The three basic functions of the brain that should be improved in our kids to make them academically unbeatable are:

1. Thinking: most children find it difficult to think. It may sound laughable, but it is an established truth.

It is not that they don’t want to think, it is that their brains don’t have what it takes to stimulate that function called,

” thinking”. No child passes a class without thinking. One must think before solving or answering a question correctly. No matter how good a teacher is, if the child’s brain doesn’t have all it takes to stimulate thinking, the child will always fail.

Hear me, when a child has low electrical brain conductivity due to deficiency of potassium, manganese and some variety of vitamins, the brain will not be able to stimulate brain cells responsible for thinking.

In this case, children with such deficiency will have problems with thinking. Their brains appear very blunt, rigid and empty despite the large hours of teaching. This is not all about the teacher and teaching skill, it is all about the child and the brain. Such a child needs help!

2. Concentration: many children have concentration difficulty. This is the inability to pay the needed attention required to stimulate a proper understanding of what is taught. If you’re a teacher,

you’ll have met some children that prefer to do something else other than listening, focusing or paying attention when teaching is going on. A situation that most teachers get sad and raise a cane.

Hold on, please! Before you raise a cane, hear me out. The more you try to make them pay attention using a cane, the more they’re distracted and frightened. If you try harder, they’ll begin to cry yet distracted.

Such children may have low amount of the following brain chemicals:- Serotonin, Norepinephrine and Dopamine, which are responsible for concentration and coordination.

This problem is not solved by giving the child more learning time. It is not solved by employing a professor to come and teach the child, it is solved by a simple technique, which I will tell you soon.

3. Memory: many children find it difficult to remember what they were taught. This is a major reason for the failures of many children in school.

Passing an exam is dependent on how much of an answer a child can remember for a question. Some don’t even remember at all while some just remember a little but not enough for a credit. When a child doesn’t remember,

what then will the child write? The Brain is responsible for memory and when the supply of the brain chemicals called, “Luteolin and Lycopene” is inadequate to help the brain keep information for a long time,

the affected child will find it very difficult to remember what was taught. This is a serious problem that all teachers should understand before you condenm the child or raise a cane.


You don’t really need a specialist that much. You only need the right information. Unfortunately, the solution lies in certain things we might have been ignoring when we go to the market. The solution lies on FRUITS. How?

1. Carrot: how well do you feed your children with carrot? Let me break the news. Carrot is rich in the chemical called,” Luteolin”, which improves brain memory. Ensure your kids get some quantity of carrot in their diet at least weekly. This improves the brain cells responsible for retentive memory.

2. Avocado: wait a second! Do you know that avocado is rich with monounsaturated fatty acid that helps oxygenated blood to flow well around the brain. When brain doesn’t receive enough oxygen, the affected child will have concentration problem. Avocado can improve this situation.

3. Banana: it is unbelievable to know that the banana most of us call common, is rich with chemicals like, Serotonin, Norepinephrine and Dopamine that are responsible for concentration and coordination.

4. Cashew nuts: nuts from cashew have the variety of vitamins a child needs to help thinking.

5. Guava: Do you know that guava has the right amount of potassium needed to improve the electrical conductivity of the brain to help thinking?

6. Pineapple: it is amazing to know that pineapple has the variety of vitamins and manganese that can help thinking.

7. Watermelon: it is important I inform you that watermelon is rich in a chemical called, Lycopene that helps improve memory.

Therefore, dear parents, you don’t need to pay much to have all these things included in the diets of your children. Have their meals planned out in such a way that in every week they will have some of these fruits.

Let’s build the thinking cells, concentration cells and memory cells of their brains, so that when you apply the right teaching skills, you will have the desired results.

Just give it a try, you’ll not be disappointed!?