DEEP HATRED (Episodes 31 & 32)

By: Queen

Episode 31

What exactly was Brian’s half brother doing here? Here I am trying to solve Brian’s case and his brother also pops up.
God why me?
I entered my room and locked the door, Axton came knocking on the door.

“Ayna what is wrong with you? The Doctor is here and he is waiting for you. Please come out”

“Axton please tell the doctor to leave I’m feeling okay now” I said and let out a big sneeze.

“Seriously Ayna you think you are okay, C’mon come out please” He said.
I sighed and stood up, opened the door and pulled Axton in then locked it back immediately.

“What’s wrong with you Ayna? The doctor is waiting downstairs. Look at you, you look like so fucking white”

“Axton I can’t let that guy see me”

“Why?? He’s just a doctor”

“A doctor and Brian’s half brother. We’ve met before and I think he is in a bit of feud with Brian, but that’s not the case. Remember we mustn’t let anyone know we have rich parents. If Denis sees me he will know and once he knows he won’t let it slide easily”

“Okay Ayna I understand you but what about your health?”

“We will go to a chemist down the street, they sell drugs there” Axton said and walked out.

“I will go and get rid of Dennis” He said and left.

I rubbed my hands together to form heat because somehow I was feeling cold, I looked out of the window to see Brian coming out of his restaurant. He looked up to my window and I moved back immediately before he saw me.

“I already got rid of him Ayna” Axton said walking into my room, my face lits up immediately after hearing him

“Yeah what did you tell him?”

“I told him wrong address and we are not the children of Daxton Caine. It was hard convincing him but at least he left” Axton said.

“Oh Good”

“But Ayna we still have to go to the chemist”

“Sure but not now, let wait for about 20 minutes”

“Okay in the meantime, let me do lunch”

“NOOO!!” I half yelled.

“I’m making pasta, pasta ain’t hard to make” Axton said and I laughed.

“You can’t even make a good noodles and now you wanna do pasta. I think I’m on a diet” I said.

“Well mom gave me a copy of her recipe book. I will make that delicious pasta and meatballs with apple juice and I will make you crave and beg for it” He said.

“The only thing I will be craving for is the apple juice” I said and laid down on the bed.

“You will see” Axton said and left.
I tried sleeping but it ain’t helping so I decided to go to the kitchen to and look at how Axton was going to prepare the poison he will eat alone.
I walked downstairs slowly dragging my body, about opening the door of the kitchen the door bell rang

“I will get it” I said and walked to the door, I opened it and saw Brian standing there with a white nylon in his hand.

“You?? What do you want now?”

“Here” He said and gave me the nylon
I opened it and saw different drugs, syrups and even syringes inside it.

“What is this?” I asked confused.

“Dummy, they are drugs”

“Oh really? I thought it was pizza, barbecue, hamburger and sausages” I said sarcastically.

“Really funny, I figured out low class like you guys wouldn’t be able to afford to buy good drugs because they are expensive instead you will go for the cheap ones which won’t work well as the expensive ones, So..”

“So you bought it for me”

“Yes but only because I was just passing the pharmacy. Do you think I will leave my restaurant and drive to a pharmacy because of you. Besides I was going to waste the money”.
I’m supposed to be angry at him for saying that he was going to waste the money but then what he just did proved that he cares for me even though he won’t show it.

“Thanks” I said smiling.

“Pasta is ready” Axton said coming out of the kitchen smiling but the smile didn’t last long.

“Ayna what is he doing here?” He said angrily.

“Axton calm down, he only got some medicines for me ” I said.

“Oh so now he is a doctor just like his brother?”

“What do you mean?” Brian asked, I gave Axton an eye signal not to say anything else but he ignored me.

“Yeah dude your half brother was here minutes ago as a doctor” Axton said.
I saw the way Brian’s mood changed immediately.
He looked at me and then faced Axton then me again

“I know my brother is a doctor but he is a quack Ayna with fake certificates which his mother helped him in. Ayna did he touch you or give you anything to take?”

“No he didn’t” Axton replied and pulled me away from him.

