By Cassie B.


“Honey, help me with this, they’ll be here soon!” Mrs. Brown screamed after her husband who was in the kitchen.

“Coming!” Mr. Brown yelled from the kitchen.

Soon, he appeared with an apron around him and Mrs. Brown giggled. There were some visible flour stains on his face.


“I’m sorry honey, it’s just kinda hard for me” she said.

Mr. Brown waved it off. He walked to the dining table.

“What do you need my help with? I need to hurry up, my daughter mustn’t see me this way,” he said

Mrs. Brown laughed before pointing at some dishes on the table

“Here, help me with this. After that, we’re done,” she smiled.

Mr. Brown arranged the dishes on the table and at that moment, the bell rang.

They both exchanged glances and Mr. Brown’s eyes went to the apron around him.

“I think they’re here,” Mrs. Brown said.

“Er…I should change my dressi…” The door was opened before Mr. Brown could finish his sentence.

“Mom, Dad!” Melanie screamed and rushed to them, leaving Axel standing. She pulled her parents to a warm hug and broke it afterwards.

“Gosh Dad, what’s this?” She laughed, seeing the flour stain on Mr. Brown’s face.

“That’s the handwork of your Mom, she wouldn’t let me rest,” Mr. Brown said.

“Hey honey, you were the one who volunteered to do so. You were all over me, asking what you could help me with,” Mrs. Brown rolled her eyes.

“That’s an obvious lie, you were the one who kept disturbing me,” Mr. Brown said.

“Mom,” Melanie nudged her Mom gently, while staring at Axel who had a smile on his face.

“Oh… Sorry,” Mrs. Brown mumbled and silence descended into the house.

“C’mon,” Melanie waved Axel to come closer to them, which he did.

“Good day, Mom… Dad?” Axel bowed his head and Mr. Brown and his wife exchanged glances immediately. Did he just address them as Mom and Dad?

When there wasn’t any reply from them,Axel raised his head and stared at Melanie. He didn’t say anything wrong, did he?

“How are you?” Mr. Brown asked which relieved Axel immediately.

“I’m fine sir. I’m Axel… Melanie’s boyfriend,” Axel glanced at Melanie with a light smile playing on his lips.

Melanie groaned inwardly at his straightforwardness. She stared at her mom who had a blank expression on her face.

“I could have guessed right. C’mon, have your seat,” Mr. Brown gestured to a chair in the dining room.

Axel made to take a move but Mrs. Brown’s next word stopped him.

“If you dare hurt my daughter like that jerk did, then you’ll have to hear from me” she growled.

“I’ll cut that thing between your legs, make you feel what h’ll tastes like.

I’ll break your head into little pieces and feed it to the lions. I’ll….”

“Honey!??” Mr. Brown cut her off, staring at her in amazement.

“What? I’m just giving him a warning,” Mrs. Brown shrugged.


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