Forgetting Dad : Episode 1 – The End

Forgetting Dad

Written by Sonia Okehie

Episode 2

M0lestation has been around since the beginning of time and sadly doesn’t look like it’s going to end anytime soon. Alot of people amongst us are moving around with deep scars in their souls and with bleeding hearts but you will never know because looks are Indeed deceptive. Most men and women were deflowered when they were still innocent and naive by supposed trusted family members, friends or relatives. Just imagine how hurtful and disheartening it is for a person to lose their virginity before they ever had the chance to willingly give it to someone they love.

Do you know how hurtful it is for a lady or man to grow up never experiencing what it feels like to ever be a v!rgin? Do you know how crushing it is for a person to be deflowered even before they knew what ‘S*x’ meant? It’s really terrible and emotionally draining for a person to have to live the rest of their lives knowing that they were betrayed and tampered with by a family member, relative or friend when they were still kids and knew absolutely nothing.

God designed and created ‘S*x’ for pleasure and procreation; mostly for married couples but it’s quite sad that many have abused it by letting their urges control their common sense of reasoning to the extent of committing abominations such as r@pe, m0lestation, s*xual abuse etc. It’s quite unfortunate that Mr Jones let his urge and lustful desires get the best of him. Of all the ladies walking the surface of this earth he could have optioned out to use to quench his thirst, his Innocent daughter ‘Vera’ was the perfect choice for him. Too bad!

Well, I’m glad change is one thing in life that is constant and can happen to anyone regardless of what they might have faced or encountered in the past. It’s true Vera was greatly damaged within and wasn’t going to be an easy work, but everyone has a soft spot that just needs the right person to be able to bring it out from them and her case wasn’t an exception.

After Vera’s encounter with the gentle young doctor, she couldn’t concentrate anymore for the practical that day. Her mind kept going back and forth with thoughts and she kept wondering why she was that worked up about a man she barely knew. At that moment, her feelings and emotions were strange to her because she hadn’t felt that way before in her entire life.

As the practical was about coming to an end, Vera indirectly looked out to see if she would catch a glimpse of the doctor through the glass window of the room they where at. Every time she looked out, she got disappointed because he never passed by. Out of curiosity, she questioned herself as to why she cared but couldn’t help but look through the window the next minute.

While Vera was caught up in thoughts, the young doctor was busy administering treatments to several patients. Turns out he came from a family of medical professionals as his mum and dad were both doctors. The young gentleman was raised well and thought right from childhood to treat people rightly; especially women. He was gentle to a fault and was never found wanting when it came to showing care and affection to people; little wonder why he wanted to be a doctor too.

Unlike Vera, the doctor wasn’t that into her like she was into him. He honestly hadn’t thought about her since that little colliding incident that happened earlier. Matter of fact, he had already perceived her to be a rude and saucy person, which was a total turn off to him. Too bad he judged her too early because he had no absolute clue on what she was going through in her personal life. Well, we’ll see if his mind changed along the way.

Night drew nearer so the practical facilitators had to round up so they could leave. After several hours of looking out for the doctor but he wasn’t showing up, Vera gave up and removed her mind from the distraction. The medical students descended downstairs and so did Vera. As everyone gently entered the Big bus one after the other, she leaned on a car that was parked around their bus in wait for everyone to enter before she does.

Unknowingly to Vera, the car she was leaning on belonged to the very person she had been indirectly looking for all day. Coincidentally, the young doctor’s shift was over for the day so he headed to the parking lot to enter his car. As he came close, he saw a lady seating on his car bonnet and immediately recognised her when he drew closer. He pressed the unlock button on his car remote and it beeped.

Immediately Vera heard the sound, she turned and almost dropped when she locked eyes with the handsome gentleman. It was a breathtaking moment to behold indeed. Before she could say something, he spoke first.

“Hey, I know you! Are you still here? Thought you left a long time ago” The doctor inquired, “Yeah I know you too, we are now about to leave” Vera replied with a straight face. The conversation seemed like it was ending but actually just got started.

The guy looked at her and smiled as he could tell that Vera was a stubborn person just by looking at her countenance. Her attitude suddenly made him want to get to know her more so he probed further. “Since we are meeting again, can I at least know your name?” He asked, “I’m Vera” she bluntly replied, “Nice meeting you Vera, well my name is Dennis and I’m a surgeon” he said.

Deep down, Vera was happy to finally know his name. She was glad he was telling her about himself but didn’t want to show her excitement at all. Before they could get deeper in their conversations, Vera was notified that it was time for her to board the bus. As she was about leaving, Dennis interrupted her by saying one last thing that broke the camel’s back. He said and I quote; “No matter how bad life gets, don’t ever let it take away your true identity. We only have one life to live so make sure your are living the life you want for yourself. Beneath all this harsh attitude, I actually see a beautiful good lady; let her shine more”.

When Dennis was done talking, he bid Vera goodbye as she walked towards the bus. Every step she took increased her heartbeat. No one had ever spoken to her that way in her entire life; not even her mother. She was numb all over her body and could hardly breathe as she sat on her seat.

Shortly afterwards, the bus drove off and it was when they were out of sight that Dennis realised that Vera forgot her purse on his car bonnet. He immediately looked out to see if he would catch a glimpse of the bus but it was already far gone. “I don’t even have her number, how am I supposed to return this?” He asked himself as he held the purse.

Confused on what to do, Dennis opened the purse and only found her school identify card and some money. Through her identity card, he was able to know her school so it wasn’t going to be a difficult task locating her. Due to the fact that it was already too late, he had to push his visit to her school till the next day. After a little while, he drove off and headed home for the day.

It was when Vera had gotten home that she realised that her purse was missing. She searched and searched for it but couldn’t find it. Due to the fact that she was tired, she had to postpone the search till the next day. Asides worrying about the purse, she thought of Dennis and his last words all night.

First thing the next day, Vera went to search in the school bus they used for the trip but couldn’t still find her purse. Unable to find it, she gave up hope and accepted the fate that her purse was gone forever. Unknowingly to her, someone was on his way to her school that morning with it.

Turns out that Dennis wanted to make a quick and early stop at Vera’s school before heading to the hospital. He arrived and went straight to the medical faculty hoping to see someone that knows Vera so he could at least get directed to her or better still get her number.

Fortunately, the first person Dennis met was Vera’s coursemate. Since she was a loner, he didn’t have her number but directed Dennis to where their current lecture was holding. He majestically walked through the hallway and finally arrived at the class. One look inside the class and there was Vera, looking extremely beautiful with her long weave packed up in a ponytail.

Dennis was smitten by that sight and quietly hissed to get her attention. Immediately he hissed, Vera looked towards the door and locked eyes with him yet again. She was utterly dumbfounded and couldn’t stop wondering what was going on and why he was there. On seeing the shock on her face, he beckoned on her to come out so she took permission from the lecturer and walked out.

As Vera walked towards Dennis, he kept smiling and it made her smile too. When she got closer to him, the happiness on her face died down and her countenance changed back to her signature mean look.

“What are you doing here?” Vera surprisingly asked and Dennis smiled more. Before she could utter another word, he lifted up her purse and said; “I came to give this back to you and by the way, you are looking beautiful”.

Vera’s heart instantly melted. She looked into his eye, blushed and said; “Thank you!”.

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