•Love Happens•
Written by Authoress Kamara
Season 2
Episode 1
Xander shuts me off a kss. I hastily held his head when i noticed he was about to pull away after slightly planting his lips on mine. I locked his lips on mine and kssed him passionately especially his lower lips. Then he pulls away.

“This doesn’t answer my question. I just wanna know why__”.

“I love you”.


“I love you Ashley. I’m in love with you”.


“Shhh. I know you are not ready for all of this yet”.


He cuts me off again. “You’ve been hurt by love and you are afraid to open your heart again”.


“Wait. Let me finish”. He sighs. “I’ve been waiting to tell you this ever since”.

I was startled. “Let me get this straight. You like me?”.

“I love you”.

I sighed. “Xander_”

“Hear me out”. He interrupted me again. “You are about to list reasons on why we can not be together for now”.

“Well … What about Adrian? He won’t take it likely. He can be cr@zy sometimes”.

“Adrian is my best-friend and i know how to handle him”.

“If its about Axel, i’ll be here with you always”.

“Xander i do like you but may e you should give me some time to think about it, all this is just too sudden”.

He smiled. “Sure. Take your time”.

“Thank you”. I whispered.

“Aha!! Caught you guys”.
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“And he was like i called him gay”. I said narrating what happened between me and J.R.

Audrey looked at me. “You called him gay?”.

“No i didn’t … Well i did but i was kidding”. I explained.

“J.R is a little bit sensitive about things”.

I rolled my eyes. “Boys will be boys”.

“So what do you think?”. Audrey asked showing me her painting.

“Wow!! This is amazing”. I said running my fingers on it. “Where did you learn to draw like this?”.

“Adrian taught me”. She said softly.

“Adrian knows how to paint?”.

Audrey nodded.

“So thats why Ashley so good in arts”. I said.

Audrey laughed. “You are such a chatterbox”.

I smiled. “Yeah .. But you are fine with it, right?”.

“Absolutely”. She responded honestly.

“Ma’am how’s my painting?”. Sophie asked raising it up.

Miss Lisa nodded. “Good and exquisite. You are a born artist Sophie”.

I scoffed. “Show off”.

“You don’t like her?”. Audrey asked.

“She’s so bossy and mean. Always acting like she’s important”.

Audrey chuckled. “Its Sophie all right”.

“Maybe she’s acting that way because she’s dating Adrian”.

Audrey smiled sadly. “Yeah because she’s dating Adrian”. She said softly.

“Did i say something bad?”. I asked feeling guilty.

“No its okay”. She sniffed. “I just need to use the bathroom”.

She took her bag and excused herself from the class-room walking out.

Way to go! Jessy.
Always talking … But what did i say wrong?
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“Aha!! Caught you both”. Lily said startling us.

Xander groaned. “Are you not supposed to be in class?”.

Lily crossed her arms. “What about you too?”.

“We were just talking”. I answered.

“Talking. You both were just talking”. Lily laughed. “I’ve been watching both of you since”.

“What!!”. Xander and I exclaimed.

“Even when you guys kssed”. She continued smirking.

“You’ve got to be kidding me”. I muttered.


I faced Lily. “Yeah?”.

“I have to ‘borrow’ Xander for now, you can have him later”. She said dragging Xander away.

Wow!! That was wow!!

~Lunch time~
“And then i mentioned something about Sophie dating Adrian”. Jessy chattered on the way to the cafeteria.

“You did?”.

“Yep and she was downcast”.

Jessy and I found seats and we sat down dropping our bags.

“You mentioned my brother dating Sophie?”.

“Well technically, i mentioned Sophie dating your brother”.

I rolled my eyes. “Still same thing”.

“Well then tell me why Audrey acted that way”.

I sighed. “Audrey was Adrian’s ex”.

“What!! That’s big news. How come i never knew?”. Jessy asked.

“You came to DaSilva Senior High”. I pointed out.

“So ..?”.

“They were dating in Junior High”. I explained.

“And she’s still not over him?”.

I shrugged. “Maybe sometimes love is hard to let go”.

“Does Adrian know?”.

I shook my head. “I’m not sure he does”.

“Speaking of which .. How’s Adrian gonna react to you and Xander dating?”.

“We are not dating”.

“She was confused. “But Audrey said_”.

