Forgetting Dad : Episode 1 – The End

Forgetting Dad

Written by Sonia Okehie

Episode 5

If there’s a list of people who don’t deserve to walk freely with other humans on the surface of this earth, Mr Jones would take the lead on that list. There’s this popular saying that everyday is for the thief but one day for the owner, it was clear that the day of reckoning had finally come for the child molester. The funny thing was that Mr Jones was taken absolutely by surprise because he had no clue that his daughter had a guest, talk more of finding out that the guest knew about his evil atrocities. A Big scene was inevitable!

Immediately Dennis set his eyes on Vera’s dad, his heart raced and his eyes turned red, waiting to devour the pedophile that was shamelessly standing in front of him. On the other hand, Mr Jones was still trying to get over the shock of seeing Vera with another man and also hide his jealousy.

“Vera who’s this disrespectful person in your room?” Mr Jones asked panicking but Vera kept mute. Dennis wasn’t going to let him ask her another question so he cut in. “Mr man, face me and leave her out of this. How could you ruin your daughter’s life? What sort of father are you? I’m putting it to you now that you are an evil man because I know all your evil deeds. Be thankful to your daughter who’s stopping me, otherwise by now you would have been in jail” Dennis furiously said and before they knew it, Mr Jones angrily stormed out on them. Dennis wasn’t having it and immediately pursued him but Vera tried to stopped him from pursuing any further so they don’t create a big scene and wash her dirty lining outside for the whole world to see.

For a moment, it occurred to Dennis that he was at the verge of revealing Vera’s secret to her neighbours so he had to calm down a bit. They went back to the room after Mr Jones had driven out. One look at Dennis and Vera could tell that he was highly pissed and was ready to devour someone. That was the first time ever she had seen him that upset and angry. She tried her best to calm the situation down and after several attempts, he finally cooled off.

Deep down in Vera’s heart, she was happy that someone stood up for her at least for once in her life. There were slight butterflies in her stomach due to the excitement, but she tried to cover it all up. “How do you feel now?” She curiously asked, “I’m more concerned about you, how do you feel?” Dennis inquired, “I’m very much ok. Thank you for standing up for me like that, I really appreciate it” she said and he told her not to mention.

It was such a sad way to end a once beautiful meeting but they were both glad things turned out the way it did because the confrontation was very much necessary. Dennis hurriedly finished up with the help he was rendering to Vera with her studies and headed home afterwards because it was getting quite late.

Before Dennis left, he instructed Vera not to open the door for anyone and also told her to ignore any calls from her dad for now, because her dad could probably be hanging around and might decide to come back to her house later that night. Vera received Dennis instructions and promised to obey them.

Just as predicted, few hours after Dennis had left, there was a strange knock on Vera’s door. At that time, it was already passed 8pm so she kept wondering who could be knocking at her door by that time. The knocking persisted and Vera suddenly became scared for her life. She hurriedly picked up her phone and dialed Dennis line but it unfortunately wasn’t reachable.

The thought of not being able to reach Dennis increased Vera’s fear. She kept mute and didn’t utter any word as the person knocked. After knocking for over 20 minutes with no response from Vera, the knocking ceased. Confused and curious to find out if the person had gone, Vera tiptoed quietly and placed her ear on the door to check for any sound but there was non. She sighed in relief and went back to bed.

All through that night, Vera was restless and couldn’t sleep properly because of fear. Her eyes were opened most of the time with her heart beating fast. So many thoughts crossed her mind that night and Dennis was the major one. She smiled whenever she dwelled in his thoughts and blushed also. It was such a memorable day for the young lady.

First thing the next day, Dennis called to check up on Vera and she narrated all that happen after he had left. It was there and then that he realised that something truly needed to be done to get ‘thirsty’ Mr Jones off Vera’s neck for good.

Due to the insecurities Dennis now felt whenever Vera wasn’t with him, he decided to keep her close to him as much as possible. Whenever Vera wasn’t in school, she was either at Dennis apartment or the hospital were he worked. Due to the new measures he was now taking to keep her safe, she actually started learning alot and began to do tremendously well in her academics. Whenever she was at the hospital, she would sometimes volunteer to help out with work since she was also a medical doctor in the making, and whenever she was at Dennis house, he would personally teach her and also engage her in beneficial good conversations. Vera only went home at nights just to sleep and return to her normal daily routine the next day. Dennis dropped her off every night and made sure she was safe before leaving.

With all this going on, Mr Jones couldn’t get any access at all to his daughter because she was never at home whenever he visited. Mrs Jones started suspecting that something was wrong somewhere and was truly bothered as to why her daughter wasn’t reachable. Confused and highly bothered, Mrs Jones came down to Vera’s school one morning in the hopes to see her one way or the other but wasn’t able to.

Unable to give up, Mrs Jones tried her possible best to track her daughter down and fortunately found someone that knew where Vera lived. It was a hectic day for Mrs Jones but she was bond on seeing her daughter no matter what.

When Mrs Jones arrived, Vera’s sadly wasn’t at home but she waited regardless. Mrs Jones sat in her car from 4pm – 7pm but there was still no sign of Vera. She asked the gateman if he knew Vera’s whereabouts and he told her all he knew was that Vera normally came back late every day. On hearing that, Mrs Jones still had hope that her daughter will show up.

An hour later, there were flashes of lights and a car drove in afterwards. Immediately Mrs Jones heard the car sound, she opened her car door and alighted to see if it was Vera. Lo & Behold, it was Vera in the company of Dennis. When Mrs Jones doubts were confirmed, she hurriedly walked towards her daughter and called her attention.

One look at Mrs Jones and Vera’s heart was filled with anger, bitterness and rage. She wasn’t excited to see her mum at all and was quite uncomfortable because Dennis was there. “Here comes my mum, I had no idea she would be here” Vera said to Dennis as they watched her mum draw closer.

“Where have you been and why don’t you pick up your phone when I call?” Mrs Jones flared up but Vera wasn’t that moved and was ready to give her mum a befitting reply. “Hasn’t it occurred to you by now that I don’t want to be around you or have anything to do with you? I don’t even know whether to call you Mum because you clearly don’t befit that title since you have decided to ruin my life with your negligent attitude. I hate you so much and don’t want to ever look at you again” Vera said with tears falling off her eyes.

The manner at which Vera spoke and the things that came out of her mouth took her mum by surprise. Mrs Jones had no clue what her daughter was talking about and why she was so angry with her. Dennis figured that he had to give them some privacy to talk, so he pleaded with Vera to calm down and talk to her mum in a more reasonable tone. He greeted Mrs Jones, told Vera ‘Goodnight’ and drove off afterwards.

With Dennis out of the way, Mrs Jones finally spoke. “What did I ever do wrong to you my daughter? Why are you so angry with me?” She calmly asked with tears in her eyes.

Vera looked into her mum’s eyes as she sobbed quietly. On seeing that her mum was also tearing up, her heart melted and she opened up. “Daddy has been molesting me since I was five years old, how could you not know mum?” Vera said with tears dripping from her eyes.

Mrs Jones almost collapsed due to what she heard. With her mouth wide open due to shock, she asked; “What did you just say?”. Vera broke down and burst into tears afterwards and her mum immediately hugged her. “Oh baby!” Mrs Jones cried as she hugged her daughter. Vera cried bitterly and said; “How could you not know mum? How could you?”.

Broken and shattered, Vera’s mum held her daughter tightly and said; “Oh My! I’m so sorry baby”.

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