American typical setting

Solely written by Isabel
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Lakshmi got up from the bed as the tied her hair up, pick up her dress and wore it.

She was about to zip up the dress when Mr Bricks cleared up his throat and talked

“Hey Laks, what’s up now? ” He asked
Lakshmi didn’t bother in giving him a reply so he tried once again

“Are we cool after this?? ” He asked
Lakshmi turned to him in surprise

“It was just a task!! ” She screamed out
“What’s task? I fvcked you.. No we fvcked ourselves so we’re cool, we could start a relationship ”

“To h*ll with a relationship!! ”
Lakshmi said removing the ribbon round her hair letting it fall..
“Lakshmi?? ”
“Thanks for letting me win the case, it was nice having you. Till we meet no more Mr Bricks ”

She stormed out of the house after that leaving the young judge in awe..

Lakshmi Jones is a 25 years old lawyer. Young beautiful, s*xy, smart, intelligent and creative. She is the best among her peers..

Born and breed in America. Lakshmi Jones is of two different blood. Dad being an American and mum an Indian.

She gets to win a lot of cases due to what she calls task .Every male judge must have s*x with her before she could think of wining any case.

Her life gets a new round of interesting events when she meets her ex boyfriend, Anderson Silva who also is a judge.

She lost contact with him 8 years ago due to some incident. Now they’re back as a case ties them together.

Anderson is a truthful judge who focus on hearing out the voice of the people. He settles case judicially without being bias.

Anderson wants Lakshmi back but Lakshmi just want him as another task man in order for her to win.

They settle on signing a contract with each other which later brings them very close…

Will Anderson get Lakshmi back?
Will Lakshmi win the case?
What incident made them loose contact?
“What turned Lakshmi into “A task only” ?

Get to know this in THE CONTRACT
A saliva dripping story
Stay tuned!!!






I walked into the office I shared with 4 other staffs. Our law firm is one of the largest and most famous in America.

Greetings prevailed from each staffs..
“Hi Laks”
“Hey Lakshmi ”
“Good morning Lakshmi ”

They all jovially greeted me..
“Morning guys ”

I sat on my seat as they all swamped up towards me.
“Lakshmi, you won another case again! ”
“Oh! Thanks ”

“How do you solve difficult cases like that, I wish I can learn from you”
I looked at them as they all said different things.

I’ve won another case that proved very difficult for all. All thanks to TASK!
The secretary for our leader came in..
“Miss Lakshmi, your attention is needed”

I adjusted my skirt as I walked out of the office. I walked into her own office as I knocked
“Come on in”
Her voice said from within

I opened the door as I walked in and took a seat.
She smiled widely at me
“Good morning ma’am ”
“Morning Laks”

“Congratulations on winning the case, I’m so proud to have you here with me ” She said grinning at me
“It’s no thanks ma’am, it’s my job”

“There’s another case on ground again, that’s why I called for you ”
“Who’s the judge in charge? ” I asked her, cause that’s my business

“The judge is a very skilled man, very truthful and honest. He isn’t a random judge who makes judgement carelessly ”
“Who could it be? ”

“The well known, rich homie, hot and sexy man I Anderson Silva! ”
“Huh? ”

My heart shrinked when I heard the familiar name. Anderson Silva !
My mind raced back to 8 years ago when I first met him..

All Law students were asked to jog on the large field. I see no reason why we should do something like that.

I continued jogging but suddenly my legs twisted as I fell down.
“Ouch! ” I screamed out
It hurts and stings.

A guy suddenly appeared in front of me with his hands stretched out to me
“Are you okay? ”

I gently looked up as I met his gaze. He was so handsome. Very good looking. Brown hair, blue eyes and pink lips.

He still stretched his hands
“You need help? ”

I watched her as she stared at me. I stretched my hands out to her. She’s a real beauty. Gold skin, black hair, long eyelashes, pointed nose and lovely dimples.

How could someone be this pretty?
“You need help? ”
“No, thanks ”

She tried standing up but she fell again.
“You probably need help ”
“It seems so”

I smiled at her as I helped her up.
“Hi, I’m Anderson Silva ”
I stretched my hands for a shake
She accepted it as she smiled
“I’m Lakshmi Jones ”

Lakshmi ?
“Your name seems.. ”
“Yeah, my mum is Indian”

Wow,now I understand why she seemed so beautiful.
“Then I’m supposed to greet you with Namaste! ”
“Namaste! ”
She said joining both hands together
We laughed at her joke
She’s jovial and cute

“Wouldn’t you mind visiting the clinic, it seems you had a fracture ”
“If you would take me there? ”
She asked smiling

“It would be my pleasure ”
I said as I held her by her waist helping her towards the school clinic..

This is absolutely love at first sight!
I’m in love with her.

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