ENEMIES OF THE CHURCH : Episode 1 – 10

Enemies of The Church!

Composed and written by Excelrhymez
Aka Mummy E

Episode 1.

It was a very beautiful ceremony, as the whole church was filled to the brim, everyone was busy congratulating Brother Alfred and his wife, while some were busy gossiping about them.

Stella and her crew sat at one end, eating up the meat pie that was shared to them and enjoying the chillness of the malt.

”I’m sure they are now owing big money, because they must have spent a fortune on this baby dedication”. Helen said.

Stella: (laughing) what is my own? My own is to come here whenever they invite me, eat and go. It is none of my business if they borrow the world to make that happen. That’s thier business.

Helen: But wait o, Stella is this not their number 7 child? Why are they still giving birth?

Helen still chewing the meat pie turned to Vic and they both burst out laughing.

Vic: let me correct you my dear, it’s their number 8. One, two, three four, five, six, seven and eight. (She said indicating with her fingers)

Helen: But why na? Is 8th not too much or is there a particular s*x they are looking for?

Stella: Are you his wife? To decide if 8th is too much? What is your business in it?

”Is there any particular sex she is looking for that is making her give birth every year like this?” Helen asked.

Vic: I don’t think so because she has three boys and five girls now.

Stella: Maybe they want to make it a round figure. Five girls and five boys.

The girls all burst out laughing. Then they saw Reverend Leo, Pastor Jim and thier wives walking towards Brother Alfred and his wife with a smile on their faces.

Vic: Look at our reverend and his wife, they’ve been married for thirteen years and they don’t even have one child. Pastor Jim who is married for just two years have twins , and this our baby factory couple Brother Alfred has been married for 10years with 8 children, and I am very sure that they will do another baby dedication by next year. When I see all of this I begin to wonder if God loves some people more than some others.

Stella: I really pity reverend o, and he is a very nice man.

Helen: And he prays for people and they recieve thier healing o,he even prays for people looking for children and yet he can’t pray for his wife to conceive , it’s really a big mystery o.

Vic: I pray God show them mercy one day sha.

”Amen ” the girls chorused.

Mr and Mrs Alfred shook hands with the pastor and Reverend. Their wives took turns to hug Mrs Alfred as they congratulated her.

Mrs Jim: once again congratulations Mrs Alfred.

Mrs Alfred: Thank you so much mummy! God has chosen to bless me.

Rachael, Reverend Leo’s wife kept silent, she didn’t say anything she just hugged Mrs Alfred.

Mrs Alfred: Big mummy don’t worry, I believe soonest God will bless you with four babies at once.

Mrs Jim: Amen and amen.

Rachael said nothing she just smiled and walked back to her husband and held his hand.

The party took about four hours and everyone had a lot to chew and drink and finally it ended and everyone went their way.

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