieked as he held my legs and pulled me down from the bed.. I scrambled to my feet and ran away from him
“Please .. I’m sorry, please.. I’ll go and get it now, please don’t hit me” I cried out as I tried to get away from him, he pulled me back and slapped me hard sending me to the floor.
“You know, I really wanted to stop hitting you” he said as he picked his belt from the side table.. I whimpered as he made his way to me.
“But you’re just so stubborn” he said and I screamed when I felt the belt on my bare thighs..
“You know sometimes I wonder what kind of powers you used on me, that made me marry someone like you, a prostitute!” He said and leaned down.. I thought he was going to slap me so I covered my face..only to feel his hands on my nightie.. My eyes widened as he tore it from my body and started flogging every part of my nvde body.
“I’m sorry.. Please, stop!” Were the only words I could say amidst screams and tears.
“You should be happy I didn’t divorce you after I found out about your infdelity.. You should be grateful Debbie, not stubborn!” He yelled kicking my stomach.. I screamed as pain shot through my body.
“Stop!.. No.. Stop,! Please stop!” I pleaded doubling over to hold my stomach..he’s going to kill my baby…

“You are lucky I have a meeting to attend, you would have died today, nonsense!” He said kicking me one last time before disappearing into the closet. I felt wetness trailing down my thighs and instantly knew that I’ve lost my baby.. Again.

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