HIDING STAR: Episode 41-The End

Hiding ?
?(she’s a crazy Cook)?

??:Waleeyat olajide

?Episode 41?

I sat on gaby’s th!gh on the dinning table as he fed me with the scrambled eggs.

Tony was just scoffing but we totally ignored him.

Ahh! I said to gaby and he opened his mouth.

I scoop the egg into the spoon and tried putting it in is mouth but immediately I changed the direction and put it inside my m0uth.

Yummy! I said and closed my eyes savouring the taste.

A kss for deceiving me he said, before I could opposed he forced my l!p placed on his.

He slide his t0ngue into my m0uth and it roam inside it.

I sank my finger into his hair and reciprocated.

G0sh! I heard Tony shrieked but who cares.

We heard footstep and immediately we disengaged.

Brandy and Mirabella were walking down stairs with an angry expression on their face.

Good morning bestie I greeted Mira and she scoffed.

Hi dude! Gaby said and brandy nodded.

Two silly crushes!

He sat down and Mira also took a seat besides him.

Here,gaby said and passed me a cup of coffee, nah! Feed me I said, all this while I’ve been sitting on his lap.

Open up, he said and i did so, he scoop some quantities into the spoon and blew it.

Here, i heard another voice and turned immediately.

Brandy, passed a plate of scrambled eggs, two slice of bread and a cup of coffee to Mira, that she shyly took and i smile heartily.

There relationship is getting cordial little by little.

I’m out of here, Tony said and stood up, he carried his food and raced upstairs.

The practice is starting tomorrow, I yelled after him and he ignored.

Sometimes, I often felt bad for him, but what can I do.

Bye!! I waved at Mira as the car zoomed off and the gate opened automatically.

She’s actually leaving already, it’s night time and I persuaded her to spend the night here but she totally disagreed.

So brandy volunteered to take him home, I did some silly dance step as i walk towards my room.

Gaby’s door opened and a hand dragged me in which is gaby.

What are you doing? I asked.

You are passing the night here, he said and locked the door.

He turned to me and swept me off my feet immediately.

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