ENEMIES OF THE CHURCH : Episode 1 – 10

Enemies of The Church

Episode 4.

Composed and written by EXCELRHYMEZ
aka Mummy E

Pastor Jim gave a beautiful sermon and the people clapped for him. They loved thier Reverend and thier pastor so much. And they were always excited to come to church.

Pastor Jim didn’t understand why Reverend Leo and his wife were not in church. Reverend Leo had called him that morning and told him to take charge of everything in church that day because he and his wife wouldn’t be available.

Though he was worried a bit as of why the Reverend won’t be in church. He hardly missed church service unless it was something really very important and unavoidable. And even if he is not in church, His wife Rachael would be in church, but surprisingly both of them ain’t available today.

Jim was surprised but he was happy because this is a free opportunity to do what he want to do. He quickly called on Mr Isaac who had also noticed the Reverend’s absence.

Mr Isaac was the treasurer and one of the planning committee members of the Church.

Jim: Brother Isaac, God has blessed us today more than ever.

Isaac: MOG (Man of GOD), how do you mean?

Jim: (surprised at his question) Can’t you see that the Reverend and his wife were not in church today?

Isaac immediately understood what he was saying and let out a loud laugh.

Isaac: Yes o MOG, God knows how to arrange His things.

Jim; Let’s quickly go to your office then.

Together they walked to the treasurer’s office, everyone had already left and so it was just the two of them.

Jim: So how much is our collection today my friend.

Isaac: The total tithes for today amounted to 240,000 naira (two hundred and fourty naira)and offerings amounted to 137,580 naira. (One hundred and thirty seven thousand, five hundred and eighty naira). Making a total of three hundred and seventy seven thousand five hundred and eighty naira.

Jim: that’s a good one, so right now you will remove two hundred thousand naira from the tithe, and one hundred and ten thousand from the offering. Making three hundred and ten thousand naira. We will leave fourty thousand naira as the tithe acquired for today and twenty seven thousand five hundred and eighty naira as the offering. Making a total of sixty seven thousand five hundred and eighty naira.

Isaac: (smiling) okay sir.

Jim. Send two hundred thousand naira to my account and keep the one hundred and ten for yourself as usual.

Isaac: Thank you so much MOG. I always look forward to Sundays because I know my pocket will not run dry.

Jim: At least Reverend is not in church today to make things difficult for us. Anyways hurry up and get it done and over with ok?

Isaac: I’m on it already.

Jim: That’s my man. God will keep Blessing our members so they keep Blessing our lives in Jesus name. Amen.

Isaac: Amen.

Pastor Jim walked from the office while Brother Isaac scrambled around for the money.

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