Lots of ladies have sought for my help on how to like their partner’s looks or what to do when a good guy proposes but his looks is a turn off! I didn’t like my guy’s looks either!

Dewunmi was fond of wearing big trousers and over sized shirts! He used a wrong kind of mouth wash that gave me a wrong impression and worse off all, he would come chasing me in one super grand father, old-cargo robe that made me get angry!

When he came to see my dad the first time, he was wearing an ill fitted, second-hand trousers on a pair of slippers and I’m sure my father would have pitied me! Of all the men in the whole world, why???

But I liked him. I liked the man behind the clothe and decided to work on the clothe since that was the problem!

He had to get rid of the mouth wash, got a new one. Got fitting trousers and nice shirts!

After we got married, he still got some brand new baggy trousers so I decided to the shopping myself. I got what I wanted for him and oh boy, my hubby looked so cute!

It’s history today. He wears no baggy anymore. His clothes are smart and he looks decades younger than his age! Isn’t that sweet? But it wasn’t that sweet at the beginning!

Marrying God’s will doesn’t mean they will be perfect. God will give you raw material to work on that is why you are in his life or God wouldn’t bother to give him to you. You are in his life to help him where he is weak and vice versa. That is why you are called a HELP-MEET!

You must differentiate between not liking him and not liking his looks. You must like and love the person you are marrying. The looks is a different ball game entirely!

If you like him and he is teachable, you can help him look better. That’s your job as his help- meet but if you don’t like him based on serious/basic flaws, incompatibility and other reasons you can’t cope with in marriage, you really need to pray again. What a lot of singles call God’s will is nothing but stupidity and senselessness! Read Amos 3:3 if your core values, vision and beliefs are not compatible!

I liked Dewunmi a lot. I was in love with him too. He was and he’s still such a cute guy! Compared with being tush and violent, stingy or being adulterous, his archaic look was just a little problem that could be fixed!

I will rather marry an ancient looking guy who loves me so deeply, takes care of me, is gentle, loving and caring than marry a tush or sexy guy who is murderous, crazy, materialistic, a flirt and a cheat! I am not ready to die of high blood pressure in marriage!

If you truly loves him and he is God’s will for you, help him look better. He may not know he is not looking his best.

But if you don’t like and love him, loose him and let him go!
God will give you a man you will love, respect and admire at the right time.

My Dewunmi is so cute and I love him so. I made him so!

Isn’t that wonderful?

Thanks for reading. God bless you. Cheers!
© Seun Oladele, 2020.