DEEP HATRED (Episodes 31 & 32)

Episode 32

Brian’s Pov
The noises, faces and colors I saw around me was strange, where was I. A guy in a white dress came to touch me but I moved away. He said something but I don’t hear him. Everywhere was blurry and I really couldn’t figure out what was happening. What happened before I lost consciousness? Yes Ayna AYNA that bastard Chad. How dare he touch her?
I opened my eyes wide enough to see everyone around me, Mom, Evelyn and even Dad.

“My son” Mom cried.

“Who is Ayna, he has been calling her name since. Probably if she is here he will recover fast” The doctor said.

“Mom where is Ayna? That bastard Chad would hurt her” I said almost yelling.

“Brian calm down. Who is Ayna and Chad” She asked, I looked at Evelyn who was busy looking at her phone nervously.

“Ayna!” I said and stood up.

“Brian where are you going?” Dad asked.

“None of your business” I said and removed the syringe passing blood to my body.

“Sir you can’t leave now you are still in a very unstable condition” He said.

“But doctor he has been in the hospital for almost a week he should have recovered by now” Evelyn said.

“I’ve been here for almost A WEEK? Have they found Ayna yet? Mom I have to leave now” I said and walked out of the ward, I changed my clothes and took a cab to Ayna’s house.

  I walked in slowly and weakly. I saw two new older faces. One was the exact replica of Axton while the other was the exact replica of Ayna only that they looked older, I guess they were Ayna's parents.

Everyone looked worried including Ayna’s friends, the police were jotting down information.

“Axton” I called, he stood up and looked at me.

“Thank God you are awake” Axton said and hugged me.

“Ouch!” I groaned and he moved back.

Ayna’s mom stood up, she walked to me.

“Please do you know anything about my baby’s disappearance? Axton said she went out to take out the trash that night but when Axton came to look for her, he saw you bleeding beside the trash can” She said sobbing.

“Chad is also missing” Axton said.

“He isn’t, he was the one who stabbed me and took Ayna away” I said and started explaining everything that happened to them.

“What??” Everyone gasped after I told them the story.

“If that bastard dare hurt my daughter, I will make sure he pays for the rest of his life” Ayna’s father said angrily.

“We will find her sir, don’t worry” The police assured.

I had parked my car outside Ayna’s house angrily, ready to fight her for going close to Brian. A guy bumped into me making my purse fall.

“I’m sorry” He apologized picking up my purse and the items that fell out of it.

“You know this dude” He asked pointing at Brian in the picture.

“Yeah he is my fiance”

“Well if he already have you, then why is he flirting with the girl I like?” He asked.

“You mean Ayna the one who is trying to steal my Brian?”

“Or the other way round” He apologized. I noticed he had feelings for Ayna so I decided to use him, I told him of my new plans but at first he refused.

“I can’t, I just can’t hurt Ayna. I will only have her if she loves me back I can never kidnap her” He said.

“If you can’t do what I’m asking you to do, I might go to plan B and trust me you don’t wanna know Plan B”

“If you dare hurt Ayna, I’ll….”

“Shhhhh” I interrupted him and continued.
I brought out some dollars and dipped it in his hand.

“There’s still more to come, you have one hour to think about it” I said and left.

I wasn’t expecting that fool to stab my Brian, what if Brian died in the process. I gave this dude a lot of money to carry out the work and I have been calling the idiot since but his number is switched off.

I looked around the trash can, where the crime was committed, I could still remember what happened.
I was coming out from my restaurant, I saw Ayna and Chad coming out with trash bags. I decided to follow them only for me to see that bastard forcing himself on her. I was furious instantly, I attacked him but the bastard stabbed me and took Ayna away, I couldn’t save her and I felt bad.
I went home that day and started calling everyone I knew that works for the police force.
Soon I became drowsy due to the pain I was feeling and soon I started to doze off slowly.
I opened my eyes as slow as I could and lying on the bed beside me was Ayna smiling and looking at me.

“Hey prince charming” She said and touched my face, she was about removing it when I held it back and sniffed her soft hands.

“It smells like you are actually here” I said and she smiled.

“Of course I am here, I’m in here” She said pointing at my heart.

“I don’t want to lose you Ayna, I’m scared of…”

“Shhhh” She said, her finger on my lips.

“You can’t lose me, I’ll always be here in your dreams ” She said and kissed my forehead then I closed my eyes slowly. I opened it back to find out that I was actually dreaming.


Still no news about Ayna yet, I was going crazy everyday and to top it Evelyn was getting on my nerves.

I sat down at the centre of the living room beside mom who was watching the news, she folded my hands and smiled at me.

“We’ll find her don’t worry” She said to me, Mom knew how much Ayna mattered me although she was still on me and Evelyn engaging. As soon as Ayna is found we are tying the knot.

“Oh God what’s this?” Mom exclaimed.

“What?” I asked looking at the news she was watching.

“Read the headlines” She said and I read it.


“Okay!” I said unconcerned by the news.

“You just can’t say okay, you don’t know who were involved in such accident. A train accident is not something we should pray for” Mom said. I looked at her but didn’t say anything. I kept on looking at my phone.

“GOD GOD, LOOK AT THEM LOOK AT THE GUY, WHAT A PITY” Mom exclaimed again, I sighed and looked at the TV then continued looking at my phone then I looked back at the TV again then stood up immediately dropping my phone.

“CHAD” I said with widened eyes.

“You know him?” Mom asked, I was about replying when my phone rang

“Hello……Oh really?…which hospital?….I’ll be there right now” I said and took my car keys.

“Where are you going to?” Mom asked but I ignored her. I entered my car and drive off.

“I’m coming Ayna, I’m coming” I said excitedly and parked at the hospital. The ambulance was still outside.
I entered the hospital and saw Ayna’s family and friends all waiting outside, faces filled with suspense.

“Ayna where is she?” I asked Axton. He pointed at the window of her ward where she was lying on the bed, the doctor and nurses all attending to her.

“Ayna please be safe, for me please ” I said like a prayer. Tears were falling from my eyes already.

“My baby!” Rayna’s mother cried.

Soon the faces of everybody in the ward changes to a worried face, they put that iron stuff on her chest to boost her but nothing was happening. The doctor looked at other nurses and they look back at him sadly.
He looked at his watch and a nurse wrote something the doctor told her down, the time I guess. Another nurse walked towards and covered Ayna’s face with the bedsheet, deafening screams and tears follows..

To be continued