Edan’s POV.

I looked down when I heard the soft breathing of Emma. I guess she had slept on my chest, I looked at her, I haven’t seen anyone like her. She was looking so beautiful and sexy in that dress, and the thing which I liked the most was that she was wearing the dress, I had bought for her.

She just drives me insane. She had become my addiction and a strong addiction. I’m addicted to her. I know this is not good but I can’t help it, I’m not gonna give up on her.
I’m going to make her MINE… Only mine.

I gently lifted her up and went towards my bedroom. I placed her gently on the bed and she stirred. Her eyes opened up gently, looking into mine. I kissed her forehead. I could tell she wasn’t comfortable in that dress. I walked to my closet and took out a black button up shirt and handed to her.

“Wear this. You will feel comfortable.” With that, I headed towards the washroom.

After doing my business, I came out and headed towards the bed. As I laid on the bed, I couldn’t help but think about the beautiful woman lying beside me.
I turned my head to see Emma’s face towards mine. She wasn’t asleep but looking towards me.
“For giving you a shirt?” I asked.
“No. I mean… Yes… I mean… Not for this… I mean…” She stuttered and I chuckled.
“I mean thanks for everything, for saving me, for that amazing dance and for—”
“Hush…” I cut her sentence and drew her closer.
“Edan. Thanks for everything…” She whispered and rested her head on my shoulder. She nuzzled deeper and my heart accelerated. It was like I had won something great, something beautiful. There I know, my feelings for her. I exactly know what I really felt for her, and now I want to tell her.
“Emma?” I whispered.
“You-You’re my everything… And I-I-I know you may not be ready for this… But… I couldn’t hold it in. The more I keep it in… The more it hurts me. I want to get it out now. I’m tired of hiding it.” I started in a calm and slow voice.
It’s quite difficult… I haven’t done this
before to anyone.
“Uhm…” She said while nuzzling more.
I decided to continue. I’m going to get this out…
“I-I L-Love you.” There I said it. It was hard.

Emma’s POV

I opened my eyes and adjusted them to the light in the room. Where am I? I looked at my surroundings. Oh! It’s
Edan’s room. Speaking of Edan, I had the craziest and weirdest dream of my life. But you like it somehow…
Yes, I kinda like it. The thought of that words from Edan’s mouth made my heart flip. My cheeks got red by only thinking about them.
Oh boy! What a dream!
I turned my head to see Edan sleeping peacefully, his arm wrapped around my small waist and his head rested on my chest, using it as a pillow. He looked so adorable and cute just like a small child. A smile crept across my lips by looking at him.
I gently removed his arm from my waist and placed his head gently on the soft pillow. I stepped down the bed and after giving him a kiss on his forehead, I went to the washroom.
After doing my business and washing my hands, I headed towards the bed. I looked at the clock and it was 7:00 am.
7:00 am? O h!! We’re gonna be late for
I quickly headed towards Edan and shook him to wake him up.
“Edan! Come on, wake up! We’re gonna be late… Edan! Come on…” I shook him harder.
Oh, God! He is a heavy sleeper…
I shook him even harder this time.
Come on! Get up…
He stirred a little but still didn’t get up.
Now what? What should I do?
Aaha! I’ve got a brilliant plan…
I smiled at my stupid, childish plan.
Edan! Now you’re in a deep trouble…
I got on top of him, my knees on both sides of his stomach.
Shall we start??
I started tickling on his stomach, and he stirred at first then start laughing. I tickled harder this time, smiling at him.
“Okay… Okay… I’m up…” He said between laughs and raised his hands in surrender. I started laughing along with him. After catching my breath I looked into his eyes. His eyes roaming on my body.
S–t! I forgot what I’m wearing… Oh
I was wearing only a black button up shirt, whose upper two buttons were open showing my lacy purple bra and below the shirt, I was only wearing panties. And the most awkward thing, I was sitting on his stomach with my both legs on his each side and my hair were falling on my face.
My cheeks warm up and I hurriedly get down from him, hoping to hide from the embarrassment.
Oh! It’s so embarrassing…
As I was going to move to somewhere to hide, my hand got pulled and in the second blink of an eye I found myself again on the bed but this time, Edan was on top of me. My breath got hitched up by the intimate close distance of ours.
Edan was only wearing his boxers. I could see his hard muscular chest, his well-built figure, his muscles and his six packs.
Oh my God! Pull it together Emma…
I gulped my own saliva and met his eyes.
“Care to tell me why you had woken me up so early.” He said in a morning sexy voice.
I couldn’t speak, it was like my lips had been zipped or something. I could just stare into his beautiful blue eyes.
“Aren’t you going to tell me.”
I found my voice and tried to reply it but it didn’t come out much like a proper sentence.
“Late you work for.”
Oh Crap! Why my tongue just got
twisted? Why does he make me
nervous? Why am I not myself when
I’m around him?
I heard him chuckle. “Well, let me remind you, my sweet Emma. Today is Saturday. That means no work.”
S–t! How could I forget that.? D–n
Emma… You had just made a fool
out of your own self.
I bite my lower lip, and in an instant, Edan lips crashed on mine. He kissed me first gently and then possessively. He asked for entrance which I gladly gave him. Our tounges moving in a rhythm, both trying to take the upper hand but Edan won it.
He started kissing me on my jawline. I tried my best to suppress the moan but I wasn’t able to do so when he kissed on my sensitive spot behind my ear. His hands went under my shirt, trailing on my stomach in a circular motion. Whilst he trailed kisses on my neck and then on the top of my cleavage. I m0aned louder this time.
“You are so f—–g beautiful Emma.” He said between the kisses and I grabbed his soft hair. His hand moving up from my stomach and rested in between my cleavage.
“You have just tempted me up. You had ignited the fire in me, Emma.”
What? Ignite the fire? Tempted him?
He moved back to my lips, while his one hand playing with the strap of my bra which had become visible because the shirt had slid down from my shoulder.
“Emma. Make me stop. I can’t control it.” Edan whispered huskily still kissing my collarbone.
I m0aned louder and I wanted to tell him not to stop. But I am not ready for this. I have to stop him, to stop me. But how?
Suddenly the ring of my phone disturbed our hot make-out session. I hurriedly accepted it, not even bothering to see who is the one calling.
“Hello,” I said heavily panting.
“Emma? Are you okay dear?”
Oh S–t! It’s mom.
“Yeah. I’m fine mum. How come you called this early.” I was still breathing heavily due to that hot kiss. It felt like I could still feel Edan’s lips on mine. I touched my swollen lips.

