HAUNTED : Episode 1 – The End


Episode 1

By: Feathers

Nathan’s Pov:
I sang along with the song playing from my headphones which was driving me cr@zy.

“Oh….yeah, yeah,yeah.

“You’ve got the pum pum pum

“You’re just the perfect ride….”

I had no idea mum had been calling my name for long.

I finally got to know when she tapped me.

“Hey!” I heard her tiny voice amidst the song and I turned down the volume.

“What the hell, Nathan? You’re gonna scream down the entire car. Isn’t that a little too high?” She grumbled and I rolled my eyes.


I was sitting at the backseat while she sat next to dad at the front seat of the moving. We were on our way to an anniversary party.

“Come on mum. I’m just having fun” I said with my hands apart.

“Yeah..but you don’t have to bring down the car, okay? Its not like its a responsible song anyway” she mumbled and turned properly on her seat.


“Listen to your mother, son. You’re just 19” dad also said and I scoffed.

Seriously? Are these two ganging up against me or what?

I rolled my eyes and connected the phones back to my ears. But this time around, I made sure the volume was low enough. Yeah….all thanks to him.

Not long after, my phone beeped and I checked to see it was a message from Crystal:

“Hey there.
Hope you’re on your way already?
I’m waiting…?”

That was the message.


I smiled and closed the message, then shut my eyes in reminscement of the song being played.

But suddenly, the car screeched to an abrupt halt and I opened my eyes immediately.

“Hah! What the hell was that?” Mum exclaimed, her hand on her chest.

“Damn it! Don’t tell me it’s a flat tyre” dad grumbled as he opened the door and stepped out.

Oh! Perfect…
A flat tyre?? At this moment??


I rolled my eyes and turned off the music and mum also left the car.
Well, in order not to look like the bad son, I decided to go out as well.

I went out grumpily and discovered the engines were already opened with dad in front of them. Smoke was oozing from it and it made me Wonder what the heck was wrong.

“I thought it was a flat tyre,,huh?”I asked, my hands at akimbo.

“Turned out to be something else. But I’ll have it fixed in no time” dad replied as he got a bottle of water from the driver’s seat.

Oh! Perfect. At a time like this?

I looked around and the road was a little busy. Little shops everywhere and the street lights beautified the darkness.

Yeah…it was actually late.

I leaned on the car and sank my fingers into my hair.

I kinda hated it when I’m being delayed.

I suddenly spotted an ice cream shop and decided to cool off my head with one.

“I’ll just get some ice cream, mum” I mumbled and walked away without waiting for her reply.

I walked all the way to the shop and felt relieved when I finally arrived.

“Welcome, mister”,the seller said genially.

“Yeah…give me some banana flavor” I requested, dipping my hands into my pockets.

“Right away, sir” he replied energetically and set out to work.


I brought the money out of my pocket and awaited my order.

And suddenly, I saw something strange – something that gripped my attention.

Huh? Isn’t that a….

I arched my brows in confusion and decided to check it out, taking some steps closer to it.

I didn’t even know what I was doing. Well, I had this bad habit of being too curious.

I walked slowly to the strange dark spot and I flinched when I discovered it was a lady, sitting right there on the floor, in the dark.


She huddled her arms and legs and had her face bent towards her knee.

She was barefooted,,her clothes torn, hair ruffled, and she seemed to shiver from the cold.

What’s she doing out here….in this state?

I didn’t say a word as i got close and probably noticing me, she lifted her head to look at me. And d@mn…

She was beautiful.

Even the dirt and bruises on her face couldn’t hide her beauty.

What the…..

“Please, help me” she whimpered, tears rolling down her cheeks.

Her eyes were boring into mine.

“I’m tired of running away from him. Help me please” she wept.

What in the name of Christ????
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