FORCIBLE WEDLOCK: Episode 1 – 10


?Village Girl ?

?Written by Khalee ?

?Episode 07?


“Awwn so yummy”. I said as munch my hamburger.

As usual, my friends and I sat in the restaurant for lunch. The restaurant is my mom’s and it is located in the factory.

We come here for lunch everyday despite P-Links company is far from Brights Food Factory. 15 minutes drive.

“So tell me……. “.I look up at lewis who sipped his lemonade. “How is your wife? “.

I chewed the bite of hamburger in my mouth then sipped my apple drink. “The village girl is there enjoying my dad’s wealth.

Am sure she’s somewhere eating or watching Zee World right now, am sure”.

Lewis laughed out loud. “Seriously man… That one of the reason I prefer Nora, at least she works in TV station”.

“Common Lewis, stop talking about his wife like that, I kinda like her though.

The girl is pretty and cool. Not some rude spoilt brat”. Rotimi said and ate from his jollof rice.

“There you go always supporting her. Team Nora all the way, that remind me, man…..

You did not gist us about your wedding night, is she local in that aspect too? “. Lewis said n@ughtily and winked at me.

A waitress came with a tray and dropped the French fries I ordered for, bowed and left.

“Wedding night? “. I chuckled and my friends stared at me curious to hear the gist.

I pick a serviette and wipe my mouth gently. “Seriously lewis, am disappointed in you. You think i’ll stoop so low and lay or have something to do with that type of girl”.

They exchanged looks before looking at me again.

“Wait….. We dont understand what you’re saying here”. Rotimi said.

“Okay listen guys, nothing happened between us. I left her in the hotel and went to do my honeymoon with Nora.

D@mn….. Nora gave me one of the best s*x ever”. I said with all smiles and licked my lips recalling how Nora and I exhausted eachother that night.

“What?!!! “. They both screamed and I arched an eyebrow.

People in the restaurant turn to us and soon continued what they were doing.

“Wait….. Are you trying to tell us, you left your wife on your wedding night and went to sleep with a b!tch”. Rotimi said and clenched his teeth.

Wait.. What connection does he have with her?

“Why dont you just have her since you like her”. I said and sipped my drink.

“Am just saying the truth here. That is very very very wrong of you, Alex. You’re a married man for Christ sake”. Rotimi said, shook his head and drank water from his glass.

“Listen buddy…. I dont support you to like the girl but what you did is wrong, I mean why can’t you just fck her.

I swear am gonna fck her black and blue if it were me. I dont care whether she’s d!rty or wh0re, you know how much I love pv$$y and moreover that girl is not bad like that.

Fine face, lovely l!ps, tiny wa!st, wide h!ps, medium sized b00bs and big as$$.. D@mn… “. Lewis said dreamily and licked his l!ps.

Well Lewis is a fl!rt, he so much love girls. I just rolled my eyes… I love Nora.

“Hey guys, I wonder when you guys will ever obey table manners. You always have something to say”. We heard Fiona said and she pecked Lewis.

She works in the factory. She’s lewis fiancee(his main chick).

“Hello beautiful, you looking gorgeous”. I winked at her and she blushed as she sat beside Lewis.

“Hey you dont have the right to check my girl out”. Lewis whined.

“Oh really but you just……

“So Fiona, how is the factory? “. I interrupted rotimi when I realise what he almost said about Lewis.

“Well….. “. She took a crisp biscuit from Lewis plate and took a bite.

“Factory is fine… We have started producing new products and new flavours of our Biscuits, cakes, pizza and other products.

Trust me, you guys are gonna bite yourself if you taste our new products especially the biscuits and cakes”.

“Wow, I can’t wait to taste them though I know you guys are making us proud”. Rotimi said.

“Seriously the hamburger I ate taste different today. Am not saying it not always yummy but the taste was so different today, I love it”. I said.

“Yeah we added new ingredients, that’s the secret”. She said whilst smiling.

“Yeah yeah I agree, our factory products has become more delicious and tasty. It selling fast in town.

I was at a supermarket yesterday and I saw how people were recommending our products. I was proud even though am not working in the factory.

Even this biscuit and lemonade is so nice. I can’t wait for Tommorow’s lunch”. Lewis said licking his lips.

“Like someone is gonna beat you, if you order for more now”. Rotimi winked.

“Sir? Madam is here o”. Lewis said and Fiona gave him a girly punch while we chuckled.

“Okay guys, I have to go now”. Fiona said as she stood up and pecked Lewis who pouted like a baby.

“Common honey pie, I still have alot to do in the factory, I just came to supervise the bus that brought the goods here”. She said and kssed him again while Rotimi and I just watch the two lovers.

“Yeah that reminds me.. Uhmmm.. Alex, i’ll like you to check me before leaving”.

“Why should have he do that? “. Lewis said and we laughed at the look on his face.

“Common jealousy, I want to give him some pastries for his wife. It was specially made for her”. Fiona explained.

“Better o”. Lewis said again and we chuckled he so much love Fiona but he can’t stop fl!rting around.

“Alright Fiona, I will”. I said and she nodded, bade us a bye and left.

There is no way am gonna give it to her, not when Nora is there. Moreover am going to Nora’s place tonight. And am spending the night with her.

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