Episode 61

(The stronger and the weaker)

As both boys walked into the mall,they headed to the clothes section and began to select a shit similar to what Justin was wearing.
It was hard because Justin’s clothes were all bought abroad and was almost customized clothes.
“This one looks similar to the one you’re wearing?” Reid pointed to a checked shirt,
“Nah, mine’s stripe and not checked.” Justin said still looking for another shirt.

“We can manage it,
It’s just a stripe and check difference,
And no one will notice it.” Reid said,
Justin came back to the shirt Reid had chosen for him.
He took the shirt from the hanger and they headed to the cashier’s desk to pay for it.
“Here Miss,
Check this for me.” Justin said to the cashier,
A younger woman with very heavy makeup.

“Okay boy, but where are your parents?” She asked the boy.
Justin didn’t mind her question,
He just handed the shirt to the woman and she did a run check on shirt.
“One fifty dollar.” She said to the boy,
Justin brought out his wallet and fished out a couple of twenty dollar bills and handed it to the woman.
The woman was surprised when she took a sneak peek at the boy’s wallet and saw the dollar bills stacked neatly in his Gucci Wallet.

He must be the son of a very wealthy man.
But what’s he doing here alone and by this time of the evening?
I thought rich men have their kids locked up inside the house,
How come this ones out here patrolling like a normal kid?
Did he run away from home?
She asked herself not able to take her eyes off the handsome and cute boy in front of her desk.
The boy had a very cold demeanor but he’s still cute.

When the cashier handed the shirt to Justin,
He turned to Reid but surprisingly,
His brother wasn’t behind him.
“Reid.” He called,
He looked around but still didn’t see his brother.
“Miss,” He called the woman’s attention.
“Yes boy.” The woman replied,

“Did you happen to see my brother?” He asked,
The lady frowned,
She hadn’t seen any other child with him.
“Your brother?
Didn’t see any other child with you when you came here.” She said to the boy.
Justin was confused,
He’d been talking to Reid till they came to the cashier’s desk and that was when his attention drifted from his younger brother.
“But…..” He walked away from the desk and retraced his part to the place they’d gotten the clothes from but he didn’t see Reid.
There he became scared.

Meanwhile Reid’s mouth was covered, so he couldn’t shout as the man carried him out of the mall.
When he looked closely, he noticed something about the man that has abducted him.
The man has the same tattoo as the man that was at the cinema.
A dragon tattoo at his arms and some sort of a logo under it.

He’d seen the tattoo when he had hit him with the his coke plastic.
Does the man think I’m Justin and wants to get revenge for what happened?
He was scared,
What if this man hurts him badly or worse even kill him.
“I’m going to show you I’m not so done to be messed with.” The man said,
“I’m going to put you in your place and next time you wouldn’t dare interfere in other people’s business.” He heard the man said as he carried him into a dark alley.

The alley was foggy and smells a lot,
It smelt like a sewage dump house and it’s fog was green and very choky.
The stink from the alley made Reid want to puke.
How can someone be able to pass through this place?
He asked himself as the man carried him farther into the alley.
Seeing the man going farther and farther into the alley,
He began to squirm,
“You better stay still boy or else,you won’t like how I’ll treat you.” The man threatened.

As they got to a certain point in this alley,
The man pushed him to the floor,
The boy’s frail body landed on the hard floor with a great thud.
Reid winced in pain
“Hey be careful,
I’m just a kid.” He yelled at the man,
“You’re a kid uh….” The man said and before Reid could know what was happening,
A tight slap landed across his cheek.
“Ouch!” He cried,
“You shouldn’t have done what you did earlier,
Imaging playing a hero and taking that girl from me.
Now you’ll have to suffer and pay for the humiliation I passed through all because of your stupidity.”The man retorted,
Reid wanted to tell the man that he’d not pulled the stunt earlier but the man fist rammed his face again.

He staggered back again,
“I thought you were playing a hero,
Why are you being scared now?” He asked the boy in a mocking tone.
The man raised his hands to hit the boy but another arm pulled him from behind,
The force of the arm made the man staggered.
“You don’t dare lay those filthy hands of yours on my brother again or you have me to deal with.” Justin’s voice thundered.
Reid turned to the silhouette figure of his brother,
He hadn’t seen the face but from the voice,
He recognized it as Justin’s and immediately,
The fear in him dashed away.

Reid ran from the man’s front and went to his brother’s side.
“Big brother,
This man was bullying me.” He complained to Justin.
The older boy moved towards the man in a great force and the man didn’t see that coming.
He landed a blow on the man’s forehead and the man with all his strength fell on the floor.
Seeing he man on this floor,
Justin went between his legs and jumped on his gr0ins,
“Aargh!” The man cried in pain,
“How dare you lay your filthy hands on my brother?
Now you’re going to fill the pain of being bullied.” He spat on the mans face.

“Reid.” He called his younger brother,
“How many times did he hit you?” Just asked the boy,
Reid smiled,
He always love such invitations.
“Big brother,
He slapped me ehm….” Reid scratched his temple.

I’ll add some more to the slap.
He thought to himself
Instead of twice,
“He slapped me four times.” He said to Justin, who nodded immediately,
“Come brother,
Come and return the slaps he gave to you.”
Immediately, Reid rushed to beside the man,
After rubbing his two palms,
He brought his palms closer to the man’s cheeks.

