Forgetting Dad : Episode 1 – The End

Forgetting Dad

Written by Sonia Okehie

Episode 7

There’s just something unique and beautiful about this thing called ‘Genuine Love’; It hardly discriminates and does not keep records of wrongs. You have never truly loved until you find someone whom you are willing to let go of all conditions just to be with. When true love happens, it doesn’t seek for permission and certainly doesn’t need anyone’s validation before it gets two people to fall deeply in love with each other. If Dennis wanted to look at the odds of him being with Vera or focus on the negative side, he probably wouldn’t have fallen deeply for her; talk more of taking the bold step of confessing his feelings to her. At that point, it’s good to acknowledge that things were gradually falling into the right places for beautiful Vera.

After Dennis repeated those words to Vera, she was beyond shocked and didn’t know exactly what to say to him at that moment. Never in a thousand years did she ever think that she will find a man that would love her; not to talk of finding Love in the person that knows all her dirty secrets. It was a whole lot for her to swallow at once!

The once int!mate atmosphere now suddenly became tensed. One look at Vera and Dennis could tell that she didn’t see all that coming. He smiled as he looked into her shinny eyes; “Say something, I want to know what’s on your mind” he gently said. Vera looked into his eyes and smiled faintly because she honestly didn’t know where to start answering from. Her palms suddenly became sweaty because she was nervous and tensed. After keeping mute for a while, she finally spoke.

“Why me?” Vera asked out of nowhere, “Why not you?” Dennis replied, “Well for starters, you know me too well to be in love with me. There are so many other ladies our there with less baggage, why not go for them?” She soberly asked. Immediately Vera said that, Dennis could tell where her insecurities were coming from and why she probably felt they couldn’t work out.

To be honest, Dennis actually understood Vera’s fears but immediately felt the need to change her mindset and assure her that he was completely into her. When Vera was done talking, he began; “Listen, I know you are afraid and in doubt of the authenticity of my love for you because you feel there’s no way I could possibly be in love with you after all I know that happened in your past. What you fail to realise is that I’m in love with you and not your past life experience. Those things were inevitable because you were helpless so why should I blame you for something that clearly isn’t your fault. I know this journey with you wouldn’t be easy because there are so many baggage you are carrying but I promise to go through it with you. I never planned to fall for you but it happened anyways. Since your first dad failed you, allow me to be your second dad so I can show you what love is supposed to be and feel like. I’m all in, just open the door to your heart and trust someone one more time. I promise never to make you regret any decision you make to be with me. Allow me to pick the broken pieces of your heart and fix it” He gently said.

If words had the ability to ascend a person to heaven, Vera would have been on her way up because Dennis words were next to non. The sad reality was that no one has ever spoken to her the way he did that evening. Every dead hope of ever finding Love awaken and it melted her heart knowing that the first man she had ever loved was the one professing his love for her. How blessed she truly was!

The two lovebirds were a spectacle for anyone that passed by. People kept staring at them in a good way as they felt it was just a display of affection between two lovers. Vera knew deep down in her heart that she wanted Dennis in her life too, so there was no need prolonging the answer he sought for. “I’m scared of trying but I’m willing to try with you because you have shown me what it truly means for someone to have my back. I trust you and know that you have my best interest at heart and will never deliberately hurt me. These past months with you have been the best times of my life. There’s no one else I’d rather give my heart to than you. I have searched my heart and have come to the acknowledgement that I truly want to be yours. I accept you!” She said.

At the mention of ‘I accept’, Dennis smiled and playfully jumped for joy. He couldn’t believe that Vera had official accepted him into her life as her partner. The fact that his happiness was extremely visible made Vera blush. They kissed passionately one more time before zooming off to their various destinations.

Their first stop was at Vera’s house before Dennis headed to his own. All through that night, both lovebirds were excited and barely slept all night. To be honest, Vera was more excited because she never saw it coming at all. While on the other hand, Dennis was super glad because he was now in an official relationship with his best friend.

Just when we thought life was beginning to get good for Vera, it got even better with the new ‘Taken’ tag in her relationship status. Vera began to top in school activities because she now had an extra and personal tutor in her life as a partner. Dennis was careful on how he handled Vera so as not to hurt her by bringing back any hurtful past memories. He was also careful with their intimate life so as not to do anything that might trigger hurtful memories.

Their relationship waxed stronger and they became almost inseparable. Vera was almost done with her academics and was headed towards being a certified Medical Doctor. Up until then, she was still not accessible by her parents or anyone else, with the exception of Dennis. Her mum was gradually drawing close to her but their relationship was nothing admirable because Vera hadn’t still forgiven her and was still keeping her distance.

Despite the fact that Vera’s parents were still footing her school bills, she wasn’t close to either of them. Just so you know, Mrs Jones had been away from their family house for over a year and wasn’t in talking terms with her husband. She had filed for divorce earlier but it was delayed due to one thing or the other; mostly due to settlement terms.

Through a little investigation, Mrs Jones was able to find out that Dennis and Vera were in a relationship. She had met Dennis twice since after the incident that happened the first day she met him at Vera’s house. Whenever Mrs Jones wanted to get anything across to Vera and she isn’t reachable, she normally got them across through Dennis.

Life moved on and reality began to set in for Mr Jones. He suddenly began to realise that he had lost everything and also his family. Guilt began to set in gradually and his conscience became a play ground for emotional trauma and torture. Most nights, he would cry out loud in his empty house with no one coming to his aid. Misery was his second name while guilt was his last name.

As the guilt continued, Mr Jones realised that he had to apologise to his daughter. He needed to see her by all means so as to work things out. Unable to reach Vera through phone and other means, he drove down to her house and shamefully headed straight to her door to knock. After knocking numerously, he went back downstairs to inquire of her whereabouts form the gateman.

When Mr Jones asked, the gateman told him that Vera wasn’t at home and usually came back late at night. Determined to see her, he waited just like his wife did the first day she came to that place. It was a long wait for Mr Jones because he was quit early compared to when Vera would return home. While he waited, tears couldn’t stop dripping from his eyes as he thought of how he ruined his daughter’s life.
Matter of fact, Mr Jones was also scared of the outcome when she eventually sees him.

In few hours time, Vera majestically walked into the compound and was about climbing the staircase when she heard someone call her from behind. She surprisingly turned to see who called her and Lo & Behold, It was the one man she hated more than anything in the whole universe and didn’t want to ever set her eyes on again.

Before Vere could utter any word due to the rage she was feeling, Mr Jones knelt down in front of her; not minding who was watching.
As he was about to speak, she immediately hushed him and said; “You will never get want you want so it’s better you leave my house this minute before I lose my temper”.

Mr Jones was a bit confused and doubted if Vera knew the exact reason why he was there. “I am here to apologise to you my daughter, can we please talk?” He soberly asked.

Before his words landed, Vera flared up and replied; “No we can’t, Get out now!”.

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