Forgetting Dad : Episode 1 – The End

Forgetting Dad

Written by Sonia Okehie

Episode 10)

Last episode!

The dark days of a person’s life is usually the time of sober reflection on all the wrongs, good, bad and evil things they have done in their lifetime. At that moment, that person could give up just anything in this world to make amends for the wrongs they had done that can’t be taken back. I wonder why majority wait till bad things begin to happen or when Karma catches up with them, before they realise their wrong doings and try to make amends. If only Mr Jones knew that a day was going to come where he wouldn’t have a single family member by his side just because of his pedophile acts, then I strongly believe he would have zipped up his trouser and command the evil to flee the very first day the urge and thoughts to def!le his daughter came to his mind. Too bad he allowed things to get so bad before realising his mistakes.

When Vera realised that her dad was now awake, she was relieved a bit that he was back to his consciousness. If not for anything, she wanted him to make amends with his past and forgive himself in order to find peace at least. It was such a relieving moment for both of them.

After Mr Jones was done thanking his daughter for her decision to let go of the past, he couldn’t hold back his tears afterwards. Vera stood up from the chair she sat and just stared at her dad as he sobbed bitterly. Deep down in her heart, she felt sorry for him but still carried a significant amount of hatred within.

Honestly, it was going to be an almost impossible thing for Vera to totally forgive her dad for everything he had done to her. Matter of fact, she might never fully forgive him because the scars he inflicted on her was always going to be a constant reminder of everything he did to her. No amount of time might be able to totally erase the pain and repair the damages. Too bad!

While Mr Jones sobbed, Vera just looked at him without letting her emotions lose control.
Unable to hold back any longer, she broke the silence; “Why did you do it?” She asked with tears on her eyes. Mr Jones was filled with shame and bent his head downwards. “I don’t know, I have been asking myself for the past one year since your mum left, why I allowed myself to be used by the devil. I was under a demonic influence then because my eyes is clear now and I can’t seem to fathom why i did those horrible things to you. I want to die now because my life doesn’t mean anything to me anymore. I know I could have been the best man in your life as a father but failed you woefully. I can’t even look into your eyes because of the magnitude of shame I’m feeling for all the ab0minations I committed. Please find a place in your heart to forgive me even if you don’t say it out loud that you have forgiven. I just want you to live the best remaining years of your life happily and not in sadness or bitterness. I want you to be happy my child because you have been sad enough. Thank you for not letting what I did to you determine how you turned out in life. I’m so proud of you, have a great life” he soberly said with tears in his eyes.

Finally, Vera could now breathe properly after so many years of suffocating herself with anger. She was happy her dad said the things he said but still kept her distance from him. She checked his drip and made sure he was stable before finally bidding him ‘Goodbye’.

As Vera walked away from the hospital room, she could still hear her dad crying. It melted her heart when she heard him sob but knew for sure that they could never have any sort of relationship together forever. She knew he was sorry for all he did to her, but it was better they stayed apart with little or no contact as possible.

It was such a sober day for both Vera and her dad but at least she was glad they had that conversation. After work, Vera headed home without stopping by to check up on Mr Jones to inform him she was leaving; little did she know that it was going to be the last day she was going to ever see her dad alive.

Turns out that Mr Jones had a severe heart attack that night and couldn’t make it out alive. The doctors on duty that night tried their very best to save him but all efforts proved abortive. It was quite unfortunate that Mr Jones couldn’t make it out alive, but thankfully he made peace with his daughter before departing.

The sad news was communicated to Vera the following day when she passed the ward her dad was initially admitted in but couldn’t catch a glimpse of him. She inquired from her colleagues of her dad’s whereabouts and that was when they dropped the shocker on her.

At first, Vera didn’t know how to feel but gradually broke down within due to the sad news. Immediately afterwards, she called her mum and Dennis to informed them what had happened. Vera’s mum was slightly touched because that was her husband for many years. Everyone felt a little sad that day but moved on as time went by.

The burial arrangements were made by Mr Jones siblings and relatives. Vera and her mum were invited but only Vera showed up with Dennis because her mum refused to go. The funny thing was that no one from Mr Jones family knew the atrocities he committed but Vera mum’s family was aware. People at the funeral wondered why Vera’s mother didn’t show up, regardless of the fact that she and Jones were divorced but they never said it out loud or confronted Vera to ask.

Matter of fact, Vera came very late for the funeral and sat at the extreme end with Dennis. No tribute from her to her late dad. It was such a cold day and she felt numb all through. Two hours later, she took her leave after greeting some of her aunties.

Imagine all Mr Jones brought upon himself that his own daughter wasn’t too moved or broken after his death. What do you expect from a lady he never showed love to and was never a good father to? We all reap what we sow; so you can’t sow hate and reap love in return. Impossible!

After the burial, Vera started seeing life from a whole new perspective and stopped getting the hunting memory flashes she initially used to have. Life moved on eventually and everyone quickly adjusted and became used to the reality that Mr Jones was gone.

Days passed, same with weeks and months and Vera was on her way to clocking 26 years. She wasn’t a celebration type of person and usually liked low-key birthdays. Without her knowledge, Dennis planned a surprise birthday party for her and invited some of her colleagues she was close to.

The D-day finally came and Vera was in for multiple surprises. Before that day, Dennis pretended to get into a fight with her and they had a huge quarrel afterwards. Vera came to work angry on her birthday; which was the following day. Unknown to her, Dennis had taken permission to use her office for the surprise.

Everyone was already inside Vera’s office waiting for her to show up. There were two cakes and drinks for merriment but Dennis kept the biggest surprise of all to himself.

“Surprise! Happy Birthday!” Everyone shouted immediately Vera walked inside the office. She was indeed surprised and was so happy to see so many people she loved together in one place. “You, You!” Vera referred to Dennis blushing. He walked closer to her and planted a soft kiss on her lips and before she could get over the kiss, he knelt down and brought out a ring case from his pocket, opened it and said; “Vera will you do me the honour of being your husband? Will you marry me?”.

Oh my! At that moment, Vera died a thousand times and could hardly breathe. She covered her mouth with both hands because they were wide opened. It was such a moment she never believed will happen to her. Words will truly fail me to properly describe how Vera felt at that moment. With her whole heart, she screamed “Yes, Yes, Oh my God! Yes!”.

Dennis put the ring into her finger. He got up afterwards and planted a soft kiss on her lips and everyone congratulated them. Life was evidently going towards the right direction for Vera and one couldn’t be more happier for her; not after all she went through.

Dear mothers and future to-be mothers, let’s try and be vigilant when it comes to both our male and female children to prevent saying ‘Had I known’ later. These kids are depending on you to protect and shield them from the dangers and corruption of this world, please don’t let them down.

People shouldn’t have access to your kids that easily, even if you live in a one bedroom apartment. Check your children’s private part every now and then when they are still little so as to detect any slight clue of molestation. Teach them to speak up and make them comfortable to tell you anything.

Don’t let your kids live the rest of their lives without ever knowing what being a virgin feels like. Don’t let someone take away that precious moment from your kids by molesting and deflowering them at a young age before they could willingly give their body to that special someone they love when they eventually grow up.

Molestation is more realer than anything you have seen today so take it very serious. Also, to the people that survived molestation, you all are heroes and are stronger than you ever know. Don’t let that past experience define who you truly are because it wasn’t your fault. Pick up the pieces of your life and turn it into something beautiful. It gets better as far as you remain positive. Bless you!

End of story!

Thanks for staying tuned till the end.

Written by Sonia Okehie

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