“You don’t sound like okay… Are you having a fever? A cold? A bad headache?”
“Mom! I’m fine.” I need to get away from Edan. His mere presence is making me nervous and I can’t help but blush when I thought about our hot make-out session.
Oh, My God….! That was hot. Wait…
What did I just said? Ooh God, I’m
not in my right mind right now…
“Emma? Hello! Are you still there?”
S–t! I zoned out again.
“Yes, Mum. I’m listening.” I said while standing up from the bed to escape from Edan. As I stood up, my hand was being pulled and I let out a shriek. My back hitting the soft mattress of the bed.
“Emma? What happened?” My mom asked worriedly.
I looked at Edan who was on top of me again. He was grinning showing his perfect white teeth.
Uuuh… This Jerk.
“Mom. I’m fine. J-Just f-flipped a little on the floor. N-No need to worry.” I panted heavily.
A mischievous glint passed through his eyes.
Oh, No. What he’s planning to do.?
Edan gave the answer to my unspoken question when he drew closer and started kissing lightly on my jawline.
What he’s doing? He’s gonna put me
in deep trouble…
I pushed him away but he was so strong. Oh Gosh! What he’s made
“So Emma. I wanted to just ask you about your university and about Edan. Well, you know…” My mom started.
“Yes?” I couldn’t get my mind to what she was saying because I was so getting distracted by this sexy beast.
I bit back a moan when his lips moved to my neck.
Edan… Please stop.
“So have you told Edan, about your admission.?”
My admission? No, I haven’t.
“Mom. I-I really—” I can’t even speak the full sentence because of this jerk who was kissing me and distracting me.
“I really need to go. I-I’ll talk to you later. Bye… Love Ya!” With that, I hung up. Now, to deal with him.
I pushed him again and thankfully he let me go but he laid beside me and pulled me closer by my waist. My back facing his chest.
“I really enjoyed that.” He said referring to the game he had played with me.
“Oh, shut up. You jerk. You could have put me in a deep trouble.” I pouted.
“Well. I loved it.” He chuckled and I rolled my eyes at his cockiness.
We spent our all day cuddling and teasing each other. I couldn’t deny this fact that I actually liked it.
Who are you kidding Emma? You
loved it. Right?
Aah… I still don’t know about that…
Well, I could say it was a day worth remembering.
At the end of the day, Edan dropped me at my place and after sharing our last amazing, mind-blowing kiss. He said the weirdest thing.
“See you on Monday. Love.” And after giving me one last kiss, he headed towards his car.
I couldn’t move an inch. Did he just call me love? Was it not a dream? Did Edan seriously say I love you to me? Or it was my dream? Or it was real? Oh No! This is getting all messed up.
What’s going on? I’m totally
Had Edan fallen for me? For me? But why? It’s kinda impossible. I’m nothing… My life is a bad luck. I couldn’t find happiness. How someone that handsome, that sexy can fall for me? I need to find there answers.

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