“Now you can leave. Thanks for pretending to care” Axton said.
Brian looked at him angrily and then looked at me and walked out.
Axton locked the door immediately.

“Why don’t you like him??” I asked.

“I just don’t Ayna, anytime I see you with him I feel like you are going into another world of a more painful hurt”

“Axton I am not that foolish, I have learnt my lessons from Asher i don’t think I will make the same mistake again”

“I hope so, now you can chew on your drugs while I go do justice to my pasta”

“Yeah whatever, I ordered pizza already” I said and walked inside the room.

I made sure Brian’s mom has gone out before picking up my phone and calling a number.

“Hello, you can come in now” I said and dipped my phone back inside my pocket.
Few minutes later a young lady walked in, she works in Brian’s office as one of the cleaners but she works for me as a spy.

“Madam good afternoon”

“Afternoon what information do you have for me? And make sure it’s a good one”

“Well ma I found out that there is a lady that lives opposite the restaurant. This is the picture of the lady” She said and gave me a photo.

“So this is the lady that wanted to take away my man” I said squeezing the photo.

“I’m not sure about that for now”

“Of course my darling. But don’t you worry, I’ll do the needful myself” I said and gave her some cash.

“Remember this is confidential” I said and gave her the cash.

It’s late already, all my friends were back from work. Axton and I really need to find something doing before our friends start asking questions.
We all sat down together watching a movie, Chad had a popcorn machine. He was given to him at work. I stood up from my seat and walked to Chad where he was doing the popcorn.

“Hey how was work today?”

“Boring” He replied.

“Wow” I said chuckling.

“So have you found a job yet?”

“Nope” I replied.

“I thought you said there’s a vacant post in that restaurant which you are thinking of applying for. What happened then?”

“I..I. erm I still haven’t I’m still thinking”

“Well be fast about it”

“Yeah sure, I will go and take out the trash now”

“Okay I will follow you”

“But the popcorn”

“It’s nothing. Let’s go” He said and pulled me.
I carried the trash and went to the trash can which is outside the house.
Chad dumped the trash inside the can and I headed for inside but he pulled me back.
“Chad!!” I exclaimed.

“Ayna is it that you don’t see it or you just ignore it?” He said moving close to me.

“Chad what’s going on?” I said.

“I love you Ayna, I fucking love you but you are just too oblivious to see it” He said.

“Chad, calm down” I said moving back, I knew Chad cared for me more than just a friend but I wasn’t expecting this.

“Ever since you came to my life it’s been very hard for me to sleep without thinking about you, Miranda mocks me everyday because she feels I’m just wasting my time with you, I have never felt this way with another girl. My friends thought I was a gay because I was never serious about girls and now I’m fucking serious about you”

“Chad I love you too but as a friend not like a relationship”

“Fuck!” He said and punched the wall, I knew it would hurt.

“Chad your knuckles are bleeding, let’s go inside” I said and held his hands but he pinned me to the wall again and all of a sudden, Chad lips was on mine.
I tried resisting but Chad was more stronger and bigger and he had pinned my hands already.
And then all of a sudden he was pulled of off me.

“You bastard!” Brian growled and hit Chad. Chad didn’t take it lightly with him as he hit him back. A fight ensued

“Brian please stop” I said trying to pull them apart but Brian pushed me away and continuously hitting Chad who was no match for him.
I stood up to go and call the guys when suddenly I heard a piercing sound. I looked back to see Brian holding his stomach and Chad pulling out a broken bottle.
I screamed but Chad covered my mouth, I removed it and ran to Brian who was bleeding already.

“Brian. Oh God you are bleeding badly” I cried and put my hands on his stomach.

“Ayna” He said touching my face with his bloody hands and he fell down to the ground.

“BRIAN!!! Chad what the fuck have you done?” I said and stood up to get help but Chad pulled me away.

“Let go of me” I screamed as he pulled me away off Brian.

“Axton!” I screamed but I knew he can’t hear me.
Chad forced me into his car and locked the door
“Chad please stop this, Brian is dying, we have to help him”

“I’m sorry Ayna, I really am” He said and covered my nose with a white rag making me pass out.

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