I cut her off. “He just told me he has feelings for me”.

She squealed. “That’s awesome. What did you say?”.

“That he should give me some time ..?”.

Jessy tapped me on the head.

“Ouch! That hurts”.

“How can you say that? You like him and he likes you. Kaboom!! Both of you start dating”. She said dramatically.

I rested my head on the table. “I don’t know Jessy, its all too sudden”.

“You are so dumb”.

I raised my head. “Hey!!”.

“What? Its true. Do you know how many girls in this school would love to be in your shoes”.

“Tell me about it”. I said sarcastically.

“Ashley. Its true. Xander is like the Casanova of this school. He has girls crushing on him from all angles”.

“Do YOU have a crush on him?”.

“Well no all my love goes to Jaden Roy”.

I groaned. “You still obsessed with that guy?”.

“He’s not just that guy, he’s the most famous Teen Celebrity of all times and he has appeared in Teen cover magazines countless times”.

“And he’s kinda a jerk”.

“I disagree”. She argued.

“You just like to defend him”.

“Speaking of that, J.R was defending him in the morning”.

“Have you apologized?”.

“For what?”.

“Calling him gay”.

She sighed. “I’ll go do that now”.

“And on the way also find out how’s Audrey doing”.

She paused. “Wait. They are not in the cafeteria, where am i supposed to find them”.

“Basketball court”. I said. “Probably anywhere Adrian is”.

“I’ll keep that in mind”. She said taking her bag and heading out of the cafeteria.

I sighed. I’m so tired.

I noticed people whispering and staring at me. What’s going on?

Then suddenly i felt something hot pour on me. I closed my eyes and bit my lips in pain.

I wiped my face. Hot cheese.

“That’s for my boyfriend. Nit-wit”. I opened my eyes to see Kathryn smirking.

I fumed angrily. How dare she?

“Does Ashley wanna cry?”. She mocked me.

I took my bag quietly and walked out carefully so as not to slip on cheese.

“Yeah. Just walk off like a coward”. She yelled behind me while others laughed.

I needed a shower so i went to the girls locker room to freshen up. I came out wearing gym clothes; Grey top and blue shorts.

I walked to the school garden and dropped my bag on the floor sitting on one of the benches.

Tears pricked my eyes. Don’t let her get to you Ashley. She’s a nobody. I tried to re-assure myself.

“Hey Sis”. Adrian said behind me.

“Sh!t! You scared the crap out of me”. I cried trying to slow my heart rate.

He laughed. “Sorry. Hey can i get in?”.

“Get in where?”.

“Into your head so you can share your thoughts with me”.

I sighed. “I’m fine”.

“Xander told me what happened”. He said slinging his arm around me playfully.

“What Axel tried to do to you”.

“I don’t want to talk about it”. I closed my eyes.

“But i can see that’s not why you are crying”.

I opened my eyes. “I thought she was my best-friend”. I sniffed.

Adrian drew me closer to him patting me. I cried into his chest.

“Just let it all out”. He soothed me.

“I never did anything bad to her”. I cried tearfully. “Why is she doing this to me? She has Axel, what does she want again?”.

“Its okay. Cry everything out”.

“Wait”. I sat up. “Why are you being so calm about this?”.

He smiled. “About what?”.

“Ian. What did you do?”. I asked fearfully.

He smirked. “Lets just say, no one dares to mess with my sister”.


“Relax, i didn’t do anything yet”.

I hugged him. “Please don’t beat them up”.

“I don’t beat girls”.

I gasped. “You are gonna make Lily or Audrey do it”.

Adrian hugged me. “Just relax, forget about those b@stards for a while”.

He kssed my forehead softly. “I hate to see you cry”.

I smiled. “Best brother ever”.

“But hey, just because i’m nice to you now doesn’t mean i’ll be like that all the time”.

“I’m okay with that”.

He tweaked my ear playfully. “Knucklehead”.

“Hey!!”. I protested tapping him on the head.

He laughed.

Just then, Jessy came in panting.

“Jessy .. What’s wrong?”. I asked.

“Xander … Axel .. Basketball court”.
Another fight has started again.
Kathryn sef ehn .. She like wahala .. This one that Adrian was laughing .. I pity for her life.
Axel and Xander … What’s happening?
What about Adrian? Is he been too over-protective or he is just caring for Ashley?

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