HEAD BOY – Feathers: Chapter 21-30

Head Boy.

Written by Feathers.

Chapter 21

-Monday morning-

Alice’s POV

I was done eating my breakfast, it’s a few minutes past 7AM. I stood and went to hug my mom who was seated on the chair.

She had been back home and now on drugs.

“Be careful, Alice.” She warned as I disengaged the hug.

“I promise mom.” My smile was bright.

I went to where my bicycle was and rode to school, it was a fifteen minutes ride by bicycle and thirty minutes distance by walk.

After I arrived at school, I parked my bicycle at the garage, I stood and watched many big and exorbitant car of students.

One day, I would have a car too.

I turned and sauntered happily to my class, I must have missed a lot in these four weeks of my absense.

My class was on the second floor, I climbed the stairs and on my way, I met the head girl, the assembly prefect and the library prefect.

They walk together, same way, Raymond, Leonard and Donald walks together.

“Good morning, head girl.” I greeted politely and wanted to walk pass them when head girl called upon me.

I stood before her and wondered what she was calling me for, I’d never had issues with her.

“Are you a commoner?” She asked

She already beleived that lie that I’m the daughter of a rich man, why the sudden question?

“Did cat get your tongue? I asked again, are you a commoner?” She was firm and I was getting scared that she may call upon other female students to mole$t me and disgrace me for being a lier

The head girl whispered into the ear of the library prefect and she walked away, in few minutes….she came back with many female students.

They had surrounded me and waiting for a command from the head girl.

My days! This is my first day in school after four weeks , only to meet this again.

Mom had warned me to be careful in school so I’ll just take heed.

“This girl lied to us that she’s a rich kid but she’s not.” The head girl shouted amidst the students.

She continued; “You can’t believe she served as a maid at the head boy’s house during her suspension days.”

The crowd scoffed at me in mockery and chants mockery words at me.

“Command us head girl and we will strip her off.” A tall fat female girl shrieked.

“Yea!” Others echoed.

I lowered my head sadly at what was about to befall me.

Either Raymond or his brothers told her that I served as a maid, that’s not fair.

It must be Raymond, I know he’s very dangerous. I just hope he doesn’t tell everyone that we kssed, almost all ladies in school are crushing on him, they will definitely tear me apart.

“So , guys…you know what we do for commoners…Do it for her?” She commanded and the crowds rallied round me and began to tear my uniform.

They were scattering my hair and pulling it painfully.

Someone poured water on me, I was already sitting on the bare floor where they were mole$ting me.

“The head boy is here.” A female student screamed and everyone diverted there attention towards where the head boy was coming from.

“He’s coming with his brothers?” I could hear the library prefect telling the head girl.

“He probably wants to see me.” The head girl said proudly.

The crowds parted ways and head boy walked in with his brothers.

I was sitting on the floor, messed. I feel embarrassed that he met me that way.

The head boy stood before the head girl and said; “Good morning, head girl of Kochi college.”

“I’d told you severally to call me by my name, how was your night?” The head girl asked.

“She’s an old student, why is she been punished?” He asked.

“Well, Leonard told me she is a commoner. She came to serve as a maid in your place, right?” The head girl asked the head boy.

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