FATE OF LOVE : Chapter 41 – 50

FATE OF LOVE : Chapter 41 – 50

By Succie

Chapter 48

“May I ask why you decided to accept my offer”.

“Why Daniel, you are no longer interested in helping me”. Jesse asked with a cold face.

“No Jesse, am just caught by surprise that you want to accept my help out of the blue, back then you never wanted to”.

“That because I changed my mind”.

“And why Jesse”.

“To get back at someone, she took me for a fool and played with my feelings, she made me believe she loved me when clearly she didn’t, and she insulted me for being poor, and said I had nothing to offer, I want to prove to her that am worth something”. Jesse said cleaning the tears in his eyes.

“Was she thesame girl you try to elope with”.

And Jesse nods.

“What her name Jesse”.

“You don’t need know to her name Daniel, because she is someone I want forget”.

Daniel looks at Jesse, he could see the pain in his eyes which he was trying so hard to hide.

“Am going to help you Jesse, am going to help you become a better person, so that the next time you see that girl again, you are going to be above her”. Daniel said.

And Jesse looks at him without saying a word.

“I will start by giving you access to all my properties and wealth in Korea, and you are going to inherit everything I have here, and you can also go to Paris too”.

“Why will I go to Paris Daniel”.

“Because you are going to study there Jesse, you are going to learn more about wine making, and use that in starting your own company”. Daniel said.

“I can’t leave my family behind Daniel”.

“Am not saying you will be the only one to go alone Jesse, you can bring your mom, your sister and your Best friend along too, and whatever you need or want, will be provided by me, you are going to become rich, very rich Jesse, and am going to make sure that happens”.

“Thanks alot Daniel”. Jesse said bringing fort his head for a shake, but Daniel pulls him into a hug.

“Don’t worry son, those that mock you for being poor, we end up serving you at your feet, especially the girl who deceive you son”. Daniel said still hugging him.

Jesse didn’t say a word, nor did he hug his dad back all was left inside of him was nothing but hatred and anger.

FATE OF LOVE : Chapter 41 – 50

“Why weren’t you at home when he left Violet, why if Jesse went out to do something to himself, what if he went to Sharon’s house begging her to love him, you should have stayed by his side Violet, I told you not to go out from the house until Jesse comes out from his room”. Janet said with worries.

“Am so sorry Aunt, I just step out, I didn’t know Jesse was going to come out from his room, “. Violet said looking worried.

“Mom instead of sitting down here doing nothing, we should go look for Jesse, and we should start by looking for him at Sharon’s place”. Joanna said.

They were about to leave the house, when Jesse enters.

“Jesse!!!”. They called at once.

“Where have you been Jesse, we were worried about you”. Janet asked.

“Get your things prepared, we are going to Paris soon”.

“Paris!!!!”. They all said at once, with shock in their eyes.

Jesse looks at them and nods.

“Why son, why are we going to Paris, how can you afford………,you already accept your dad’s offer”. Janet asked .

“Yes mom, and he is going to help me become somebody, someone who will never be look down by others”. Jesse said with a Cold face.

“Did you accept your dad’s offer because you want to get back at Sharon for what she did to you”. Joanna asked.

“Not only that Joanna, to show her that I can be someone Worth something, that I am not good for nothing, so we are living Korea in no time”. Jesse said coldly, and they all looked at him, without saying a word.

FATE OF LOVE : Chapter 41 – 50

Jesse sits outside the house staring into nothing, and Violet came from inside and sits beside him.

“Are you really sure about your decision, you want to leave korea, a place where you have spent half of your life”.

“I have made my decision Violet, and there is no turning back, I already sold myself to the devil himself, so there is no turning back, you are coming with me right”. Jesse said now looking at her.

“You Want me to go with you”.

“Yes Violet, you are the only one true friend I have now, I can’t loose you too”.

“You won’t loose me Jesse, because I am not Sharon, and am always going to be by your side no matter what”. Violet said.

Jesse smiles a little and said.

“Thank you so much Violet, I wish I had listen to you about the things you said about Sharon, maybe I won’t have gotten hurt like this”.

“Now that you know the kind of girl Sharon is, you have to become someone to make her pay, for causing you so much pain”. Voilet said.

“You don’t need to tell me Violet, when I finally achieve what I want, am surly going to get back at her”. Jesse said staring into nothing, Violet looks at him and smiles.

*That it Jesse, keep me on hating Sharon, in no time, you will finally be mind* Violet said inwardly smiling.

FATE OF LOVE : Chapter 41 – 50

*A week later*


At the station, one of the detective got a call from someone and he picked up.

“Hello who is this”.

“You don’t have to know me “

“What do you want”

“I have a information for you”.

“And what could that be”.

“I know of a warehouse where illegal drugs are being sold, and I also know the drug Lord of that warehouse”.

“Are you trying to prank me right now”.

“I wish I was, but am not, if you think am lying, am going to send you the address of that warehouse, so you can see for yourself”. The caller said and ended the call.

“You think you are smart Don Roman, but am going to show you that am more smarter than you, you can’t take my money and go Scott free”. The unknown man said, and send the address of the warehouse to the detective.

The detective man looks at the address and alerted everyone.

“Get ready everyone, we are going to invade In a warehouse_. He said to them.

FATE OF LOVE : Chapter 41 – 50


In the warehouse, Don Roman’s men were busy packaging illegal drugs inside some brief cases, when the police men surrounded the whole warehouse.

