Goron Tula is a fruit popularly known as silky Kola. It is also known as tree hibiscus, Thespesia, and snot apple. Goron Tula originated from Nigeria. From Tula kaltungo Local government, Gombe State.

It is also seen in Adamawa State. Economically, it is valuable to the Northerners and it is an important source of food there.

Silky Kola was brought to its present fame in Nigeria and Africa at large by the Jaaruma Empire after much study of the fruit for many years. Goron Tula has been tested and trusted.

Its botanical name is Azanza garckeana and it is sold mostly in African countries such as Zambia, Zimbabwe, Tanzania, Kenya, Nigeria, etc.

Goron Tula is of great value and eatable indigenous fruit. It is sweet and the nuts can be chewed. It is also called “African Chewing Gum”.

According to nutritionist Goron Tula is a miracle seed as it eases digestion, improves bowel movement, and curing fertility problems both in men and women.

Increase of libido

Goron tula is used to increase the libido as consumption of the fruit helps in developing strong desires for sxual intercourse and also serves as an aphrodisiac several rounds of having sx with your partner. People experiencing lowered libido, as a result of stress or other health conditions, can try goron tula.

Va.g1na lubrication

Women with dry vagina are advised to try goron tula as it stimulates the production of va.g1na wetness and is perfect for keeping the vag1na area moist and wet. Goron Tula has been recommended for women who find it hard to reach orga$m. You need to chew about 5-10 pieces to feel the effect very well down there although depending on your body type, you may chew more or less before you get the result.

Boost fertility

Researchers believe that goron tula can be used as a fertility enhancer and it minimises the dependence on synthetic drugs as fertility-enhancing agents. Research published in Journal of Biology, Agriculture and Healthcare suggests that the fruit should be encouraged.

Gets rid of vg1na odour.

Gorontula is good in getting rid of bad odour coming from the vag1na as it serves as a vag1na cleanser, helping to clean it.

The English name is Silky Kola. You can Google it. You can as well meet malam and ask about it, it’s from the northern part of Nigeria.