Forgetting Dad : Episode 1 – The End

Forgetting Dad

Written by Sonia Okehie

Episode 1

The greatest scar that can ever be inflicted on a person’s soul is the one done by someone they love and trust the most. Fathers are supposed to be a girl’s protector and first love in an innocent way; but what happens when the one man that’s supposed to protect and shield you from the dangers of this cruel world and also teach you how to love correctly, turns out to be your worst nightmare? Have you ever felt like your soul is in an abyss of emotional trauma and turned out to hate ‘Love; thereby punishing innocent good guys that want a genuine relationship with you just because of a pain that wouldn’t go away? Well, that was the reality of a lady named ‘Vera’.

Several years back, the cry of a beautiful baby girl was heard in the family of Mr & Mrs Jones. Vera was born into a family of privilege and was truly God’s first and only gift to the newly wedded couple. Her mum was a banker who barely had enough time for her family but she always tried to make things up during the weekends. While on the other hand, her dad was mostly at home because his business didn’t demand much of his physical presence.

Life was moving towards the right direction for the new couple but things started going south when Mr Jones complained to his wife that she wasn’t giving him enough attention and also wasn’t satisfying his emotional needs as a man. At first, Mrs Jones felt it wasn’t that big of a deal and tried to make it up to her husband but it’s quite unfortunate that her efforts were in vain because he turned out to commit an abominable act due to his starvation of intimacy.

Just when we thought the world had seen it all when it comes to committing abomination, Mr Jones proved us wrong and made us realised that we hadn’t seen anything yet. As at that time, Vera was still a little girl of about 5 years old. She was still very much innocent and hadn’t been corrupted with the filthiness and corruption of this dirty world.

To Vera, she obviously felt she had two people in her life to protect and care for her as her parents, but it was quite unfortunate that she actually had only one person on her camp which was her Mum; as her dad was an evil monster on a journey to ruin the innocent girl’s life forever. Poor child!

Before the main abominable act occurred, Mr Jones had been s*xually harassing the little girl by touching her inappropriately whenever he tried to bath her. “Ouch daddy, my leg is paining me” cried the little girl one day Mr Jones tired to insert his finger into her pr!vate part. The m0lestation started little by little and finally graduated into something Big.

Not once nor twice neither thrice did Vera’s father s*xually abused her. On many occasions, he would insert his fingers so roughly on Vera’s private part that it will result to bleeding. Due to the fact that Mrs Jones was always away, she never had the slightest clue that something abominable was happening under her roof. Most times, by the time she returns from work, Vera might have already slept off. Her husband bathed Vera all the time so he could cover up the damages he was doing to the innocent girl’s private part.

What an emotionally deranging thing it is for the one man that’s supposed to have your back, to stab you first before you could face the world. Mr Jones didn’t know it yet but he was demonically possessed, because only a possessed psycho will see something attractive in a 5 year old girl.

Years passed by and Vera had grown into a beautiful young lady facially and physically, but was a damaged person within. She found it extremely difficult to socialise, open up to people and also to make friends. Vera was more like a loner and had serious trust issues because everyone was a suspect. As at that time, she couldn’t count how many times her dad have had s*x with her. At a time, Mr Jones totally neglected his wife and was always seeking for s*xual gratification in Vera.

The most annoying thing in this whole situation was the height of carelessness on Vera’s mum path. How can she not notice a thing in her daughter for all those years? Like what sort of mother won’t notice that her evil husband was damaging their daughter’s life. It is quite disappointing that Mrs Jones never had a clue of the abominable act that was going on right under her nose. Too bad!

All those years, Mr Jones tried to trap Vera by enrolling her into schools that were close by so she wouldn’t be too far away from him. At one time, Vera’s mum wanted to enrol her into a boarding school but he shut the idea down with immediate effect. Life was like a cage for the adolescent lady and she hated her life and daddy in return but couldn’t find the courage to speak up or even do anything at all. It was as though she was hypnotised and made a slave to her father’s evil thirst and desires. Vera had already given up on ever being a normal happy young lady but things were about to take a drastic turn for a change.

Turns out that Vera gained admission to study Medicine at a University still in the same state they lived in. Mr Jones was really bent on making her stay caged forever without any breathing space. He wanted to always have easy access to her whenever his urge arose.

Throughout Vera’s freshman year, she totally avoided her family like a plague and never visited home even during holidays. Her daddy always made appointments to go visit her in school but she tried her best to dodge him whenever he came visiting and usually lied that she was caught up with school activities.

It’s been over a year since Vera was free from her dad’s constant harassment. To some extent, she felt happy but was still a bitter young woman. Men were a ‘No’ ‘No’ for her and she never looked at any man twice; no matter how handsome he was. She had admirers in her class but non of them ever succeeded in finishing their ‘Hello’ sentences before she walked away.

Due to Vera’s strict attitude towards everyone and guys in particular, people avoided her like a plague and didn’t want to have anything to do with her. Non of that bothered the young lady because she actually cared less and didn’t give a damn about anyone’s companionship or friendship; she was truly a loner that everyone avoided. Deep down, it broke her heart that her life was the way it was but she couldn’t do anything about it because her soul was crushed due to all her dad did to her.

So many times, Vera tried to poison herself but always found herself crying helplessly before she decides to take action. Vera was missing out on alot of fancy and beautiful memories of her youthful life but who could blame her? Is not like It was her wish to turn out that way. First year passed, second year passed and in her third year, something happened!

One fateful day, Vera had a practical and all medical students of her set were taken to a surgical private hospital, far away in town. When they arrived, the activities began and everyone was busy with the learning that was ongoing. During the practical class, Vera was pressed and had to use the restroom real quick so she took permission and left. While on her way to the nearest restroom, her attention was drawn to a noise behind her and before she knew what was happening, she collided with a young doctor that worked in the hospital. The young man’s medicated glasses fell off and the screen broke instantly.

“Oh my God! I’m so sorry but watch where you are going next time” Vera bluntly said, “You are so rude and mean. I need help seeing properly now because you just broke my glasses” the young doctor said and bent down to pick up the frame. Vera felt bad and stupid due to the way she initially spoke to him and decided to help by supporting him walk. “Can I help by guiding you as you walk so you can get to where you are going to?” She asked, “No, thanks! I’m not blind and can still see properly, I was just messing with you” he said and she smiled while taking a deep breath. “I have to go now” she said and left.

As they parted ways, Vera couldn’t help but notice how fast her heart was beating. She gently placed her hand on her chest as she walked into the restroom. She turned on the tap and couldn’t stop staring at herself in the mirror. The way she felt was different and it scared her as to why she was feeling that way after an encounter with a stranger she barely knew. After peeing, she went back to the ongoing class to continue from where she stopped.

While the teaching was going on, Vera couldn’t help but wonder as to why she was lost in thoughts. The more she tried to figure it all out, the more she was completely lost.

All through that period, the only thing that kept ringing on Vera’s mind was that one unanswerable question; “Why am I thinking of him?”.

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