“Drop whatever you are doing and surrender”. One of the police men said, and as the other police men points their guns in them.

Don Roman’s men flinched in fear, and quickly did as they were told.

“Who is your your master”. The police man asked again.

“Is Don Roman, please spare us, we are just following his orders”. Jace said, while Sam and the others where already flinching in fear.

“Who is Don Roman”.

“Am going to take you to him”. Jace said looking scared.

FATE OF LOVE : Chapter 41 – 50

Sharon came downstairs looking so tired and weak, her eyes were heavy, and her head aches so bad.

“Finally Sharon, you agree to wake up, why have you been sleeping Sharon”. Millet asked.

“I don’t know millet, I feel weak and tired”. Sharon said in a low tone.

Millet sighs and touch her forehead.

“Your temperature looks fine, so what could be wrong then”. Millet said and studies Sharon for a while.

“Sharon when last did you see your menstrual cycle”. Millet asked. Sharon was about to answer when the door bell rang.

“I will go see who is on the door”. Millet said.

Sharon nods and sits on the sofa, and she keeps wondering why she was so tired all the time.

Millet open the door and was surprised to see Jace and some police men.

“Jace what is the police doing here”. Millet asked, and Sharon stood up from where she was sitting on hearing what Millet said, and she too was shock to see the police in their mansion.

“What going on there”. Don Roman asked coming downstairs and when he sees the police men he was shocked too.

“You must be Don Roman”. One of the police men asked.

“Yes he is”. Sharon answers.

“You are under arrest Don Roman for illegal smuggling of drugs, and for being a drug Lord”. One of the police men said, and handcuff Don Roman.

“Wait, why do you mean by my dad is drug Lord”. Sharon asked in shock and Millet was not expectional.

“His workers already confess that he is a drug Lord, if you think the charges against him are false, you can call your lawyer to defend him in court” the police men said and takes Don Roman away, and the maids were already murmuring, in surprised.

“Wait don’t go yet, am coming with you”. Sharon said in tears, and quickly follow suit, with Millet at her back.

FATE OF LOVE : Chapter 41 – 50


“Dad are what they are saying true, you aren’t a drug Lord right, is just a false accusations right”. Sharon asked in tears.

“They are not lying Sharon, am a drug Lord, I became a drug Lord when you left for America 18 years ago, that how I became rich, I never wanted to tell you about my business, because it was illegal”.

“So you were a drug Lord, you got all your wealth from illegal means, and you couldn’t even allow me to be with Jesse who got his little earns from pure and legal means!!!!!!”. Sharon yells in tears.

“Am so sorry Sharon, I only wanted the best for you, I know one day my illegal business will be discovered, that why I wanted someone you could take care of you, when am gone”.

“I never wanted all that dad!!!!!!, All i wanted was to be happy with Jesse, but you depride me the chance of doing so, you Rob me of my happiness dad, so I don’t care what happens to you in here, you were never a father to me, so I don’t see any reason why I should be a daughter to you!!!!”. Sharon yells and stood up.

“Am so sorry Sharon, I hope you can forgive me, I did all of this because of you”.

“Don’t you dare say is because of me dad!!!!!!!, is not, is for your own selfishness, you had a company right, but you choose to divert into something illegal, and because of that, you will have to rot in jail alone”. Sharon said and walks away in tears, and Don Roman, tries to fight back his tears, as he watched his daughter leave the station.

FATE OF LOVE : Chapter 41 – 50

Sharon got home with Millet and was surprised to see the mansion was locked and the maids were standing outside.

“What happened here, why is the gate lock”.

“It has already been seized by the court, including the cars and everything your dad have Sharon”. A maid said.

“No, no, this is not happening, no, noooooooo!!!!”. Sharon yells in tears crying, and then she became dizzy and fainted.

“Sharon!!, Sharon wake up, Sharon!!!!!!!”. Millet yells looking so shocked.

“What are you all standing there for, get some help!!!!!!”. Millet yells at the maids, as tears were now all over her eyes, praying so hard, that nothing should happen to Sharon.

FATE OF LOVE : Chapter 41 – 50

Sharon slowly opens her eyes, and discovers she was in the hospital.

“Sharon, good thing you are awake, I was so scared when you fainted out of the blue”. Millet said giving out a relief.

“I fainted,,,why”.

“I don’t know Sharon, maybe because you have been stressed out this passed few weeks, and your dad predicament added to it, but the doctor already had you dianose, she will be here soon”. Millet said.

Sharon sighs feeling so weak, she touch her forehead trying to bear the headache she was feeling, as she sits up on the bed.

And the doctor enters.

“Oh doctor, you are finally here, how is she doing, is she sick with anything”. Millet asked, while Sharon just looked at the doctor.

The doctor look around and said.

“Where is her husband”.

Both Sharon and Millet looks at each other and back to the doctor.

“Am not yet married doctor”. Sharon said in a weak tone.

“Okay,,,,so where is your boyfriend”. The doctor asked again.

“She doesn’t have a boyfriend anymore doctor, but what wrong, why are you asking for her boyfriend”.

“Because he needs to knows about her condition” the doctor said.

“What condition doctor, is there something wrong with me”. Sharon asked.

And Millet looks at the doctor trying to figure out what she was trying to say.

“There is nothing wrong with you, is just that, he need to know since you are two weeks pregnant Sharon”. The doctor finally said, and Millet looks at Sharon with surprised.

“Am preg……..nant”. Sharon muttered as tears fells down her eyes.

FATE OF LOVE : Chapter 41 – 50

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