Health benefits of Black Nightshade

I’m sure some of us must have come across this leaf before it’s called Black nightshade leaf in English

Health benefits of Black Nightshade

Prevention of Cancer.

Cancer is considered as one of the scariest disease for many people.

Prevents Jaundice. 

Black Nightshade is a best preventive medicine for jaundice. Since it strengthens the liver…

Cures Appetite and Feel of Distastes.

We can prepare homemade medicines usingblack nightshade for cold also.

Prevention to Hypertension.

If you have high blood pressure risk, then it is recommended for you to consume black…

Treats stomach Ulcer.

Blisters in mouth.

Good for Infertility for women who is not able to conceive. To be fried this leaf in ghee and daily to be consumed in rice or eat like a salad.

Good for men’s to increase their spe.rm count.

Release Body Heat.

Good for people who is suffering from TB (Tuberculosis Bacteria).

Good for Fever, and body pain.

Its Juice is good for skin allergy, skin tan like sun burn, to be applied on that part and immediately you will get good relief.

Its dry fruits powder, daily if you take 1/2 spoon morning and night after food in glass of lukewarm water, you can overcome Heart stroke.

How to take:

you can make its salad type.

Make a juice of this leaf and filter it and daily take 10ml to 30ml in glass of lukewarm water before food in the morning and night before food once.

You’ll be grateful to God And thank me later.