“Don’t you da….”
Reid retracted his palms and landed his palms on the man’s cheeks.
“Ouch!” He cried,
The man’s cheeks were strong like they were made from steel and it really hurt his frail hands.
Justin left the man and went to the wailing Reid,
“What’s that?”He asked a taking the boy’s palms,
“It hurts brother,
It really hurt.” He complained wincing as his palms turned red.
“You’re too weak Reid,
You might be intelligent and smart, but I’m indeed the stronger twin and you’re the weaker one.” Justin said to Reid, who frowned at the revelation of things.
“In life you’ve gat to be strong or even if you can’t be physically strong,
You should have a strong backing so to protect yourself when things like this comes your way.” Justin advised Reid.

I’m not weak,
I might not be able to fight off bullies on my own but I know I’m not weak.
He thought to himself.
Seeing the man still groaning and his hands on his gr0ins.
Both boys walked away from the scene,
“You’ll pay for this you watch,
Is like you punks don’t know where I belong to?” He yelled after the boys turned,
This word caught Justin and Reid’s attention and they turned back to the man,
“And where do you belong to?” Both asked simultaneously,
The man gave of an evil smile,
“I’m among the RED DRAGON.” He said proudly,
Showing off dragon tattoo proudly even while he was in pain,
“You see this?” He pointed to the logo under the dragon tattoo,
“It’s means,
My master’s going to hunt you both and I’ll have my full revenge on you.” He threatened.
Feeling disgusted at the man’s word,
Justin came back and kicked him on the gr0ins again.
“Also tell your master I did that.” He spat, then walks to Reid,
Took the boy’s hands and together they walked out of the smelly and foggy alley.

They went back to the mall to get a change of clothes,
“I think you should do something about that puffed red cheeks of yours before mommy or daddy finds out that you’ve been hurt.” Justin said to Reid as they both changed into a similar shirt.
With the help of another lady present at the mall,
Reid got some powder and foundations that were appropriate for him and matched his color.
The woman applied the makeover to the bruised part of his face to cover the slap mark.
When she finished,
Reid looked at himself in the mirror,
“With this mommy will never notice anything.” He said,
“And daddy too.” Justin added.
Justin paid their bills and also appreciated the lady who’d helped Reid with the makeover with some cash and both boys left the mall and headed to the hospital.

Reid couldn’t stop thinking of what Justin had told him while they fought the big bully.
‘You have to be strong or have a strong backing.’
The words continued to play in his head even after he lay beside his mommy while Justin lay beside Andre as they all slept on the big size hospital bed.
It was the VIP ward Andre had made specially for Gianna,
So the bed was enough to accommodate them all and still has space for extra.
He slowly got out of the bed to avoid waking up his mommy or any other person,
He went to his backpack and got out his cellphone and placed a call to his manager,
Mr Lee.
“Hello Mr Lee.” He greeted the man as his sleepy voice yawned through the phone,
“Place a call too….
Tell him I’m willing to accept his offer to join Hurricane Group.” He informed the man,
“What?” The manager asked with great shock.
He’d never expected the boy to want to even think about the offer.

He’s a kid and even though he’s controlling an empire and has many deals to his name.
It doesn’t mean an eight year old should be toying and being in the midst of men.
Men that had illegalities and crimes to their name,
Men that hold the power rein of world’s economy,
Men that’d had their hands soaked in blood.
He’s never going to allow this little boy stray into the den of lions.

“Director McKenna,
I don’t think I can do that.” The man said, bluntly refusing to convey such message.
“And why do you think you’ve the right to refuse my message?
Make sure this message gets to the Chief’s table and secondly,
I want you to gather information on the group called RED DRAGON,
THE DEVIL’S BLOOD.” He said and hung up.
Since he isn’t physically strong,
He’ll have to use a strong backing to protect himself and that strong backing should be

The next evening,
The doctors signed and approved of Gianna’s discharge from the hospital.
Andre drove her and the kids home.
“Welcome home mommy.” Both boys beamed with joy seeing her home.
“Thanks champions.” She k!ssed both boys before being wheeled to her room by Andre on a wheelchair,
One she practically hates.
Andre had insisted she use a wheelchair to move around and he even called for Justin’s personal maids to come over at Gianna’s,
So they can help around the house.
“Andre I don’t need any helper to do my chores for me.” She said stubbornly,
But Andre was adamant on bringing in the maids and before they got home,
The two women were already at the house and had prepared dinner already.
“Mommy they’ve prepared dinner already,” Reid cried seeing the women dish out dinner for them.
Reid prepares dinner and it was no doubt he felt that these women came to take his place.
“Reid my son, daddy had to bring them in to help you and mommy.” She consoled the boy.

While Andre and Justin dug into their meal just at the sight of the food.
“And know that daddy did all this to help relieve you of the house chores.” She added,
The boy couldn’t complain no more,
He just had to listen to his mommy and allow the women do the chores.

Andre was still eating when his phone began to ring,
He checked the caller,
It was an unknown number.
Andre took up the phone and accepted the call,
“Hello.” He said in a cold voice thinking its one of the numerous people that calls him unwantedly.
“Hello.” He said again but the person didn’t reply.
He wanted to hang up but the caller said some words that got him yelling,
Everyone turned to him.

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