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“Alright Mom, I’ll inform him,” Melanie said to her Mom over the phone.

“And please, make me my favorite, I miss that a lot” she added and laughed afterwards.


“Alright, Mom. See you tomorrow, send my ksses to Dad!” After that, the call ended.

Melanie smiled and dropped her phone on the bed, she wore her fluffy slippers before leaving her room.

She got to Axel’s room and opened it without knocking. She furrowed her brows when the emptiness of his room welcomed her.

“Where is he?” She wondered, moving further into the room.

“Baby? Axel!!” She called but there wasn’t any response.

She sighed and began leaving the room, her hand met with the doorknob and at that time, the door opened and she crushed her head against a hard chest.

“Baby!” She squealed, recognizing the familiar cologne.

Axel chuckled before holding her waist to himself, he placed a soft kss on her hair before withdrawing from the hug to stare at her face.

“Were you missing me?” He grinned cockily.

“Of course. You were not in your room and I was already worried,” Melanie pouted.

Axel smiled before leaning his head, he pressed a short kss on her lips.

Even though he had a smile on his face, Melanie couldn’t help but to notice he was in turmoil. His eyes said it all.

“Are you okay?” She asked softly.

“Why not?” He heaped her in his arms and let out a groan immediately.

“You’re becoming so big, Ma Belle. What have you been eating?” He joked.

Melanie wrapped her arms around his neck before kssing his eyes.

“Your love,” she giggled.

“Seriously?” Axel laughed heartily. He started walking towards the bathroom.

“What are you doing?” Melanie asked. He simply winked before entering the bathroom, closing the door behind them.

He went to the faucet and switched it on, and immediately, the shower poured on them, wetting their clothes instantly.

“Baby!!,” Melanie screamed and Axel grinned, moving to the wall. He gently pressed her back on it and his hand immediately went to her bvtt.

“Can I touch you?” He asked in a low whisper.

Melanie’s breath seized and she blinked her eyes gently. He wants to touch her??

“I won’t if you say so,” Axel added.

Melanie continued staring at him and after a brief thought, she nodded.

Axel leaned closer and connected their lips together, squeezing her a*s slowly. Her clothes were wet which made it easier for him to have access to her body.

A soft moan escaped Melanie’s lips when his tongue made contact with hers. She drowned in his minty taste, enjoying the way his lips fitted perfectly with hers.

His hand which were on his a*s moved under her top since she was putting on one of his numerous shirts.

His hand caressed her a*s before moving higher till it met with her bbs.

“Baby,” Melanie mo.aned when he tickled a tip with his finger.


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