The sun set in the early morning, the birds began singing praises to God for their lives, the animals both wild and domestic began humming their praise to their maker for another beautiful day. It was a beautiful Monday morning that after the long holiday school will resume that day, still melody’s parents still doesn’t have a clue that it’s melody that roofed back the house for them to live in. Melody woke up very early so as not to late to school, she did her usual house chores and she was done at 7:00am. She took her bath, changed into her school uniform after the usual application of things always done after bath. Her uniform was neatly ironed still white long sleeve shirt and green skirt with green beret and green long socks. Melody was glowing more beautiful each passing day (that even me too was attracted to her beauty that I wanted to rush after her leaving my girlfriend.
Henry unlike him that he always goes to school late was also preparing because he knew that melody will be the first person in school as usual so he wanted to join the queue.

Melody arrived the school compound, she was wow with what she saw because the school didn’t look as if there was no school for months as other schools, it was so neat and tidy even the school buildings were painted afresh. Melody walked into her to discover it neat too, she kept her bag in her desk and sat down to rest due to the stress of the long walk. Henry walked in from the door looking neat and handsome he smiled seeing melody and melody didn’t hesitate than to return the smile back.

“Good morning melody “he greeted

“Good morning Henry and welcome ”

“How was your long holiday “?he asked

“It was cool and yours?

“It was fine too melody”he said and sat down with her. It was the first day of school resumption so students normally comes to school late, especially the junior ones who will add one free week for themselves to enjoy at home.

Henry sat down close to melody thinking whether to strike at that moment or not, just then his phone started ringing with a sweet song composed by Henry about the one he loved, he decided to let it play for her to know that his love is real for her.

? She is a one in a million ?
? My heart keeper and my smile keeper ?
? The day I set my eyes on you, all my worries were gone believing that I’ve found my missing rib ?
? But she’s giving me tough time not ready for me ?
? I’m starting to loose hope whether she’s going to accept me ?
The song finally end there this causing a very sincere silence in the room as Henry stared deep into melody’s eyes thinking that the lyrics of the song will change things. Melody was looking down knowing that Henry will make the move again that instant, she is really loving the guy but it’s too early for her to accept this and more so on the very first day school resumes.

“Melody, you are the one that’s holding the key to my happiness. All this days I didn’t set my eyes on you it was really hell for me. Melody I love you with the whole of my heart and nothing can change that “he said and the hall was silent he knew the word is beginning to have effects on her so he retry.

“Melody please make me the happiest man on earth today by being my girlfriend please “he said and kneel down, Melody couldn’t help the tears that was already formed in eyes, seeing Henry kneeling down for her added to it as she looked away not to be captured by the moment.

“Melody, please say something “Henry pleaded

“Henry, I’m sorry I can’t date you “she said and the tears finally dropped as she stood up and ran to the board allowing the tears to flow freely. Henry couldn’t believe it that melody is saying no to him,he was really heartbroken as he kept kneeling down thinking melody will change her mind but it was not possible. He stood up and walked outside feeling angry and heartbroken, it was really hard for him to bear cause anytime he looks at melody the feelings kept increasing.

Soon golden gates school was filled with students, it was a free day for them as there was no lesson for the day, Henry was so sad that everyone noticed and he didn’t say a word to anyone. Melody knew that she had really hurt the young guy seriously but she has no other option. Gladys was present in school as she hug melody which it’s been long they see each other, she congratulates her for her success the previous term and then encouraged her to keep the good work.
School closed for the day as Henry avoided eye contact with melody so as not to add to his broken heart, even his driver too noticed how sad he was but wave off the idea of asking him what the matter was.

Melody was peeling yam and her mother was sitting next to her, she didn’t even know when she cut the yam into two parts without peeling it off and Mrs Armstrong noticed it.

“Melody! She called and melody jerk out of her thought, she saw what she did and she tried to cover up but it was too late.

“Melody, I’m your mother you are always free to talk to me. What’s bothering you my child “she asked melody who was battling with the thought whether to tell her the truth or not. She loves Henry too pretty much but was so afraid whether he will break his heart and dump her.

“Mom, I…. I’m… Fine “she stammered playing with her finger. Mrs Armstrong knew the meaning of that instantly.

“Melody, I’m older than you in age and knowledge so don’t lie to me. I can see love in your eyes but your heart is pained “she said it and melody was shocked which leads to her cleaning her eyes and her mom smiled.

“When you are ready to tell me the truth you do, but not when it’s too late for me to help ” Mrs Armstrong said and walked out

“Wait mother! She shouted which mad Mrs Armstrong to stop on her track and returned to her sit to hear her daughter out. Melody didn’t know how to start and explain to her mother but since she knows that her mom has a glue to it she decided to say it anyhow.

“Mother, there’s a guy that asked me out to be his girlfriend in school but mom I’m afraid “she said and burst out crying and her mom pulled her into a hug cleaning her tears.

“I understand my daughter how you are feeling now, I was once like you, but the question is do you like him? Mrs Armstrong asked

“Yes mother but I’m afraid, I don’t want to undergo emotional pains”

“I know my daughter, you have to be careful in whatever you do. Think about it and then give it a try, but I’m not encourage you but I don’t want to hurt your feelings “Mrs Armstrong said

“Mother what should I do now I’m really disturbed ”

“Don’t worry my child as time progresses you will realize yourself “she said and melody nod her head positively.

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