HEAD BOY – Feathers: Chapter 21-30

Head Boy.

Written by Feathers.

Chapter 22

Alice’s POV

“Hum!…” Raymond looked at me seated on the bare floor, he stretched his right hand and I held it.

“You should stay away from her in the future?” The head boy said said the head girl and walked me to one of their base.

The base is a small house that was reserved for the high class prefect.

“I’ll order that a new uniform be brought, go in there and clean up.” He said referring to the bathroom.

I couldn’t believe my eyes, I walked sheepishly to the bathroom and cleaned up.

I had a tøwel around my body and I was nervous to walk out, he would see me with tówel only.

I heard a knock on the bathroom and I stood stiffed. I went to lock the door tight.

Why did he think he can see me this way?

The knock continued but I did not respond.

“Alice, I’m with your uniform, please open the door and have it.” It was a female voice.

I sighed and went to open the door slightly, I collected the uniform from the girl. It was new uniform.

I wore it and after I felt like I was good, I walked out.

I saw him reading a novel, it was a different novel from the one he was reading on Saturday at his house.

I walked before him and he didn’t raise his head, as if he didn’t know that I was there.

“Erm…thanks for the help.” I said but he didn’t say a word

“I will now take my leave.” He still didn’t say a word, I walked out.

Why does he act so strange? Maybe he loathes to speak with me.

While waddling back to my class, someone called my name from behind and I turned.

It was Albert; My ex boyfriend.

“What!” I exclaimed, everytime I see him, it hurts me badly that he breaks up with me abruptly.

“I was informed the head boy saved you from the mole$tation of the head girl.” He said.

“And….then what?” I asked staring at him annoyingly.

I feel like he’s heartless to leave me lonely, we have being in a relationship for two years for crying out loud.

“Well, there is a rumour that a relationship might have subsists between you and the head boy.” He said.

“What sort of annoying rumours are people spreading, we barely speak and I have no iota of feelings for the head boy.” I quickly defended.

“He probably does for you.” Albert said and took two steps close to me.

“No, he loathes me so much.” I declared.

“Don’t be nervous.” He said and stared at me from head to toe

“You look good in your new uniform.” He said and took one more step close.

I was feeling extremely nervous, he was just a breath away and his lips could easily land on mine if any of us are being pushed.

“What…what are you trying to do, Albert?” I asked.

“In a public place like this? Nothing! Absoluetly Nothing.” He replied soundly and looked passionately into my eyes.

“Are you interested in someone else already?” He asked softly.

I know what reply to give, but I kept mute, I need to know where he is driving at first.

“Well, I can have you back anytime I want, right? You still have feelings for me isn’t it?” He asked and placed his right hand on my shoulder.

He intertwined his left hand in mine, anyone passing by would believe at once that we are lovers.

He’s my ex and I find it hard to reject his move.

Someone walked beside us all of a sudden and on glancing to see who it was, it was the head boy.

I felt extremely uneasy, I felt like I had done what is wrong but I’ve actually not done anything wrong.

The head boy walked back to where Albert and I stood and removed my hand from that of Albert.

“It’your first day at school after four weeks of suspension, you should leave to your class.” He said Calmly and I looked at his beautiful hand on my wrist.

He let go of my wrist gently and I walked swiftly away to my class, leaving the head boy and Albert behind.

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