DEBBIE : Episode 1 – The End


By Authoress Anna (Favour)

Episode 7..
Debbie’s Pov

A month!… It’s been a whole month and I’m already fed up, Henry has been pestering my life, always trying to take me to dinners, asking me out on dates, and so many other annoying things that I don’t even want to talk about..
He uses every little chance he gets to apologize and it’s already sounding like a broken record. Besides if he thinks I’ll just forgive him like this after hurting me for years, then he’s dreaming.
“Debbie are you listening?” I reeled out of my thoughts and shook my head
“Ugh! Seriously?.. I’ve been talking for hours Debbie” kiki groaned and I bit back a smile at her frustration.
My agency has been doing well, despite my absence kiki had found a way to make it more better, now I had about 35 new models signed into my agency and have several offers/contracts piling on our desk.
“Sorry, what were you saying?” I asked and she glared at me
“I was giving you details about your next commercial, which is for a new brand ” prestige”, but there’s no need.. Since the founder of the company is here” she said gesturing to the door.. Leading into my complex.
I turned and swallowed a gasp, the man making his way towards me was honestly handsome, very handsome. Hoe’s fair in complexion, really tall, should be about the same height as henry, he has a great body build and his face was sculptured to perfection..
“D@mn, he’s fine” kiki mused quietly beside me..
“I know” I agreed, okay it’s not like I’m falling or anything, it’s just that I’m a kind of person that admires good things when she sees them, and this man was indeed a good thing made by God. But Henry was way more handsome than he.. Shut up Debbie
“Hello.. You must be Debbie” he said stretching his hand for a shake, with a smile that showcased his perfect straight teeth.
“Yes.. And you are?” I asked taking his hands..
“Wow, I’m surprised you don’t know me, I am David Gabs” he replied.
“It’s nice to meet you Mr Gabs” I smiled pulling back from the shake.
“Please call me David, so I believe your manager has told you about our offer?” He asked moving straight to the point, I glanced at kiki and almost cried when I saw her glares.
“Yes, but.. There are some bits I don’t understand” I lied.
“Alright, I believe I can give you a brief explanation of everything, if you don’t mind?” He asked and I nodded.
“Sure, let’s talk in my office, right this way please” I said and he mumbled and OK.. Before trailing behind me and kiki.
Hours later
“So that will be all” David said as we walked down the stairs.
“Alright, thank you so much.. I’ll be there first thing tomorrow morning” I said as I walked him to the main hall leading to the exit..
I replied the greetings of some staffs who walked around, rounding up the days work.
“No problem, I’ve seen your works and I must admit you’re great at it.” He said and I smiled brightly.
We stopped in front of the reception and I faced him properly.
“Thanks for the briefing Mr Gabs, it was nice meeting you in person”. I said and he smiled shaking his head slightly.
“The pleasure is mine, after all I get to meet you face to face, you are more beautiful than the media portrays,” he said and I smiled.
“Of course she is” I turned and couldn’t help but frown as Jenry made his way over to me.
What is he doing here?!
He smiled as he stood beside me pecking my lips before snaking his hands around my waist!.,
This man wants to die oo. I fought the urge to slap his hand from my waist and exhaled.
David raised his brows and I opened my mouth to speak, but Henry beat me to it.
“I thought I was the only one who noticed it.. My WIFE is indeed more beautiful than the media portrays” Henry said smiling at David and I watched his eyes widen a bit.
“Wife?” He asked looking at me
“Yes, wife” Henry said still smiling like a freak as he raised my left hand showing David the wedding ring on my finger.
I rolled my eyes and snapped my hand gently from his grip.
“Yes.. Mr Gabs meet Henry Lawson, my husband, Henry David Gabs my client” I said smiling up at Henry.. With murder showing in my eyes..
He seemed to get the message because he swallowed and smiled nervously .. They exchanged handshakes and David spoke up
“Wow, that’s nice.. You both look perfect together, so uhm Debbie.. I’ll take my leave now,” David said.
“Alright, bye” I muttered and watched him exit before pulling away from Henry.. I glared at him and he swallowed.

“What are you doing here Henry? And what was that about?” I asked as quietly as I could not wanting to gain attention.
“I .. I.. Wanted to drive you home , since it’s almost closing hours” he stuttered looking anywhere else but me..
I sighed and rubbed my temple..
“Fine, but don’t touch me without my consent again, ” I mumbled walking towards my office to get my bag.
“What?” He asked surprised by my response.
“I never requested for a driver, but since you’re insisting.. I’ll let you drive me, but only for today.. And please stop asking me questions unless you want me to change my mind” I muttered walking up the stairs.. I could tell he had a huge grin on his face even if he was trailing up the stairs behind me.
After asking one of the security guards to bring my car home, I stepped into Henry’s car and rolled my eyes at the everlasting grin on his face as he drove us home.
“So what do you want for dinner?” He asked trying to start a conversation.
“Please don’t start” I mumbled closing my eyes as I leaned back on the seat
“Okay” I heard him mumble.. Before silence enveloped us..
I rushed up to my room and locked the door before walking into the closet.
After having a well deserved bath I decided to head down for dinner.

Henry’s POV..

“Wow!.. That’s good, you’re progressing, if she let you drive her home, then it certainly means she’s thinking about giving you another chance” Daniel said and I smiled.
“I pray so, although she hasn’t spoken to me since, the moment I drove into the garage, she rushed into the house and locked herself in her room.. ” I muttered glancing up at the stairs.
“Don’t worry she’ll come around, just give her time, okay?”
“I will.. We’ll chat later on WhatsApp, I think she’s coming”
“Alright, bye, don’t do anything stupid o” he warned and hanged up..

I watched as Debbie walked down the stairs and groaned internally.. This is hell, for the past one month she has been punishing me especially with her night wears..
If she isn’t wearing a skimpy nightie, it would be transparent, if it’s not transparent it would be body hugging.. Now she’s wearing a black bum short and a pink crop top that doesn’t help the case by revealing most part of her stomach and waist.. And the worst part is that she knows everything about her especially her voice and body turns me on!.
At least it didn’t reveal her bare shoulders and bust like the other ones, but it’s still tempting, why do I get the feeling that she’s doing this on purpose?.. I should probably look away so things don’t get worst for me, I can already feel my boxers tightening.
I watched as she cat walked into the kitchen and I breath a sign of relief before facing the TV.

After few minutes, she walked back into the living room with a plate of cookies and ice cream
She settled in the chair close to the couch I was sitting on and I found myself glancing at her every now and again.. I love how her lips move when she chews, and how moist they become when she scoops cream into her mouth.. It’s been long I tasted those lips, I almost whined when she let out a m0an after scooping the cream into her mouth..
Control yourself Henry! Don’t do anything stupid.. I said mentally and faced the television.
My eyes caught shuffling and I glanced at Debbie only to see her looking at me, she looked away instantly, and slipped her white legs into her flip flops, she picked her phone and moved towards the TV. Standing right in front of me with her back facing me, she picked a cord without squatting and moved her hips slowly and painfully as she hummed, now I know she’s doing this on purpose.. Because there are several sockets in this living room and Debbie doesn’t like plugging her phone in that spot she’s in.
She suddenly squat and moved her waist like she was tweaking, look away, look away!.. I thought mentally but glued my eyes on her every move.. My boxers were getting uncomfortable .. What is this woman doing to me?!
She stood up slowly and made her way back to the chair without plugging her phone. I watched as she picked the plate of cookie and ice cream before walking up the stairs with a smile on her face.
This woman is wicked, very wicked.

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